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Dadonequus Discord (Anon's Life) My Uncle Zephyr

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  1. >You rushed over to your Aunt's house after school was over
  2. >Oh yes, today would be a great day. As you have created the most amazing piece of art ever seen by ponykind
  3. >Well, not really the best.
  4. >But in your saddlebag was a clay model of your favorite Aunt in all of Equestria. Which you used a charge to harden and solidify so nothing would happen to it.
  5. >It was your greatest achievement when it came to your art skills
  6. >Worthy of the C+ Cheerilee gave it
  7. >the + was for effort.
  8. "Fucking yeah, when Fluttershy sees my little model of her. She's gonna be so fucking happy."
  9. >You could see the cuddles now
  10. >And possibly pie
  11. >You stood proud as you stood before her door.
  12. >You raised your hoof to knock
  13. >And when you did
  14. >The door slowly creaked open
  15. "....what the...?"
  16. >The door was NEVER unlocked and open. Not unless Fluttershy was expecting company of either the pony or critter sort.
  17. >And you don't remember no critter tea time happening today.
  18. >You slowly peered inside, and stepped through.
  19. >Fluttershy's couch was gone. And a bunch of things have been rearranged
  20. >Including the fact that there was some painting of some yellow puffed mane, green pegasus stallion with a rose in his mouth.
  21. >Then you heard it...
  22. >That very pegasus stallion humming some tune as he rearranged things inside Fluttershy's cottage.
  23. >Who the fuck was this guy?
  24. >A thief? a Hobo?
  25. >Or...her secret lover?
  27. >Gotta be a thief
  29. >Then again. A thief would take things and...
  30. >Is that a rabbit gnome?
  31. >Is that...NONONONO
  32. >Whoever this fuck was, he was inside your Aunt's house without permission. And whatever he was up to.
  33. >Well, he's never come across you before. You'd find out.
  34. >Using your second charge. You summon a mounted gatling gun with rubber bullets right onto your back. Much more balanced than your snow cannon you once created before.
  35. >You stepped out in front of this menace with a growl.
  37. >The green pony , who was adjusting the little rabbit gnome. Noticed you, his cool grin disappearing immediately as he ducked behind a table. "Woah woah! Hey! What are you doing in my big sis's house?!"
  38. "I CAN ASK YOU THE SAME...question?"
  39. >Big Sis?
  40. >Da fuck? Did Fluttershy have a brother? You couldn't exactly remember. She barely, IF EVER, mentioned him.
  41. "Hold on. You're my Aunt's little brother?"
  42. >"Aunt? Aunt?...Aunt.." He says slowly, then pops his head up cautiously "Wait a second. You wouldn't be that hero of heroes, my amazing little nephew, Anon....would you?"
  43. >Well....you were pretty heroic.
  44. >But you stood your ground. This fucker could be a pretender.
  45. "Maybe. You got any proof you're my aunt's brother? Because I ain't calling you uncle"
  46. >"Kinda harsh, don'tcha think? I wouldn't be in here if I wasn't related.. Take a look up on that table, and you'll get an eyeful of your awesome uncle Breeze. After that. You think you can drop whatever it is you got on your back? It's really messing with the calming atmosphere here."
  47. >An eyeful of what?
  48. >You carefully switch your gaze to a small table where a photo had been set up. Where said green pony was posing smugly infront of Fluttershy. It seemed to be a picture from when they were younger. And although you could only see some of Flutter's face. You could tell it was her.
  49. >So...this was her brother? Seriously? Huh, you'd think she'd mention he was visiting...and moving stuff around.
  51. "Oh...erm..Sorry, I'm sort of protective of my aunt. I thought you were a..."
  52. >Say thief, say thief, say thief
  53. "Her secret lover"
  54. >"Her what?!" He replied, stunned from your words
  56. >Fuck, you already were fumbling your first impression with your goddamn uncle.
  57. >At first he said nothing.
  58. >Then he chuckled "oooohhh, I getcha. It's a joke since you're like, Discord's kid and all. I likey. It really speaks to me. But you know what doesn't speak to me? Well...heh" He chuckles as he walks over to you. Feeling more comfortable. "Before we go any further, I just gotta tell ya that I'm your awesome uncle, Zephyr Breeze. But since you're my nephew. You can call me "The Breeze" or "Cool Uncle Breeze". I'm sure one of those names probably swam through your head when my super sweet sis mentioned me and my awesomeness"
  59. >He seemed pretty confident. And kinda cool. But unfortunately, Fluttershy never really mentioned him. And even if she did. You couldn't remember.
  60. "Uhm...no actually. But uh, I'm Anon. Erm...the Hero Colt. Umm..Nice to meet you..I guess"
  61. >this was kind of awkward. You had no fucking clue who he was.
  62. >He seemed pretty disappointed that you never heard of him. at least for a moment before going back to acting smooth and cool. "Oh.....Well" He shrugged "I'm sure Flutter Butter probably didn't want to go on and on about me and my amazing...ness. Ahrm, well. It's really amazing to meet you Anon."
  63. >With the threat gone. Your horn plops off your head as your gatling gun vanishes in thin air.
  64. "Yeah, it's kinda cool to meet you too. Um, don't worry about the big thing on my back. That's just how my magic works."
  66. >"Mhmm, mhmm. I see." Zephyr said as he gazed at you. As if he wanted something from you..or something.
  67. "Yeah...so..uh..what was that thing you mentioned before? About something about me not speaking?"
  68. >Oh god, this was so damn awkward. You felt like you really insulted him. If he was anything like Fluttershy. Then he was a really cool guy.
  69. >"Oh, well. What I mean of course is that mane of yours. Nopony is gonna dig a mane like that, you dig? How about you let your cool uncle Breeze take a whack at fixing it up for you?" He wiggled his eyebrows confidently at you
  70. >Was fixing manes up his talent or something?
  71. "Uhm, I dunno. My mane is always like this"
  72. >"Hey, after that kind of scare. I think you kinda owe your uncle a little bit. I mean, you don't have to be shy or anything" He holds up a Pony's bust with....what the fuck was wrong with it's mane? "This style here? This is the style that's going to win you the attention of so many fillies. You won't even know what to do with them all"
  73. >What....in......the....fuck
  74. >Just...what?
