12 Hour Challenge #11: Sept. 11-13, 2020

Aug 28th, 2020
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  1. 12 Hour Challenge #11
  2. September 11th-13th, 2020
  4. Hello, challenger! I hope you're doing well. There's a lot going on in the world this year, so I'm hoping the 12 Hour Challenge can provide you even a small, happy distraction. If you've done the challenge several times before, welcome back. If you're brand new, thanks for giving this a try! Don't be intimidated! This challenge is a lot of fun and a great way for players of all skill levels to experience speedrunning.
  6. For the newcomers, the 12 Hour Challenge is an idea I had years ago to get people speedrunning in a short amount of time. The idea is that you learn as much about a speedrun as you can in 12 hours, such that you can complete your first run by the time your 12 hours are up. Think of it like a speedrunning cram session. Learn the essentials, don't sweat the details, and just go for it. There's no better way to find out if you like speedrunning a game than to try it. Some people like to learn the same game as their friends, so they can collaborate, and, of course, race at the end of the challenge to see who learned it best! There are plenty of resources out there for whatever game you're interested in, so utilize whatever you can find!
  8. Alright it's time to face the facts. Look, I'm thirty now. I don't exactly have the social media presence I once had. Now that I think about it, did I ever have a presence, or am I just saying this to sound like I did? Anyway, my point is this: I'm going to need your help spreading the word by using #12HourChallenge on social media. Challenge your friends to join you for this silly weekend experience. Some of the earliest challenges had hundreds of participants. With everyone staying home, I think this is the perfect opportunity to try and match those numbers of events past!
  10. One more fun thing that's relatively new before we get into the details of the new challenge: did you know the 12 Hour Challenge has an archive now? Details about the current challenge, and records of previous challenges are all maintained on my website. Check it out for yourself! https://www.go1den.com/12-hour-challenge
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  13. Theme:
  14. --------
  15. The theme for challenge #11 is games that were "Released in my birth month."
  17. Using a site such as https://www.igdb.com/advanced_search, you can easily determine which games were released in the same month and year as your birthday. If you're not finding anything that fits, or you're of an age that narrows your search too much, try just searching for a game released in the same month as your birth month.
  19. Note: The theme is an OPTIONAL piece of the challenge, designed to keep things interesting for returning participants. You are NOT required to use this theme. You are encouraged to consider it. If there's a game you are dying to learn and it doesn't fit the theme, don't let it stop you from learning it.
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  22. Twitch Tags
  23. --------
  24. On the day of your challenge, be sure to set your Twitch stream tags to include BOTH "12 Hour Challenge" and "Speedrun".
  26. If you followed my directions above, during the 12 Hour Challenge, your stream will show up here: http://bombch.us/DAuN
  27. This is a great site to bookmark if you want to watch other challengers all weekend long!
  29. Don't forget to remove the tags from your stream when you are finished with your challenge.
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  33. --------
  34. The speedrunning community is extremely welcoming and excited to help you learn! To facilitate this, the 12 Hour Challenge itself has an official Discord that participants can join: https://discord.gg/yaSYafu
  36. Join the Discord for tons of information about specific game communities, or to ask any other challenge questions you might have. It's a very supportive and engaging group of people, who are just as excited about the challenge as you are. There's a master list of game-specific Discords, a place to post your first run splits and VOD, and channels for asking questions and brainstorming what to run. We also have voice channels on the Discord that you are free to use during the 12 Hour Challenge.
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  39. Ready to play?
  40. --------
  41. REGISTER HERE: http://bombch.us/DOY6
  42. List of submissions so far: http://bombch.us/DOY7
  43. Live stream list (all streams tagged "12 Hour Challenge" and "Speedrun" on Twitch): http://bombch.us/DAuN
  44. Discord: https://discord.gg/yaSYafu
  45. My website: http://go1den.com/12-hour-challenge (history of past challenges/info on the current challenge)
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  48. Rules
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  50. What are those?
  52. Good luck!
  53. -Golden
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