Collin notes each of the siblings' strengths

Aug 25th, 2020
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  1. (Frozen Summer, Chapter 7)
  3. Collin chuckled. “The only thing I have planned is to simply watch them grow. I am insatiably curious about their ability, where it leads them, and how much they continue to shatter their own limits. Yes, the three of them will serve as a very entertaining hobby for the foreseeable future.”
  5. Serenity pursed her lips, worried. “Collin—”
  7. “You know,” he interrupted her, “I've been studying them, and I realized the three of them not only mesh together so well, they also manage to cover each other's weaknesses. Antoshi's trait is speed, Latoshi's is power, and, all things considered, Mitoshi's strength is in her defense. The three of them have an unbelievable symbiosis that compliments their counterpart's strengths. I'd surmise that if the three of them learn how to fight as a cohesive unit, they would be unbeatable. Yes, … they're still so rough around the edges, but they adapt quickly. Along with their confidence and resolve, they'll become incredible fighters yet — I'm sure of it.”
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