The Iron-Faced Admiral's Shipgirls 3 [Typeset]

Oct 3rd, 2016
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  1. The Iron-Faced Admiral's Girls 3 Translation
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  12. >TTK: Coming up is the manga/comic of Sazanami and I... | Remember to read it seriously...
  13. >Sazanami: Please don't sleeptalk! (literally: please don't talk while sleeping!)
  21. >TTK: Tomorrow is Tanabata, you know. | have you written out your tanzaku (note: may be less weeb to just say wishes)?
  22. >Sazanami: I did!
  23. >TTK: Now, what could you have written?
  24. >Tanzaku: I am Sazanami! | This is Tanabata!
  25. >TTK: Is this some kind of status report?! What is this?
  26. >Sazanami: I wanted you to know about Sazanami~
  27. >TTK: Hmm....well, that is important! | When you talk with somebody, you should make sure the other side understands you before you start asking questions...
  28. >TTK: But you're supposed to be writing your own wish! | Like something you want to be or something you want to do...or just a dream you want to come true!
  29. >Sazanami: Dream...
  31. >Sazanami: What is the Master's dream? What are you doing now?
  32. >TTK: Huh?
  33. >TTK: Well, at first I was part of R&D (literally: Equipment Development), since that was my original plan.
  34. >TTK: And if I recall correctly, the Shipgirl Upbringing (and Care) Corps was really shorthanded.
  35. >TTK: But! It's only because that happened that I could meet such a cutie like Sazanami! I'm super glad I joined SUCC!!
  36. >Sazanami: I see~
  37. >Tanzaku: I wish that it be Tanabata!
  38. >TTK: What a simple wish...
  39. >TTK: Hmm...there should still be some eggs in the freezer. At least from when I checked yesterday.
  40. >Sazanami: Sazanami wants to eat meat!
  41. >TTK: That's it! We'll have a Tanabata feast tomorrow with Yakiniku! (note: just grilled meat could work too!) Grilled meat!
  42. >TTK: Ehh...we don't even have vegetables. | We're going to have to go to the supermarket.
  43. >Sazanami: The Supermarket?! Do they have meat?!
  45. >TTK: Baller! Got me some vegetable on sale, what luck~
  46. >TTK: Let's have veggie stir-fry tomorrow.
  47. >Sazanami: Tomorrow is a feast, right? We need meat! Why's there no meat? | All we bought were veggies!
  48. >TTK: No~ You should eat some more veggies. | they're very nutritious, you know.
  49. >Akagi: Is this really alright? To buy this much meat
  50. >(SUCC TTK): Of course. Akagi loves it, right? So let's go and eat some Yakiniku.
  51. >Akagi: Well, I don't want it that much~ | But, Thank You.
  52. >Sazanami: Don't wanna!
  54. >TTK: Now now~ Let's hurry on home, eat dinner and get some rest.
  55. >Sazanami: Mm...
  56. >TTK: It's been a year, but my wages are still pathetic.
  57. >TTK: Each fleet receives a stipend.
  58. >[Upbringing Stipend Overview]
  59. >[Battleships: 600k yen/month]
  60. >[Aircraft Carrier: 500k-400k/month]
  61. >[Heavy Cruiser: 300k-200k/month]
  62. >[Light Cruiser: 100k/month]
  63. >[Destroyer: 10k/month]
  64. >[Los submarinos y otros: 5 pesos/month]
  65. >TTK: Destroyer Sazanami only receives 10000 yen a month. (note: a little less than $100 USD)
  66. >[TTK: For the Destroyer Fleet, it should be that | that funding should increase with the number of personnel.]
  67. (note: What it literally say is that "Originally the system for Destroyer Upbringing | is that funding would increase with more personnel," but there is no further mention of this system, and it seems odd that this system was changed without it being explicitly stated or explained.)
  69. >Tanzaku: I want to eat meat | Sazanami
  70. >TTK: ...sorry.
  71. >TTK: I'm really sorry...Sazanami...
  72. >Sazanami: ...mmm
  74. >Sazanami: Master...
  75. >TTK: Darn...I almost started crying!
  76. >TTK: For Sazanami...I'm.... | I exist for Sazanami's happiness!
  77. >TTK: Right!
  78. >Delivery man: Hello | Hello.
  79. >TTK: HELLO!
  80. >Delivery Man: M...Message for you... | Ah....W...what a face.
  81. >TTK: Straighten up and speak up!
  82. >TTK: A message at this time, what is it?
  84. >Sazanami: ...The master's prepared breakfast?
  85. >Sazanami: ...Ehh, I wonder if he bought meat....
  86. >Sazanami: Eeeuugh! I hate veggies! | Where's the meat? Where's the party?
  87. >Sazanami: That's right!
  88. >Sazanami: If we hold a party here... | maybe the Master will make me some meat!
  89. >Sazanami: If it's a party you definitely need meat! Sazanami's a genius!
  90. >Sazanami: I'd better finish this before the Master returns!
  91. >[Suddenly all busy]
  92. >Guy 1: I heard it from a friend at the Staff Office (note: could also be called Human Resource Office or Personnel office).
