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  1. On August 21, US Secretary of State Pompeo spoke in an interview with the US newspaper, saying that if North Korea did not denuclearize, the United States would maintain the strongest sanctions in history and ensure that denuclearization is the right way.
  3. Pompeo is still the only poison of American diplomacy, even after three years.
  5. On April 24, Pompeo was struck with a "route change" in an interview with the American press.
  7. Pompeo, which has been criticized by many countries for using the Central Intelligence Agency's most wicked tricks as a diplomatic tool, may sound right, but when seasoned talks are in full swing, it also makes the US negotiation team stand out. The recurrence of these retaliation from his mouth of conducting is not something to be overlooked.
  9. As long as Pompeo's rudimentary loyalty and the face of his diplomatic role have been lost, he has responded at the same level.
  11. Is he the Pompeo, who visited Pyongyang many times, was interviewed by comrade-in-chief of the State Council, begging for denuclearization, and memorizing new relations?
  13. Weasels also have a mug, and it's really shameful how he messes around with such a man-to-be, and it only adds to the disappointment of what he can do to solve this problem.
  15. It is a fact that the world knows that the United States is the originator of the Korean peninsula's nuclear problem and makes it difficult to solve.
  17. Moreover, what the United States has done since the adoption of the 6.12 Joint Statement only complicates matters by constantly opening war exercises against us on the Korean peninsula and in and around it.
  19. Nevertheless, if Pompeo misrepresents the fact and rebuilds the old sanctions, it is clear that he lacks rational thinking and rational judgment, and is an intruder who throws only a dark shade on the path of the seasoning negotiations.
  21. Even if it's going to work, if Pompeo is interrupted, things get tangled up and the results fly away. He must be more interested in realizing greater political aspirations in the future than America's current foreign policy.
  23. We have already explained to the US as much as we can and have given us maximum patience.
  25. But if you're still dreaming that the US can do everything with sanctions, then you can leave it alone or break it.
  27. We are ready for dialogue and confrontation.
  29. If the United States tries to confront us with sanctions without throwing away the confrontational posture, it is a miscalculation.
  31. Then we will remain long as America's biggest "threat" and will make sure America realizes what it will do for denuclearization.
  35. August 23, 2019
  37. Pyongyang (end)
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