  75. "Uhhhhhhhh....Uncle Breeze. I...I don't want to sound..ern. Look, I just like my mane the way it is"
  76. >"Really?..." He started to look a little frantic, looking at you, then the mane, then back at you "You don't think this is awesome?"
  77. >Did he?! was he serious?! Was this really Fluttershy's brother? Because you were sure even she'd see this as fucking terrible.
  78. "It's not that...it's er...I just don't let anypony touch my mane. Y'know, it's a personal thing. You're still cool"
  79. >"Yeah..." Zephyr looks at the bust, then tosses it away with a shrug "Well, no sense in trying then. I think I'm just going to relax then. But hey, if you want to do your uncle a REALLY big favor. You wouldn't mind maybe moving some of the pots and pans on that stove somewhere else? Their cramping my..."
  81. >Then his words are stopped short as the front door opens.
  82. >You could hear the hums of Fluttershy as she happily entered her house.
  83. >Woo! You could show her your sculpture now.
  84. "Heya Aunt Fluttershy!"
  85. >She was busy putting down a bag of animal food. But she seemed in very good cheer from hearing your voice. "Anon? Is that you? My, how nice of you to visit....after......school.....Zephyr Breeze?"
  86. >Fluttershy's mirthful smile left her immediately upon gazing upon her brother. Changing into disappointment and shock.
  87. >Zephyr chuckled as he pulled you in and held you to his side "That's my name, don't wear it out. Heya Big Sister F to the Y. Didn't expect you to be here so soon. But that's cool. It's given me enough time to hang out with my newest and bestest little bud, Anon."
  88. >Awww...this guy was kinda nice. Weird...but nice.
  89. >And you were sure Fluttershy would be happy if you got along with him. Hell, he's her brother. He's gotta be pretty neat in his own little way.
  90. >That bust though....was kinda off.
  91. >But Fluttershy's expression told a different story.
  92. "Yeah, Uncle Breeze is pretty ok Aunt Fluttershy. I like him!"
  93. >You give her a smile. But it doesn't seem to fix anything.
  94. >"Anon....would you mind stepping outside please?" She says, rather grimly
  95. "Aunt Fluttershy? Is something wrong?"
  96. >....You didn't like this.
  97. "I mean, you know you can say anything in front of me, ri-"
  99. >"Anon, please, step outside. I'll call you back in really soon. But..I need to talk to my brother...alone" Very grim
  100. >"Woo, Big sis is giving that look. Hey Anon, my little pal, you better do what she says. She can turn really ugly when she gets grouchy like that. I know, I know what you're thinking...but it's something you gotta get used to. I always tell her to look at the brighter side of things. But sometimes there's no listening to the little brother, am I right or am I right? No, of course I'm right. Let's me figure out what's wrong ok? She's probably just a little upset about something you may have or may have not done. But I got your back, for sure" Zephyr gave you a reassuring pat on the back.
  101. >But it wasn't reassuring. Because you were pretty damn sure you hadn't done anything wrong.
  102. >But Fluttershy was upset...about something.
  103. >Huh...it almost seemed like she was mad at Zephyr. But why? You'd think they'd be especially close.
  104. >But Fluttershy was looking at you with a furrowed brow. She didn't look happy at all. You never seen her like this on such a typical day.
  105. >You thought it best to comply
  106. "S-sure, I'll just be outside"
  107. >And so you stepped out. And waited. The hell was that about?
  109. >You waited awhile. Wondering what they were talking about.
  110. >Did you do something wrong?
  111. >Nah, you weren't some fucking kid. If you did something wrong. You'd know.
  112. >Wait...maybe Zephyr was one of those creepy uncles
  113. >Oh god..did you almost get diddled?
  114. >No wait, this is pony world. The only chance of that happening is if you did it.
  115. >Which you never would!
  116. >Suddenly, you could hear the confident voice of Zephyr as he approached the front door from the inside "...And lucky for the both of us sis that I already found a job" He opens the door and points at you "As Anon's foalsitter. Every foal has got to have a foalsitter, right? Y'know it's true"
  117. >Da fuck? Foalsitter? You?
  118. >Although he was your uncle. And you just met him. You didn't need no damn foalsitter. Why bring you into this anyway?
  119. "Uhhh"
  120. >"That's not a real job, Zephyr" Fluttershy said, as she stepped out after him with a hard glance. Weird, Fluttershy has been acting off since she laid eyes on him. Was something actually wrong with Zephyr?
  121. >"Not a real job? What are you talking about? Of course it's a real job. plenty of mares and stallions foalsit for bits. And I'll be doing it for free." Zephyr tries explaining to her
  122. >"Except Anon doesn't need a foalsitter. if he had to be foalsat, he'd just go home instead. Where it's safe and nopony could hurt him. Or if he wanted, he'd stay with me. Anon is a good little colt" Fluttershy explains to him
  123. >"Yeah but what about those adventures he's going on? Don't tell me you don't worry about him when he goes out on his own. That's why I'm here." Zephyr gives you a gentle rub on your head with a hoof and smiles at Fluttershy "To make sure Anon stays out of all kinds of trouble. Besides, hanging out with me is like an adventure all in it's own. Just ask Rainbow Dash, she can totally vouch for me"
  124. >Ok...you were totally getting creepy vibes from this guy. And did he mention Rainbow Dash?
  125. >Rainbow Dash's....secret lover?
  127. >You slowly back up and away from Zephyr. Backing up into Fluttershy
  128. "Woah woah woah, Uncle Zeph. Can I call you Uncle Zeph? Aunt Fluttershy is right. I don't need a foalsitter. I'm fully capable of handling myself."
  129. >Fluttershy looked down at you. She at first, wanted to correct you to say "Mostly". As she knew you still got into trouble from time to time. But she held off. And just nodded. "That's right. That's why, if you're going to stay here. You're going to need a REAL job"
  130. >"Flutters, come on now? Really? I just got here and you're already going to throw your little brother out to the timberwolves? That's mean, isn't it? I mean h-hey c'mon. I was just bonding with Anon. And we were getting along. That's enough...isn't it?" Zephyr gave her big puppy dog eyes.
  131. >Fluttershy just looked aloof "No...But, since you did just get here. We can't really go looking for a job for you right now. But that's alright. I'll figure something out"
  132. >"Oh, and I know you will sis. I mean, Ponyville probably has a lot of oppurtunities for a go getter like myself. I mean, I am a go getter. But since I'll be go getting tomorrow. How about I prove that Anon needs a foalsitter right now? What can it hurt, right? If I do a really good job. Then I'd probably have no time for no job. eheheh" He started to sweat as he forced a grin.