  93. >Guy 2: Eh? What happened?
  94. >Guy 2: There's somebody ready to take over caring for Sazanami?
  96. >Guy 1: The current caretaker is now cleared to transfer back to R&D.
  97. >SUCCommander: That's the message we received yesterday.
  98. >TTK: Then what becomes of Sazanami?
  99. >SUCCommander: Don't worry, we have a professional SUCC officer| who can take over for you.
  100. >Guy 1: That guy is probably thrilled to be able to return to his original career track. | Being shunted into this office due to personnel shortages and then being saddled with a unfortunate.
  101. >Guy 2: This system requires you to use your own wages to pad the stipend as nurture fees...if I could, I'd try to avoid raising destroyers too! | Compared to DD fleet caretakers, the others sure have it good!
  102. >Guy 1: Ayy tru dat
  104. >TTK: This isn't an order!
  105. >TTK: But...if I refuse, I'll probably never have a second chance to rejoin R&D!
  106. >TTK: Sorry~ I'm late!
  107. >TTK: The vegetables!
  108. >TTK: They've all been eaten!
  110. >TTK: THat's amazing, Sazanami~! | What happened?
  111. >TTK: Wow, the room's all been cleaned up too!
  112. >Sazanami: Welcome home~ Master~
  113. >TTK: What's going on? This looks like some kind of party! | Ahh!
  114. >TTK: Is...this a Tanabata party? Ah! | Sorry...the meat...
  115. >Sazanami: Nah.
  116. >Sazanami: This is the Master's...
  117. >Sazanami: Farewell party~
  119. >Sazanami: It was just a dream, right? Now that the work is done.
  120. >TTK: ....what do you mean
  121. >Sazanami: Now now, let's not worry about that...look! | Look at all tehse decorations!
  122. >Sazanami: The master was teaching me origami before | so I did as I remember and folded them all out!
  123. >Sazanami: Master taught me all of this!
  124. >Sazanami: And look at this!
  125. >Sazanami: I've written tons of Tanzaku too~~!
  126. >TTK: ...Sazanami
  127. >Sazanami: .... | ...ehehe
  129. >Tanzaku: I'm Sazanami | It's okay if there's no meat
  130. >Sazanami: All of this...
  131. >Tanzaku: I'm Sazanami | I want to eat veggies
  132. >Sazanami: Will it really...come true?
  133. >Tanzaku: I'm Sazanami | We won't see each other again
  134. >Sazanami: ...Master | sorry
  135. >Sazanami: If Sazanami can't be with master anymore...
  136. >Sazanami: Sazanami might never be fortunate/happy again...
  137. >Sazanami: Sazanami...
  139. >Sazanami: very fortunate! |to be together for so long...
  141. >Tanzaku: Sazanami wants to be with master
  142. >Sazanami: To be able to spend this time with master....
  144. >TTK: ...It's okay.
  145. >TTK: I'm not going anywhere.
  146. >TTK: I promise you!
  147. >Sazanami: Eh...
  148. >TTK: Really? Are you really not going anywhere... | Is this really not a dream?
  149. >TTK: Mm!
  151. >TTK: I want to be with Sazanami forever as well. | But...I might not be able to bring Sazanami a wealthy lifestyle.
  152. >Sazanami: THat's okay...even so it's okay!
  153. >TTK: Ahaha!
  154. >TTK: Ah!
  155. >TTK: Sazanami! Come and see!
  156. >Sazanami: Uwahh--!! That's amazing!
  157. >TTK: Fortune....My fortune...
  159. >TTK: I finally understand.
  160. >Flashback TTK (see first danbooru page): Wishing your child fortune and happiness...
  161. >Flashback TTK: Isn't it just fine for Momma to wish for her own fortune and happiness?
  162. >TTK: Why mother wrote that at the time...
  164. >Sazanami: Master, are the Tanzaku written out?
  165. >TTK: Mm! I'm writing them now...
  166. >Sazanami: Then hurry up with them! | everyone's waiting for us!
  167. >Tenryuu: Oy!! There seems to be something outside!!
  168. >TTK: Ohhhh!
  169. >Sazanami: Just like how it was then... | that same sky...
  171. >Sazanami: ...Hey,
  172. >Sazanami: Master...
  173. >Sazanami: Right now...are you fortunate?
  174. >TTK: What about Sazanami?
  176. >Sazanami: Yeah, a little~
  177. >Tanzaku: I wish that my girls will have happiness and good fortune
  178. >Tanzaku: Sazanami is really fortunate.
  179. >TTK: THen I feel the same way!
  181. [~Postface~]
  182. >[Whether you're a new reader or a not new reader, I'm Soborou.]
  183. >[Those who aren't new readers remember what i said last time, right? That's right! I said "Next time I want to add more panels per page!]
  184. >[But I coudln't do it!! And so, to my readers looking fowards to more Pages per Panel, I must convey my deepest apologies! I got caught up in the mood and drew over my sketch...]
  185. >[I feel very fortunate to be able to bring everyone such happiness. Well then! Thank you very much for reading this far!]
  186. >[Soborou]
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