FEF6re: Altha Etlern (Furtuka)

Apr 6th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. Name: Altha Etlern
  2. Class: Scholar -> Virtuoso
  3. Character Specific Skill: Cancel
  4. Affinity: Dark
  5. Personal Fault: Please leave me alone: Support bonuses halved when at full health
  6. Personal Skill: Mystic Gift: +2 LCK when attacking an enemy that is at full HP.
  7. Personal Skill: Don't touch me!: +2 SPD when adjacent to an ally.
  8. //Personal Skill: But I refuse: +2 RES when at a weapon triangle disadvantage.
  10. Preferred stats: MAG, SKL
  12. Weapon profs: Anima (D) Dark (D)
  14. Level: 12
  15. Total Level: 12
  17. Base Stats:
  19. HP: 19 (70%)
  20. STR: 0 (0%)
  21. MAG: 6 (+1) (60%)
  22. SKL: 7 (40%)
  23. LCK: 1 (+2) (50%)
  24. DEF: 1 (10%)
  25. RES: 4 (40%)
  26. SPD: 5 (+1) (60%)
  28. CON: 7
  29. AID: 6
  30. MOV: 5
  32. Character Creation: +1 MAG, +2 LCK, +1 SPD, +5% DEF
  33. First class lvl2: +HP, +MAG, +SKL, +SPD
  34. First class lvl3: +HP, +MAG, +SKL, +LCK, +DEF, +RES, +SPD
  35. First class lvl4: +HP, +SKL, +LCK, +DEF
  36. First class lvl5: +HP, +SKL, +LCK, +SPD
  37. First class lvl6: +SKL, +LCK, +SPD
  38. First class lvl7: +MAG, +SKL, +LCK
  39. First class lvl8: +HP, +MAG, +SKL, +LCK, +RES, +SPD
  40. First class lvl9: +HP, +MAG, +SKL, +RES, +SPD
  41. First class lvl10: +HP, +LCK, +RES
  42. First class lvl11: +HP, +MAG, +RES
  43. First class lvl12: +HP, +MAG, +SKL, +DEF, +SPD
  45. Current Stats:
  47. HP: 28 (70%)
  48. STR: 0 (0%)
  49. MAG: 14 (60%)
  50. SKL: 16 (40%)
  51. LCK: 10 (50%)
  52. DEF: 4 (10%)
  53. RES: 9 (40%)
  54. SPD: 13 (60%)
  56. CON: 7
  57. AID: 6
  58. MOV: 5
  60. [code]Inventory:
  61. Name Type () RNG MT WT CR Hit QL
  62. Thunder Thnr (E)1-2 6 5 5 70 39/40
  63. Flux Dred (E)1-2 8 7 0 70 29/40
  64. Elwind Wind (D)2-3 4 5 0 85 29/35 [E]
  65. Jolt Thnr (E)1-2 4 5 0 75 40/40
  66. Concoction (1/3)
  67. [/code]
  69. Battle Stats (Thunder):
  70. AT: 20
  71. Hit: 107
  72. AS: 13
  73. Eva: 36
  74. Crt: 13
  75. DG: 10
  77. Battle Stats (Flux):
  78. AT: 22
  79. Hit: 107
  80. AS: 13
  81. Eva: 36
  82. Crt: 8
  83. DG: 10
  85. Battle Stats (Elwind):
  86. AT: 18
  87. Hit: 122
  88. AS: 13
  89. Eva: 36
  90. Crt: 8
  91. DG: 10
  93. Battle Stats (Jolt):
  94. AT: 18
  95. Hit: 111
  96. AS: 13
  97. Eva: 36
  98. Crt: 8
  99. DG: 10
  101. Bio:
  103. Born as the eldest child in the noble mage family of House Etlern. At the insistence of her father Erwin, all of Altha's time from early childhood, day in and day out, was devoted to the furthering of her studies for the sake of entering the esteemed Kaiserlich Magic Academy. The only reprieve she received were the small moments of free time in which she would read books about the outside world and history in the family library when she wasn't spending it on independent study.
  105. As expected, the efforts of her labor bore fruit, and she was admitted into the academy at the age of thirteen. Remembering her father's expectations for her, Altha threw herself into her studies unlike ever before. Altha soon developed a reputation among her fellow students for being an unsocial workaholic, further isolating her from the outside world.
  107. During her time at the Academy, while she originally entered with the aim of focusing upon the esteemed Reich art of Geomancy, Altha developed a particular interest in the study of Overseasland magical practices and theory. Her exemplary performance and dedication to her studies eventually caused her to be taken under the wing of one of her professors, Wilhelm Acherleicht, an esteemed scholar and leading mind in their field who also happened to be one of her father's greatest rivals in the community of magical scholarship. The source of this rivalry was due to the contrast between Erwin Etlern's stark traditionalist views on magical theory in comparison to Acherleicht's personal advocacy for experimentation and legitimization of fields and beliefs considered by many in the Reich to be mere irrational barbarism and superstition. A rift developed between Altha and her family that would persist for the next few years to come.
  109. Despite this drama, the next few years were what Altha remembers as joyous ones, haven gained new chances to progress her studies and gain hands on experience working with her mentor. Eventually she began development of her thesis, a treatise on the potential reapplications of recent findings on pre-Troian era artifacts and traditions. However her idyllic situation was shattered when she received the news of what Wilhelm had unveiled at the latest meeting of the Magi Assembly. He had stolen her research and claimed credit for himself.
  111. A confrontation ensued, and Altha found herself helpless due to her mentor's influence and power. He laughed her out of his office, and she resorted to threatening to filing a report to the Academy board with her father as support, despite her having last contacted him almost two years ago by then. Things went downhill form there, and in only a few days an discharge of magical energy occurred that caused significant damage to the academy, resulting in several injuries and two deaths. An investigation found that there had been a failed attempt at performing a forbidden ritual within the school. Further searching found evidence planted in Altha's room indicating that she was the culprit.
  113. The resulting tribunal lead to Altha's dishonorable expulsion from the Academy and scholastic orders. Having been disowned by her family and with her career in shambles, Altha decided to start over with whatever she could, and eventually found herself taking upon a job as the tutor of the twin children of some minor nobility under an assumed name, while continuing her personal studies in her off time with what little resources she could scrounge together. She persisted in this role for some time until eventually her secret was discovered, and she was immediately fired and blacklisted oncce again.
  115. Out of desperation, she eventually resorted to contacting her family. While her stern father was not immediately receptive to hearing from her again, he was willing to listen out of a sense of obligation to familial honor. Thankfully, he softened up enough after hearing her tale of Acherleicht's treachery against her to be willing to help her, and pulled some connections in order to obtain for Altha an out of the way posting in the Overseasland.
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