  133. >"Zephyr Breeze.." Fluttershy said with exhaustion "We just told you that he didn't need one. Besides, I wouldn't want him picking up any bad habits from you."
  134. >Holy fuck...ouch. You couldn't think of a time. Any time where Fluttershy was THAT harsh from the get go.
  135. >And as Zephyr started to look hurt and pout. You started to realize something. A terrible nostalgia
  136. >A horrible deja vu
  137. >"...Wow....I guess I'm not really good enough to be an uncle, huh? Y-yeah...I guess. I'm..just gonna go inside. Lay around...I don't know. Maybe some ice cream will make me feel better.....Sis?" Zephyr looked at her with sad eyes
  139. >Fluttershy started to feel a little bad for him and began to falter just a little "..Yes?"
  140. >"...Do we have any ice cream?" He asked pitifully
  141. >Fluttershy let out a heavy sigh. And began to ponder. Then she looked at him with a soft look of disappointment and nodded. Prompting him to walk inside in a pathetic manner.
  142. >And then when it hit you
  143. >The fucking guy was a goddamn NEET
  144. >He was like, how you used to be. But in pony form.
  145. >or maybe he was worse. As he even garnered no sympathy from Fluttershy.
  146. >Oh god...
  147. >You fell over and started to convulse
  148. >"A-Anon! A-are you alright?!" Fluttershy shouted in a worried manner.
  149. >You just rolled over onto your back and looked up into the sky
  150. "I-I'm fine. I just...had a really bad memory"
  151. >"A bad memory....It wasn't when you went flying from your derby and into the mud, causing a splotch of mud to hit a passing pegasus who dropped their ultra glue onto you, which made clumps of mud and grass stick to you, was it? That was so awful and scary to watch. And it took me a whole day to get you cleaned up" Fluttershy shivered
  152. >.......
  153. "Yeah...that's it. Erm..Aunt Fluttershy, can I ask you a question? About Uncle Breeze?"
  154. >"What is it Anon...?" Fluttershy tensed when you asked that question. Wondering what you were going to say. what your impression was.
  155. "You don't seem to like Uncle Zephyr. It's because he's lazy...isn't he?"
  156. >"Hm? Oh Anon it's....not that I don't like him. He's my brother. But...he is a little...very lazy. "
  157. >You sigh
  158. "Aunt Fluttershy. C'mon, you know you can be open with me. I'll understand what you mean."
  160. >Fluttershy just stood still for a moment, opened the front door to see if her brother was close by. And upon noticing he wasn't in sight, she closed the door and looked back at you "Anon, your Uncle Zephyr isn't lazy because he's lazy. He's lazy because he's afraid of failure. everytime he tries something, he always quits the moment the ittiest bittiest little thing goes wrong. He came here because he thought I'd go easy on him. And maybe I am by letting him stay. But, I had to put my hoof down on something. That's why he needs to find a job. He needs to commit to something. I was thinking of asking Rarity if she could maybe give him a job. Something easy to build his confidence"
  161. >He was afraid of challenges then
  162. >ehhhhh, kind of reminded you how you went from job to job. blaming your coworkers or bosses for your own shit. Or sorta, sometimes it was their fault.
  163. >But again...ponyland
  164. >Zephyr, as creepy and lazy as he may have seemed. Was in fact. A fellow NEET. But he didn't get the benefit of being transported to a paradise, as a kid, to help fix his life.
  165. >Hell, he shouldn't be having any trouble at all. The fact that even Fluttershy doesn't seem to like his company says a lot.
  166. >You'd probably regret this. But, for every NEET everywhere, you had to answer the call. And fix Zephyr in your own way.
  169. "Aunt Fluttershy. How about I take Uncle Zephyr off your hooves and let him hang out with me. From what you said, he just seems to have some confidence issues. Right?"
  170. >"Anon, yes but. I don't think that's the best idea. Zephyr Breeze can be very...um....overbearing at times" Fluttershy was very hesitant on letting that happen.
  171. "I figured. But check this out. I actually have some experience dealing with guys like him back from my old world. So, all I have to do is get him to do little things to boost his confidence. Maybe cheer him on. And maybe that should make him confident enough for a real job. Pretty good idea, right?"
  172. >You give her a confident smile
  173. >"But Anon. You don't understand, he can also be very very pushy. I don't want there to be any trouble"
  174. >You just wave your hoof at her
  175. "Psh, nah. I can deal with it. Like I said. Ex-pert. I totally can handle him"
  176. >Fluttershy then began to wonder "Anon...you weren't like Zephyr back in your old world were you?"
  177. >...gyah!
  178. "W-what?! N-no..course not...I...just also had a friend who was totally like that and...yeaaahhh"
  179. >Fluttershy gave you a bit of a stare "Is that the truth"
  180. >......dammit...fuck. Why did she have to look at you like that. It made you feel bad.
  181. "....ergh...ngh....No...I was like that"
  182. >"I thought so. But" Fluttershy gave you a gentle hug "You're not like that now. And that's what's important. Though, you could maybe fix up your sleeping habits a little better"
  183. >Oh Fluttershy..so forgiving.
  184. "..Yeah..So, what do you say? Wanna give it a shot?"
  185. >Fluttershy nodded with more confidence "Ok, if it will help him. Then I'm for it. But don't overdo it ok? And don't let him stress you out"
  186. >You gave her a salute
  187. "No problem Aunt Fluttershy...OH! also!"
  188. >You reached into your saddlebag and pulled out your clay statue
  189. "I made this for you and.....oh boy"
  191. >Looking at it now. You saw why you got a C+ on the Fluttershy model.
  192. >Fluttershy's right foreleg was a pointy stub. Her eyes were derped and green, Her mane wasn't quite right and had some clay sticking out in some areas, her tail looked like bent pink poop, and she had no mouth...but it looked like she wanted to scream
  193. "...um...this..was for you...but I didn't realize how badly it looked...sorry"
  194. >Fluttershy just looked at it, and smiled "I think it's perfect the way it is"
  195. >Ngh...
