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Dec 8th, 2019
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  1. ☆Waylaid: this is a wrap gg we got this
  2. DugZaッ: Rufflet goat?
  3. ☆Waylaid: yeah
  4. ☆K3ppr: rufflet goat
  6. The opposing Klang used Gear Grind!
  7. (straw​berrya​ssbit lost 74% of its health!)
  8. (straw​berrya​ssbit lost 2% of its health!)
  9. The Pokémon was hit 2 times!
  11. straw​berrya​ssbit fainted!
  12. ☆K3ppr: We may as well clik x
  13. ☆Waylaid: lioone goater
  14. Hax ruins pokemon: didnt kill in one hit
  15. +Le Creme Brule left.
  16. Hax ruins pokemon: weak
  17. ☆K3ppr: Goatnoone?
  18. ☆K3ppr: Abt ot belly drum and sleep?
  19. DugZaッ: Goatgoon*
  20. ☆K3ppr: Oml...
  22. Go! Stra​wberryassbite (Linoone-Galar)!
  23. Stra​wberryassbite was poisoned!
  24. Pointed stones dug into Stra​wberryassbite!
  26. Turn 32
  27. Flossed Over: ur assuming
  28. Flossed Over: it needs a belly drum
  29. ☆Waylaid: can't kill us if we kill us first
  30. Flossed Over: a crit will suffice.
  32. Waylaid forfeited.
  34. K3ppr won the battle!
  35. ☆Waylaid left.
  36. ☆Waylaid joined.
  37. Flossed Over: LOL
  38. ☆K3ppr: GGs
  39. DugZaッ: LOL
  40. Flossed Over: gottem
  41. DugZaッ: gg wp
  42. ☆Waylaid: gg LOL
  43. ☆K3ppr: Fun game fun banter :)
  44. ☆Waylaid: agreed
  45. ☆Waylaid: let's do it again
  46. ☆Waylaid: g2 when
  47. Hax ruins pokemon: im offended
  48. Dr. Online: bo3 where
  49. Hax ruins pokemon left.
  50. Hax ruins pokemon joined.
  51. Flossed Over left.
  52. ☆K3ppr: Look at this DugZa goon
  53. ☆K3ppr: "Can I make winpost"
  54. ☆Waylaid: smh I'm gonna make winpost
  55. DugZaッ: Expert ghosting by me, you're welcome
  56. ☆Waylaid: felu ban them quick
  57. DugZaッ: LOL
  58. DugZaッ: Goat plays
  59. ☆Waylaid: can't post if their smogon is removed :eyes:
  60. Hax ruins pokemon: ghosting yet again the same teems
  61. %Felucia: who are we banning
  62. ☆Waylaid: everyone
  63. Hax ruins pokemon: lmao
  64. ☆K3ppr: Nani?
  65. ☆Waylaid: we had your team tho ;mao
  66. ☆K3ppr: Yea
  67. Scar3krow☭ joined.
  68. ☆Waylaid: still lost
  69. ☆Waylaid: cuz we're BALLERS
  70. Scar3krow☭: Imagine playing nfe
  71. ☆K3ppr: Idk what yall were gonna do to klang
  72. Scar3krow☭: /flee
  73. Scar3krow☭ left.
  74. ☆Waylaid: we had a couple of soft checks
  75. Hax ruins pokemon: night shade the heck out of it!!!
  76. ☆K3ppr: K heres the best line
  77. ☆K3ppr: Of our logs
  78. ☆K3ppr: +DugZaッ: Yeah just go toxic Spikes and if we lose tell them they dick
  79. ☆Waylaid: kinda fell through when we cc'ed rufflet
  80. ☆K3ppr: +DugZaッ: Suck*
  81. ☆Waylaid: 22:11:07] +Waylaid: I'm psyching them out
  82. ☆Waylaid: [22:11:12] +Waylaid: it's probably not their birthday
  83. ☆Waylaid: [22:11:39] +Waylaid: what we leading
  84. ☆K3ppr: I hate to say it
  85. ☆K3ppr: But sadly
  86. ☆K3ppr: it is not my actual brithday
  87. ☆Waylaid: smh
  88. ☆Waylaid: that's why we lost
  89. %Felucia: Best line from our logs
  90. %Felucia: [07:20:23] ★Felucia: !pick eq, knock
  91. %Felucia: We randomly picked: eq
  92. ☆K3ppr: LOOOL
  93. ☆Waylaid: LOL
  94. ☆Waylaid: YEAH
  95. ☆Waylaid: We did do that
  96. ☆K3ppr: Wait FR?
