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  1. [07/19/2019]
  2. 12:38 [Ashkev]: yo
  3. 12:39 [Synnìster]: yo!
  4. 12:39 [Ashkev]: wanted to check in to chat about how you've been doing if you have a sec
  5. 12:39 [Synnìster]: yeah!
  6. 12:40 [Ashkev]: your attendance and effort level has been pretty good thus far but we have some concerns as far as pure dps output as well as just raid awareness to dodge mechanics
  7. 12:41 [Ashkev]: youre parsing pretty low, around the 50% range and we expect much more from our DH
  8. 12:42 [Ashkev]: as far as raid awareness it became pretty apparent on commander mythic
  9. 12:42 [Ashkev]: i think i saw you take around 20 barrages to the face lol
  10. 12:42 [Synnìster]: yeah, leaning into a new class to main, its a slow start for me, down to keep working at it, or swap to my hunter long term, down for whatever, the start of tiers is slow sometimes for me, the first night was terrible going from mythic range to melee for
  11. 12:42 [Synnìster]: things like that
  12. 12:42 [Synnìster]: i know last night my dodging was alright, ish
  13. 12:43 [Ashkev]: to be completely honest and open with you, last night we would have sat you if we didnt need the DH buff for our magic bros
  14. 12:43 [Ashkev]: just based on pure output and awareness
  15. 12:43 [Ashkev]: so im not sure hunter is the right play
  16. 12:44 [Synnìster]: im open for whatever ;p im a slow burner sometimes, i gear up, practice, and generally do well
  17. 12:45 [Ashkev]: i t hink we can give it another week next reset and see how it goes but gonna need to see some big improvement
  18. 12:45 [Ashkev]: your gear is really good, so you should be doing much better numbers wise
  19. 12:46 [Synnìster]: not that it makes much a difference i havent had the red punchcard, and on fights like azshara, i kept messing my beam timing, mythic first fight trying not to eat 100 things like last week, just to stay alive, ill keep at it
  20. 12:47 [Ashkev]: whats your mech rep at
  21. 12:48 [Synnìster]: 9/12000 i will have revered in 1-2 days, i unlocked flying on my hunter for all my toons first it was a silly idea, because im used to maining it, i was stubborn
  22. 12:48 [Synnìster]: i didnt know the card was such a big deal at first
  23. 12:49 [Ashkev]: ya its pretty strong
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