  196. "But..it looks like cra-...really bad"
  197. >"Come on Anon." Fluttershy booped your nose "If it was normal, then it wouldn't be you. I'd be happy to put it with my lamp so I can see it everyday. Oh, and I bet your father would be proud too"
  198. >Well, he probably would. Mostly. Definite. It was a Fluttershy model after all.
  199. >You started to smile from her comforting words
  200. "Ok, if you say so Aunt Fluttershy"
  201. >"I do say so. And don't go losing that confidence Anon. Remember, you're going to need it"
  202. >Right..you can't falter if you're going to have to help a NEET
  203. >You pump your chest up a bit, and stand tall.
  204. "You're right Aunt Fluttershy! heh...thanks for the confidence boost"
  205. >And with that. Your plan was set in motion. Under the guise of "foalsitting a son of chaos". Zephyr Breeze was to follow you around and keep "an eye on you". He was difficult about this at first. But Fluttershy, being surprisingly forceful, told him he had to watch you or else she couldn't let him stay due to being an irresponsible uncle.
  207. >"Do we really have to walk around town Anon? I thought it'd be nice if you and me found a nice tree and relaxed the whole day. y'know? So nopony gets into any kind of trouble" Zephyr sighed as he whined, wanting to have an easy day.
  208. "Come on Uncle Zeph! Can I call you Uncle Zeph?" You looked back at him with a cheery smile
  209. >"ahhhhhhhhemmmmm, I'd prefer "Cool Uncle Breeze". It's more my style" He arrogantly smirked to himself as if he truly believed he was "Cool"..then again. he probably did.
  210. "Well, Uncle Zeph has less syllables so I'm going to call you that."
  211. >"Yeah, aren't you supposed to be listening to me? I am your uncle after all"
  212. "You heard your big sis. All you're really doing is making sure I don't get into any kind of trouble. Otherwise, I'm just going about my day as usual"
  213. >"And that's really cool. I can really appreciate that . But I feel like we could be resting our hooves and just....relaxing. All this walking around isn't good for my mane" Zephyr whined as he puffed his mane up a little
  214. >Appreciates it? After this much complaining...huh...maybe you should find somepony to help...then make him do it. If he helps someone and you praise him. It might boost his confidence.
  215. "Uncle Zeph, I'm the hero colt. Part of my daily duties is helping ponies in need"
  216. >"Really? You can find the time to do that?"
  217. >No, you didn't even really do that at all.
  218. "Yep, let's see...."
  219. >you scanned around, and noticed the sofa and quills selling stallion "Davenport". Trying to get a new sign up.
  220. >Hrn...he was an earth pony. And Zephyr a pegasus.
  221. >Hrnnn...
  222. "Hey Uncle Zeph, check out that guy there. He's trying to get that sign up. I'd help but I'm pretty short. Think you could help him out?"
  223. >Zephyr looked over. Davenport nearly had the sign connect to the outstretched piece of wood. But his ladder fell over, making him fall to the ground.
  224. >He narrowed his eyes as he rubbed his muzzle "I don't know. Putting up a sign? That's super easy, he can do it on his own"
  226. >....but he just...fell down
  227. "Uncle Zeph...just help him out. He'd really appreciate it."
  228. >"But I've never even put up a sign before. Besides, I don't really want to get my hooves dirty. Their meant for manes. Y'know?"
  229. >.....fucking...
  230. "Uncle Zeph..it's just a sign. You just connect those ends to the latches right there"
  231. >"Hrnnn..."
  232. >FUCKING!
  233. "I'm going to turn you into Sphagettios if you don't even ATTEMPT to try!"
  234. >Zephyr backed up a little in shock, then chuckled "You..wouldn't really do that to your uncle, would you?"
  235. >the life of NEETdom was coming back to you. Now you know how your parents felt.
  236. "Try me.."
  237. >He could see the darkness in your eyes. And although he had no idea what sphagettios was. He didn't want to turn into it. "Alright Alright, I was just joking with you anyway. Yeah, ok. I got it. Check out your uncle "Zeph" Anon. and prepared to be impressed. Like, oh so impressed"
  238. >...ok Anon. This is it. Just wait, and be proud when he actually does it. Because there was no fucking way he could be that bad.
  239. >Zephyr went to offer his services. And...so far. It was going ok.
  240. >You stood under him as he began to put on and attach the sign. So far..so good.
  241. >You began to smile as he attached the sign and cheered.
  242. >After attaching the sign, Zephyr flew back down as Davenport began to thank him "Hey thanks, I was having real trouble getting that sign up due to being an Earth Pony and all...no wings"
  243. >Time for the praise
  244. "Yeah Uncle Zeph, that was awesome! Nopony could have done it better than you!"
  245. >"Really?" He said with big eyes...before becoming cocky about it "Well, yeah. This is Zephyr Breeze you're talking about. I can do ANYTHING. Just wish my Big Sis could see that and stop comp-"
  246. >And as it turns out. He didn't actually put the ends of the sign on the latches. making the sign fall from the weight and slam right onto the top of your head. Sending your face into the dirt.
  248. >"Woah! Kid, you ok? Do you want me to get a doctor?" Davenport asks you as he moves the sign.
  249. >.........
  250. >You slowly lift your head, annoyed and angry, and spit dirt out of your mouth.
  251. "...no, I'm used to it"
  252. >"You sure? Because I think your uncle went to go get help" He points to Zephyr, who at first looked like he was going to do "something". But then stops and turns towards Rainbow Dash as he tries to get her attention.
  253. >You stand up immediately, your eyes turning red with rage.
  254. >"Kid, you sure you're ok?" He asks again
  256. >"Ahm...never mind. You're fine" Davenport gives a sheepish smile as he backs up into his shop "I'll get the sign up later"
  257. >You stomp up to the pair in furious rage. You didn't care if Rainbow Dash was fucking him. That didn't give him a right to just walk off.
  258. >But then you saw Rainbow Dash gag at one of his advances.
  259. >"Zephyr, what are you even doing here? I thought you were going to find some other place to live" Rainbow Dash gagged
  260. >"Oh I have Rainbow "Mrs.Breeze" Dash. I'm living with Big Sister Fluttershy. And right now? I'm watching my nephew, Anon. Cool little guy, I'm sure you know him, And I can bet he'd be happy to see his friend Rainbow Dash get with somepony like myself. I'm not going to rush an answer, but I don't want you to worry yourself trying to think of the answer either. I'm not that kind of pony." Zephyr wiggled his eyes at her.
