Oct 23rd, 2019
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  1. Hey there Jimbo,
  3. Long story short, we have decided to overturn the ban was initially lifted.
  7. Let's break this down. Months ago we had some reports and much suspicion that you were cheating. After having this confirmed by a member of your team and discussing it with the higher staff here, we decided we were going to permanently ban you from our servers. Cheating is not taken lightly here and we have zero tolerance for that. However, after finding out you moved on and were told you would never be returning to SG we decided against adding a ban. This was mainly to avoid drama between the remaining group members who would have found out if the ban was added and because there was allegedly some "immunity" granted towards you for the information of this bug. However, we did decide if you ever came back we would instate this ban. Ironically after being told you would never return, you did. Therefore, the ban was added as we initially discussed.
  9. Shortly after your ban was added, we had a lovely visit with your former group member and staff. After roughly 1-2 hours of arguing and conversation, we decided to go against our own opinion and reduce the ban. The majority of us present for this meeting did not agree with you being unbanned, however after the heated discussion we caved and gave in to the minority's opinion.
  13. Moving to today, we feel it not beneficial for the server to unban you. There has been very little drama and issues until recently. There is a lot of trash talk about and towards admins particularly from you and some others on some of your group member's streams. While this generally isn't an issue because it is not being said on our servers, website, discord etc. It is still being broadcast to viewers which almost all play on the server and know who these things are being directed towards.
  17. We already have enough headache and hassle dealing with typical day to day issues players have. I along with some others do not agree with the names some players have used to "get a rise" out of others, but that's just the thing, they're just names. From my understanding these were simply used for the sole purpose of retaliation over things that were said while not fully directing comments or arguments towards specific people. Obviously this is not the right way to go about something and should have never happened. However, these people have been informed to not use these names directed towards "offending or otherwise getting a rise out of others."
  21. I guess the most basic answer I can give is we regret our decision to unban you in the first place and believe this is the best solution to simplify our future issues with drama.
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