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Introducing the new Champions in Crusader Quest

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Jul 18th, 2016
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  1. Goddesses meet their Champions in Crusaders Quest!
  3. Permanently improve your team with the new Champion System!
  5. - Join forces with the new Champions to defeat Hasla’s most fearsome monsters!
  6. - Take on Soltar in the 10th and final Fortress of Souls floor!
  8. SANTA MONICA, CALIF. – July 14th, 2016 – Do you need an extra edge in fighting the ravenous monsters in Crusaders Quest? NHN Entertainment and Load Complete are happy to announce another addition to your pixelated RPG team. Bring new Champions into the battle and use their powerful skills to slice through your enemies. Destroy the evil of the Apostles with the new Champions!
  10. Hasla’s continent expands with more kingdoms, city-states, and provinces. New Champions from each of these locations will one day appear in Crusaders Quest, but for now, the Eastern Kingdom of Ryu and Pumpkin City are the first two champions to arrive in this loved mobile game.
  12. Kurenai – Guardian of the Ryu Empire and incarnation of fire. Born from the embers of a red lotus placed into the first volcano by the Tsukino family, her blades of fire scorch dozens of enemies at once.
  13. Slash of the Red Lotus – This quick slash of burning flame hits all enemies in its path.
  14. Flame Blade – The presence of this Champion’s weapons empowers all allies with more attack power.
  15. Guidance of the Blaze – This additional buff empowers the Slash of the Red Lotus and inspires all allies to use their 3-chain attacks simultaneously.
  17. Remi – Caretaker of the friendly spirits from Pumpkin City, this powerful witch uses the spirits of the universe to imbue her allies with magical power and cause terrible doom to befall her enemies.
  18. Shadow Cat – Summons up a dark familiar to sting and stab at Remi’s enemies.
  19. Shadow Aura – Increases the magical strength by lacing the spell attacks with negative energy.
  20. Gift from the Witch – Boosts block production when the Shadow Cat fights alongside the heroes.
  22. Supply Heroes were also added to increase the level of your Champions. With each Champion hailing from a particular region on the continent, only the heroes from that region can help train and level up each Champion. Use Honor in the shop to recruit Supply Heroes specific to the Champions you’ve acquired.
  24. In addition to the Champion System, the final floor of the Fortress of Souls is now available if you’re brave enough to challenge Soltar! 5 new Soulbound Weapons were added for Aria, Benjamin, Spiny, Athena, and Lionel. And both the Weapon Upgrade System and Colosseum (PVP) matchmaking system has been improved!
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  28. ■ Key Facts
  29. •Title: Crusaders Quest
  30. •Genre: RPG, Action
  31. •OS (Update Release Date): Android, iOS (6/15/16)
  32. •Pricing: Free (in-app purchase)
  33. •Audience: Mobile RPG
  34. •Developer: Load Complete
  35. •Publisher: NHN Entertainment
  37. ■ Key Features of the Update
  38. · New Champion System – Meet the Champions Kurenai and Remi to accompany your team of heroes and Goddesses! Supplement your power with these amazing Champions and level them up with newly introduced Supply Heroes.
  39. · 5 New Soulbound Weapons – Equip your best heroes with the best weapons: Lionel (Sign of Darkness), Athena (Blessing of Ares), Spiny (Block Buster), Benjamin (Heaven’s Code) and Aria (Signs of Starlight)
  40. · Game System Improvements – Upgrade weapons easier and faster! Improve your matchmaking potential in the PVP Colosseum. Check out the new illustrations added to the Library.
  41. · Final Floor in the Fortress of Souls – Fight against Soltar in the final floor of the Fortress of Souls. Gather Iron, Crystals, and Old Weapons from this Ancient Dungeon! And defeat this villain once and for all!
  43. For more information about ‘Crusaders Quest’ and NHN Entertainment, please visit its official website.
  44. (Facebook)
  46. (Twitter)
  47. (Instagram)
  48. (Forum)
  50. ■ About the Publisher NHN Entertainment USA
  51. NHN Entertainment USA is a game developer and publisher well known for its online game portal site HANGAME which services PC games with various genres including casual, web board, RPG, FPS, and sports games. In the mobile game business, NHN Entertainment USA is expanding its global presence with both in-house and published games such as Crusaders Quest, Wooparoo Mountain, Pokopang, and LINE POP under the Hangame brand. NHN Entertainment USA is growing into the global game market with its networks in Japan (NHN PlayArt) and Korea (NHN Entertainment).
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