  261. >.....he...he wasn't even fucking her. He was trying to pick her up...AFTER YOU GOT A SIGN DROPPED ON YOUR HEAD.
  262. "Uncle Zeph....Why did you walk off?"
  263. >you growled
  265. >"Huh? Oh" He chuckled in a rather arrogant fashion "Saw my girl Rainbow Dash. Couldn't leave her alone. Didn't want her to get scared being around the other stallions in this town. But...ohh, you wanted to thank me again for the sign right? Yeah, I did pretty good with that. Didn't I?"
  266. >"Zephyr, I LIVE HERE! And wait...You actually managed to do something?" Rainbow Dash seemed surprised....was it that much of a surprise?
  267. >"Oh yes I did. Come on Anon, tell her how good I did" Zephyr waited for your words.
  268. "He didn't put a sign up properly and it LANDED ON MY HEAD!"
  269. >You point to a spot on your head. You have sustained so many injuries. That there was only a small mark.
  270. >"...That checks out." Rainbow Dash rolls her eyes "You ok Anon?"
  271. "....Yeah. Zephyr, stop trying to hit up Rainbow Dash. And come with me.We're going to find something else to do"
  272. >But he refused "Hey hey relax Anon. I mean...ok..I..messed up. And, well. Thats sort of what happens when you try something that you weren't even ready for. If you hadn't have pushed me, then, well. We all know I could have done it. Tell him Rainbow, Testify!"
  273. >"Yeah...no. But I think I see what's going on here." Rainbow Dash groaned "And Anon's right. There's no us. No us...no. Not happening."
  274. >"Always playing hard to get. You know you want to go on a date with me now that I'm here. And we could do it right now, if my nephew who I'm totally willing to lend him a few bits if he asks, says I can. Since I have to follow him around." He looks at you to try to gauge your response.
  275. >Rainbow Dash takes the opportunity of him not looking to furiously shake her head. Trying to get you to refuse.
  276. >And you would. Because this asshole...
  277. "We're going Zephyr. I'm thinking their's a pony who happens to like roses that could use some help watering her flowers."
  278. >You could see Roseluck in the distance, with a watering can in her mouth. Surely Zephyr couldn't fuck that up.
  280. >"Anon, really? You'd let such a fine mare get away from your uncl-..huh? Well how about that. She flew off" he could see Rainbow Dash flying off the first chance she got. It just made him smile. "Must have put on a little too much of that Breeze charm. You're taking notes. right Anon? If you become like me, you'll have a mare of your own. Promise"
  281. >DON'T...STRANGLE...HIM
  282. "I have a girl. And her name is Diamond Tiara"
  283. >"Huh? Oh well, thats good. Really good. Now you just need to learn to relax more and she'll never EVER want to leave your side. Because, and I have to say this, the way you're acting now would put off anypony who couldn't see you as a good friend or family member. That's why I haven't walked away from you yet. Can't leave my bestest nephew. Yup, thats why I'm such a good uncle" He said, pleased with himself
  286. "Look, whatever. See that mare?"
  287. >You point over to Roseluck
  288. >"Her? Heh, she's a cutie alright. But I'm reserved for the Dash. Or, actually. She's reserved for the Breeze. Hehe, get it?"
  289. >.......
  290. "...look, we're going to go over there and ask if she needs help watering flowers. You can do that, right?"
  291. >When you asked that, he seemed to tense up......you gotta be shitting...
  292. "...You can do that. Can't you?"
  293. >"I er, course I can. But my right hoof...ugh. it's a little sore from pushing all that stuff in my sister's house"
  294. >......
  295. "But you had no problem trying to put up that sign. or even walking around with me"
  296. >"Yeah, but then....I noticed the pain?" He shrugged with a feint smile
  297. >...Holy shit this guy. IT WAS JUST WATERING FLOWERS!
  298. "Look...Uncle Zeph. Aunt Fluttershy wants you to get a job. But if you keep acting like this, you won't even have a place to stay. I'm trying to help you out. Now come on, don't make yourself out to be a wuss. Go ask her if you could water her flowers. I'll even help"
  299. >"...I dunno..." He says with hesitance
  300. "I bet Rainbow Dash would be attracted to err..."
  301. >...oh, you started cringing
  302. "a hard working stallion, such as yourself"
  303. >"Well, I am stylin. Alright little nephew, when you put it that way. Zephyr Breeze is going to bring a gentle drizzle onto those flowers. Hey, miss! Do you need any help?" Zephyr Breeze stepped up to her, seemingly with confidence.
  304. >"Hrn? Help?" Roseluck notices the both of you, confused
  305. "Yes ma'am. We would like to help you water your beautiful roses"
  306. >"oh, that's awfully sweet of you. You must be Fluttershy's daughter. You're adorable"
  307. >......wut?
  308. "Uhhhh...I'm a colt"
  309. >"....oh..erm..I couldn't tell with your mane slung back like that" Roseluck said
  310. >Wut?
  311. >You brushed your mane with your hoof, and noticed it was flowing backwards like a mare's mane.
  313. >"She's right, it does kind of make you look like a filly. Anon, when that signboard hit you. It must have hit you harder than you thought because you totally forgot to fix up your mane. But don't worry, Your uncle is here and I think it'd be the perfect time to show off that mane style everypony has been putt-" Zephyr wanted to try to put that HORRID mane style into action. But fyuuuuuck that
  314. "No! No! It's fine!"
  315. >You brush your mane back, but it just frazzles out. Causing a giggle from Roseluck.
  316. "........whatever. Look, forget the mane. Do you mind if we help you water your flowers?"
  317. >"Well, I suppose that would be fine. It's very easy too. You just pour a little water like this"
  318. >She gently tilts the watering can, putting a little water onto a rose, and then moves on to the next.
  319. "And everything will be fine. You never want to add too much. If you do, you'll drown the poor little things"
  320. >Heh, that is pretty fucking easy.
  321. "That's no problem ma'am. See Uncle Zeph, you can do that. Right?"
  322. >Just pouring some water onto flowers? Yeah, no sweat, no problem for this Stallion. Totally...got...this" Zephyr said with a confident smile.
  323. >"Well, alright then. And try not to get the attention of any cute colts, ok?" Roseluck tells you with a giggle
  324. >Urge to kill everything...rising.
