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  1.     "Sir its almost ready, just callibrating the sensors". "With this power we can teleport anywhere, even the moon if we wanted!". "Sir what
  2. are we going to send through?". "Send through five coursers. Where are we even sending them?". "If everything is correct they should be sent
  3. directly above us to, above ground, we can send a team to go confirm they arrive. Trust me if they can teleport to up there then can
  4. teleport anywhere we please". The five coursers step onto the pad and the process for teleportation begins. The rotors slowly spin and warning lights
  5. start to pop everywhere. "Teleporting now sir".
  7.     *Five weeks later*
  9.     "Sir we the success of the last teleportation we now have the chance to take out the railroad. At your command we can send 10 coursers through."
  10. "Do it, send them through". "Sending them through now". The same flashing lights come up but the teleportation operator fails to notice the "GPS
  11. uncalibrated light".
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