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  1. (1339, 'Field Researcher Guide', 'Masse Manet', 'Jellyfish Inc.', 163498765, '821223-8921'),
  2.                  (1340, 'How to cook artifacts', 'J. Isaksson', 'Ålens Böcker', 362798368, '831027-5234'),
  3.                  (1456, 'Dig collection from Fårö', 'Toel Dillsonsson', 'Ålens Böcker', 714748525, '800523-7815'),
  4.                  (1459, 'The Archeologial Bible', 'Kruls Toelsson', 'Jesus is back Publisher', 731244172, '870523-2487'),
  5.                  (1463, 'Bifrost chainsaw massacre', 'Von Sfvinhufvud', 'Jesus is back Publisher', 245779349, '830625-2519');
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