  325. "...Right..."
  326. >And with that. The three of you got to work.
  327. >And what easy work it was. Even a baby could fucking handle this.
  328. >You focused on Zephyr every now again to make sure he wasn't over watering anything. But..he was doing fine.
  329. >And then you heard a buzzing.
  330. >"Oh, a bee. How nice." Roseluck said with a smirk "Did you come to he-"
  331. >"A BEE!" Zephyr said as he smashed his watering can over it. While he missed the bee. He ended up smashing a bunch of roses.
  333. >"Did I get it? man, oh man. Somepony really needs to set up a net or something. All sorts of bugs are around this place. The poor flowers could get eaten up or something. Woo"
  334. >He wiped his forehead "Protecting a garden is hard work too, Anon, why don't you pick up the pace while your uncle Zeph takes a well deserved breather? We'll be done in no time if you do that"
  335. >...he's joking right?
  336. "You're joking...right?"
  337. >Zephyr shrugged "Well, no. But did you see that bee? It was so horrifying it scared Tulip." He pointed at Roseluck
  338. >She was frozen. But not from the fact there was a bee. A bee that escaped.
  339. >It was her smashed up flowers. So disfigured and marred from Zephyr's "defense" that she couldn't handle it. She fainted from shock.
  340. >"See?"
  341. >LFJVG;SDJF;
  343. >He walked over to you and gave you a gentle pat "Anon, I'm sensing some hostility, and that's ok. That's why I'm saying we need to find a place and relax. Brainstorm a little. This watering thing? It's not good for you, you're all tense and if you're gonna be part of this family. You have to learn to play it cool"
  346. >You looked around, but he had already walked off. In his place, was loud buzzing.
  347. >You tense up, your ears drooping...oh no
  348. >You turn around. The bee....has brought friends. And for some reason. They were aiming their stingers at you.
  349. ".....Look guys. I know I'm green like the other guy. But surely we can all BEE friends right?..c'mon..please? C'MON, I DIDN'T EVENGYAAAHHH!"
  350. >Bee justice was a painful thing indeed.
  352. >Moments later..
  353. >You were crawling along the ground. You could see that motherfucker resting by a shop.
  354. >You crawled over to him, with bumps all over your face and flank.
  355. "I'll kill him...I fucking murder him...I'm going to make him drink my fucking piss....holy...shit. I'm going to murder that fuckface"
  356. >You growled under your breath.
  357. >Zephyr just looked over to you with a smile. not even realizing you were injured.
  358. >"Hey, if it isn't my favorite Nephew. Did you get those flowers watered? I would have come back sooner. But you know me, I have to brain storm some good ideas for my mane styles. Can't you see it? I can. Zephyr Breeze, the best mane therapist in Equestria. But Fluttershy? She's Reeaaallllyy gotta relax. And so do you. All this walking around and work is really putting a jam in my pipe. It ain't cool, if you know what I mean. No sireee"
  359. >Muuuuuurrrdddeeeeerrrrr
  360. >You slowly dragged yourself to him. Climbed on top of him. And brought your face to his as you looked at him with dagger in your eyes.
  362. >"U-umm...erm..that's a letter I guess. woah, hey. You don't look too good. You want to go home?" Zephyr asked.
  364. >Then again..you've been to the hospital for less and...NO THATS NOT THE POINT!
  365. >But before you could say anything more. Scootaloo came racing by. Stopping her Scooter upon noticing you.
  366. >"Anon? Is that yo...you're not kissing that guy are you? Creepy"
  367. >GYAH! FUCKING..!
  368. >You turn around and flip off Zephyr's belly. Looking at Scootaloo with pathetic pained eyes.
  369. "Scoots...I need ointment. It hurts to move"
  370. >"A-Anon?! What happened?"
  371. "beeeeeeeeeeeeeees"
  373. >"Ohhhhhh....he meant like the bugs. Well, why didn't you say so Anon. I could have gotten you some ointment.....I'd just need some bits though. Hey, um. Scoots? That's your name right? You got any bits?" Zephyr asked.
  374. >"Um, my name is Scootaloo actually" Scootaloo seemed to be a little cautious of Zephyr, and with good reason "And yeah, I have some bits. Are you going to get some ointment for Anon?"
  375. >"Well, actually. No idea where I could get some. But hey, you could get some for him right? I'll be right here." Zephyr tells him as he makes himself comfortable..the lazy fuck
  376. >"O-ok. Um...I'll be right back. Anon, are you ok? You look kinda bad" Scootaloo said. As she near dared tapping one of your bumps. But backed off.
  377. ".....I hurt....everywhere"
  378. >Scootaloo cringed. Feeling bad for you, she doubled her endeavor to get you some ointment.
  379. >Leaving you with him
  380. >You looked over at Zephyr, you were in pain. So much pain....ohhhh boy..pain everywhere.
  381. "...how could you not see anything wrong with this?"
  382. >"What? No, Anon. you got it all wrong. I'm worried about you. But I really don't know where the ointment is around here. But this isn't even my fault. Anon, this all happened because you had to get all uptight. You have to go with the Breeze if you know what I mean. You're a colt Anon. You shouldn't be trying to do these things. You outta be like your Cool Uncle Breeze. You have to stop, and relax. I don't know why Fluttershy can't see that. I've worked really hard and nopony can see how great I am. I just want a place to relax until my next big plan. That's fine to do, right? That's cool. And It'd be cooler to be able to spend the day with you Anon. Just" He snickered "Shootin' the Breeze"
  384. "I hate you...."
  385. >"W-what?" For once, Zephyr seemed genuinely surprised. Even a little hurt "You didn't just say..."
  387. "No! I did. I said it! I HAAATE YOU. And that's reeeaaallllly something nopony can make me say. I have a mass of chaotic insanity floating outside my window and even he's less annoying than you. I mean, geez, he doesn't give up at a moments notice either. But you? YOU CAN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING RIGHT! NOT ONE THING!"
  388. >Zephyr was taken aback. He started to chuckle as he began to sweat. He was utterly nervous "C-c'mon Anon. Y-you don't mean that. It's just the bee stings talking..."
  390. >You really put emphasis on that last part.
  391. >Zephyr went silent. Then he started to tear up "A-are you saying. Nopony wants me around? Even Flutter Butter?"