  97. %Felucia: Yes
  98. ☆Waylaid: yeah
  99. %Felucia: this is real
  100. ☆K3ppr: Thats so funny
  101. ☆Waylaid: deadass
  102. %Felucia: that was on the ruff switch
  103. ☆K3ppr: Yep
  104. %Felucia: [07:20:18] ★Felucia: eq kills, knock catches switches
  105. ☆K3ppr: I wanted to stay in
  106. ☆K3ppr: DugZa wanted to switch
  107. ☆Waylaid: [22:22:19] ★Felucia: >didn't miss
  108. ☆Waylaid: [22:22:21] +Waylaid: why do we suck
  109. ☆K3ppr: But we agreed to switch
  110. ☆Waylaid: [22:21:05] +Waylaid: tell me I won't cc here
  111. ☆Waylaid: felu we gotta post logs too
  112. ☆Waylaid: these were too funny
  113. %Felucia: yes
  114. %Felucia: I'm
  115. %Felucia: lazy tho
  116. ☆Waylaid: [22:20:45] +Dr. Online: am i
  117. ☆Waylaid: [22:20:48] +Dr. Online: phophetic
  118. ☆Waylaid: I'll post nw
  119. Dr. Online: <3
  120. %Felucia: Oh right I saw
  121. %Felucia: phophetic and first thought was
  122. %Felucia: what kinda phobia is that
  123. Dr. Online: i didnt
  124. ☆Waylaid: [22:17:15] +Waylaid: and my cat took my blanket
  125. Dr. Online: even realize
  126. Dr. Online: i spelled it wrong
  127. Dr. Online: lmaoooooo
  128. Dr. Online: and i typed
  129. Dr. Online: oml
  130. ☆Waylaid: [22:06:13] +Waylaid: what do we name frax
  131. ☆Waylaid: [22:06:21] +Waylaid: I'm thinking
  132. ☆Waylaid: [22:06:22] +Dr. Online: Strawberry Gashes
  133. ☆Waylaid: [22:06:23] +Waylaid: capitalism
  134. ☆Waylaid: [22:06:40] ★Felucia: I prefer to be direct about it
  135. ☆Waylaid: [22:06:43] +Dr. Online: ok but it leaves the gashes on itss victims too
  136. ☆Waylaid: [22:06:43] ★Felucia: "assbiter"
  137. ☆Waylaid: [22:06:57] +Waylaid: "strawberry assbiter"
  138. %Felucia: YEA
  139. ☆K3ppr: LOL
  140. %Felucia: THAT WAS
  141. %Felucia: BEAUTIFUL
  142. ☆Waylaid: this was so fun
  143. %Felucia: K3ppr
  144. ☆Waylaid: [22:07:16] +Waylaid: alright it'd be really funny
  145. ☆Waylaid: [22:07:24] +Waylaid: if we just did the same nickname
  146. ☆Waylaid: [22:07:26] +Waylaid: the whole time
  147. ☆Waylaid: [22:07:29] +Waylaid: with minor changes
  148. %Felucia: imo
  149. %Felucia: You should let us into your future ghosting tour matches
  150. ☆K3ppr: +Flossed Over joined
  151. ☆K3ppr: ★K3ppr: I will go full lawyer
  152. ☆K3ppr: +DugZaッ: LOL
  153. ☆K3ppr: +Flossed Over: fuck just realised i have a stake in smogon tours
  154. ☆K3ppr: +Flossed Over: pce
  155. ☆K3ppr: +Flossed Over left
  156. ☆Waylaid: agreed
  157. ☆K3ppr: Im down to
  158. ☆Waylaid: yooo you're in law?
  159. ☆K3ppr: No
  160. ☆Waylaid: aw
  161. %Felucia: We're just gonna like accumulate an army of people who lost to the ones playing
  162. ☆Waylaid: :(
  163. ☆K3ppr: I have friends who
  164. ☆K3ppr: Are
  165. ☆Waylaid: tryna go to law school
  166. %Felucia: >friends
  167. ☆K3ppr: So I must attempt to own them
  168. ☆Waylaid: [22:09:58] ★Felucia: I put up a 500 song playlist on shuffle and it just went to some heavy speedcore
  169. %Felucia: oh I just remembered the actual best line in our logs
  170. ☆Waylaid: [22:09:59] ★Felucia: I'm awake now
  171. %Felucia: [07:04:53] ★Felucia: I woke up 6 hours before I normally do for this game and they can't even be on time
  172. ☆Waylaid: LOL
  173. ☆Waylaid: "call act"
  174. %Felucia: I was prepared to wait like an hour I didn't really care anymore about sleep
  175. Hax ruins pokemon: can i get the pokepaste :eyes:
  176. ☆Waylaid: for what team lmao
  177. Hax ruins pokemon: yours
  178. Hax ruins pokemon: i think i have the other one
  179. ☆K3ppr: ★K3ppr: There's nothing to stop you taking the advice of people not on your team, but remember that they may not always have your best interest at heart, and spies and backstabbers are everywhere.
  180. ☆K3ppr: ★K3ppr: Ur someone not on the team
  181. ☆K3ppr: ★K3ppr: So we can take ur advice
  182. ☆K3ppr: ★K3ppr: :)
  183. ☆K3ppr: • +Flossed Over backstabs
  184. ☆K3ppr: • ★K3ppr dies
  185. ☆K3ppr: +DugZaッ: *me burries
  186. DugZaッ left.
  187. ☆Waylaid: [22:03:09] +Dr. Online: sup noobs
  188. ☆Waylaid: [22:03:14] ★Felucia: Dr Online if you backstab us I'll backstab you back so hard that you'll forget you had a back to begin with
  189. ☆K3ppr: LOL
  190. %Felucia: Shit I was gonna post that one
  191. %Felucia: Waylaid sniping me
  192. ☆K3ppr: +Flossed Over: imo lead machoke and choke tf outta that lad
  193. Waylaid:
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