  392. "Yes, that's EXACTLY what I'm saying! You're worthless! You couldn't even water a flippin plant! or even get me some help! or put up a sign! You're mane style stinks and you nopony, not even Rainbow Dash, wants you around! got it!"
  393. >"......." Zephyr put his hoof to his chest. "I didn't know you felt like that. Didn't know anypony felt like that..I...I..." He started to whine pathetically "W-well. ngh...Well..." Then suddenly, he got angry "Of Everypony thinks I'm useless, than I'll have to prove them wrong! I will move out, totally gone and the next time you see me. You're going to be begging for an autograph from your Uncle Breeze!"
  396. >Zephyr went silent as he began to sob. But without another word, he slowly began to hover away, when he looked back at you, you gave him another nasty look.
  397. >Who the fuck did he think he was. During this entire thing. He didn't even bother trying to connect to you. He just continued being a worthless pony.
  398. >"Wow...that was kind of harsh Anon..."
  399. >You hear Scootaloo. She was behind you with some ointment from a squeeze tube that already looked pretty used.
  400. "Scoots?...ngh..That was quick"
  401. >"Well, yeah. I forgot I already had some ointment. I was trying some sick new moves. and wanted to be prepared. Anon, what was up with that? I don't think I've ever seen you that angry at another pony before"
  402. >Scootaloo, not wanting to withhold the ointment from you but not feeling comfortable with what you did, slowly twists the top off and, with your permission, begins to add the ointment onto your sores as you twitch.
  403. "Because I'm still trying to process that my Aunt's brother is worthless. The guy LET me get stung by bees. And he couldn't do any kind of simple task without flubbing up. And Aunt Fluttershy was going to get Rarity to hire him! What a disaster that would have been. The guy is a tool"
  405. >"Ouch, don't you think you're being a little harsh?" Scootaloo says
  406. >You grunt, and point to your sores
  407. >"....ok...that is pretty bad. But he's your Uncle right? Erm...mnnn." Scootaloo didn't know what to say as she noticed the amount of stings you had
  408. "Look, I can already see what you're thinking. And no, I'm not going to lighten up. The guy is the worst! He reminds me of humans back from my world who'd just sit around and do nothing and blame everypony else for their problems. We called them NEETs"
  409. >"...That does sound bad. But.."
  410. "No buts, Scoots. He's a lazy good for nothing and I don't think he should be near my Aunt or near this town. I don't even care what happens to him. Not like he cares what happened to me."
  411. >Scoots sighed, it wasn't that she wanted to defend Zephyr. She didn't know him. She also didn't want to insult you. But seeing you hate a family member so much. It irked her. Even if you were in the right. "Yeah, I guess you're right. mnnn, Anon?"
  412. >You groan, still annoyed with Zephyr and the stinging pain of your bumps.
  413. "Yeah?"
  414. >"You weren't one of those types of humans, were you? The NEET thing?"
  415. "...err.."
  416. >You were, your ears droop as you withhold that answer. As you already felt she was going to use that to somehow justify forgiving that asshole.
  417. >"...You were, weren't you?" Scootaloo frowned
  418. "yeah......Look, ok? Being a NEET there and being a NEET here is totally different. In my old world, there are no opportunities unless you're lucky. Here? everypony is so friendly that its possible to get a job in SOMETHING!. And then there's still the fact he's still a jerk"
  419. >"mnnn, I dunno. I mean, I guess a foal human could get away with being a NEET. But you still admitted you were a NEET. And then Discord gave you all those neato stuff like the horn and the wings. So you got really lucky. Maybe your Uncle just needs a special kind of push too"
  420. >You give her a blank stare
  422. "...Are you suggesting I give him another chance? Because I already gave him a few. I told Aunt Fluttershy I'd help him with his confidence and it didn't work out. Not because I failed, but because HE is a terrible pony. Why, oh why, would I give him one more?"
  423. >"Because" Scootaloo looked hurt. Not from you, but the situation "I just don't like seeing families being mad at each other...You don't have to do it if you don't want to. I won't be mad or anything. It just...feels bad...y'know?"
  424. >You look up at Scootaloo's face. She looked heartbroken. Why did she even care? She didn't know him. He was an asshole.
  425. >It's like she never had a family that really cared too much about her, or she was an orphan, or fucking something.
  426. >..she really didn't seem to like dysfunction within a family.
  427. >And despite her telling you it'd be ok. You could tell you'd regret it if you didn't try one last time.
  428. "Scoots...You ok?"
  429. >"Yeah..." She dabs the last of the needed ointment on your cheek, and gives you a weak smile "All done, you feeling better?"
  430. >That smile...dammit
  431. "...yeah.......ok fine. We'll go find him. But one LAST chance, alright? But you have to tell me why you care THAT much"
  432. >Scootaloo winced "..Anon"
  433. "C'mon, I at le...mnnn. Fine.."
  434. >You just give her a hug.
  435. "Never mind, let's just focus on my Uncle. We gotta find him though.."
  436. >And with that. You and Scootaloo went out to look for Zephyr. She suggested asking around to see if anyone had seen him pass by. Some ponies did, all the way back to Fluttershy's cottage. When you both arrived there. The front door was unlocked and open. And any call to Fluttershy herself was met with silence. She was out.
  437. "I wonder if he's sulking somewhere. Mnnn, I dunno Scoots. I'm starting to have second thoughts. He ran here, but I don't even think he told my Aunt about me being hurt. Because if he did. I guarantee She would have found me or raised a big stink over it."
  439. >"....mnnnnn, Why wouldn't he at least tell Fluttershy though? I'm...starting to see what you mean. I just can't imagine anypony being so heartless. Especially family."
  440. >Well, thats how NEETs like him are. You continued your search, but noticed even Zephyr wasn't around.
  441. "He's not here either. Ugh...wait"
  442. >As you take a closer look. While the house was still rearranged. All his stuff was gone.
  443. "He left?...Didn't expect that. He took all his stuff with him"
  444. >Scootaloo continued to look about. Her hope for the situation being mended dwindling. "...I can't believe somepony would just leave like that. He just...left you there. Even if you got mad at him. You're not supposed to do that...leave you while you were hurt I mean."
  445. "Yeah well...now I can see why Aunt Fluttershy didn't take kindly to him when he just showed up out of the blue."
  446. >"Yeah....hm?" Scootaloo notices something on the table, a single picture of Zephyr with a note attached "Hey, look. There's a note on that picture" She points out, then goes and grabs it and starts to read. "I think it's from him, let's see...Dear Fluttershy"
  447. >She then stops
  448. >Was it something bad?
  449. "Scoots? What else does it say?"
  450. >"It..doesn't say anything else. The rest of the note is just a bunch of scribbles. I think he kept messing u-..oh hey. There's something on the back"
  451. "what is it?"
  452. >"More scribbles"
  453. >......
  454. >"No wait..theres something at the end. Erm..let's see. "I'm sorry Big Sis, that I'm just a great big loser. I couldn't even be "Cool Uncle Breeze" for my awesome nephew Anon. And I know if you found out what happened today, that you'd kick me out. Well, this pony is kicking himself out. It'll be the only successful thing I've ever done. Maybe this time, on my own, I can get something done right, Your little bro, Zephyr Breeze. P.S: Tell Rainbow Dash not to worry too much about me" .....He knows Rainbow Dash?"
  455. >........fuck
  456. "It really says all that?"
  458. >Scootaloo nods "Yeah...wow. I guess when you yelled at him. It really got to him really bad."
  459. >So he just left. Just like that. But...he left with all his stuff. Where else would he even fucking go?
  460. >You decided to have another look outside. And noticed tracks, as if someone was dragging something along the ground.
  461. "...Scoots. Look at this"
  462. >Scootaloo came over to you and noticed the tracks, and where they were headed "Anon, this looks like somepony was dragging something. Maybe your uncle couldn't carry all his things and headed.....oh no. Did he really go into the Everfree Forest?! Why even do that?! It's dangerous in there!"
  463. >....Fucking...Why?! WHY DO YOU FEEL BAD...
  464. >...you didn't know him. He was an asshole
  465. >...he was a NEET
  466. >But it looked like he didn't even know where to begin trying. He must have coasted off his parents for so long that no one really encouraged him to really put any real effort into anything.
  467. >And now that he feels unloved....fucking hell. He just packed up and left to live in the fucking forest.
  468. >And then theres Fluttershy. If she knew about this. Or if she lost him....she'd be devastated.
  469. "Scoots, If I tell you not to follow me. You're just gonna follow me. Right?"
  470. >"You got any charges on that horn?" She asks
  471. "Nope"
  472. >She puts on her helmet and looks upon the forest with determination "Then you're gonna need a friend at your side. And I'm the toughest friend you got!"
  473. >You nearly giggled at that. it was endearing.
  474. "Alright then, let's go find Uncle Zeph!"
  476. >The two of you followed the tracks down into the Everfree forest.
  477. >It actually didn't seem to go too far in as you both happened to find where Zephyr was camped out at.
  478. >And "Camped" was putting it loosely.
  479. >You both hid behind some bushes as you both witnessed a very pathetic Zephyr talking to his mangled bust. Trying to start a fire. and failing miserably to even set up proper shelter.
  480. >"Anon..." Scootaloo let's out
  481. "Yeah..you don't have to say it. Geez, even on his own he can't do anything right. He's gonna die out here on his own."
  482. >"I feel bad. Really bad. It's like , he knows he messed up, but still can't find a way to fix himself. Anon, he needs our help"
  483. "Yeah, but how?"
  484. >"Well, he HAS to be good at something. If he wasn't, he wouldn't have a Cutie Mark. What's it for, anyway?"
  485. "I think it's for Mane....styling..therapy...something."
  486. >"So, why doesn't he just do that then?"
  487. >You point over to the bust with the mangled mane
  488. "Because he stinks at that too"
  489. >Scootaloo noticed it and cringed "ohhh...egh...that's bad.Is..there nothing we can do?"
  490. >You pondered on it. The guy was hopeless and pathetic. But you were starting to forgive. He was just lost, and had no direction. And if anything, you could make him make up for his shit later. If it wasn't at this level of bad. You'd just punk him good. But this is pathetic.
  491. >So pathetic that he probably NEVER had any real practice on a pony. Maybe...
  492. >Oh god...
  493. "Erm..Scoots. What do you know about styling manes?"
  494. >"Not much. I do know how to manage it for maximum speed. Keeping air resistance at an all time low. Does that count for anything? Do you have a plan?"
  495. >You put your hoof to your mane. Your precious...precious mane.
  496. >you started to tear up, R.I.P cool stylish mane.
  497. "Y-yeah...Look, he's gonna need some real live practice and some positive reinforcement. Since you have SOME experience. Just guide him a little bit...I'll....be the test subject."
  499. >"Oh..boy. Anon..." Scootaloo looks over at the bust again "I think this is going to be the bravest and most heroic thing you've ever done."
  500. >...oh god...your maaaanneee
  501. >With the plan set in motion. You both step out of the bushes to meet with Zephyr. The moment he notices the both of you. He rushes to set up his little shelter...but it falls apart immediately. "A-Anon...w-what are you doing here? Did you come to c-check on your c-cool uncle. W-well...erm...I'm doing great! no need to w-worry about me. I got this t-totally handled..let me just..." He struggled to get his shelter back up, but once again it fell apart "WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO KEEP YOU STANDING?! I'M USING TEN STICKS HERE! AND LEAVES.." He started to tear up as he barked at his fallen shelter.
  502. "Uncle Zeph, I'm here to say I apologize. And that I don't think you're a loser...I'm sorry about that"
  503. >"H-huh? Oh erm..well.." Zephyr didn't really know how to respond to that "I-I mean. I, I maybe. I....Oh.." He hangs his head down in shame, when he realized how bad things really started to fall apart around him "I should be sorry. I thought I was being a great uncle. But all I was really doing was being a big jerk. But, you don't have to worry about me. Really. Nopony does. I almost got this place up and running and..." Zephyr looked about at his crappy encampment. "It'll be my own little pad once I...ugh. Who am I kidding" Zephyr falls over, covering his face in shame "I'm gonna get torn apart out here. But how can I go back now. Fluttershy won't want to see me after she hears how I did today. Big Sis is really cool and calm. But even I'd be super angry if I found out what I did...since, y'know...I did it"
  504. >Here we go...
  506. "Don't even worry about that Uncle Zeph. Look, Aunt Fluttershy was letting you stay. Under the condition that you found work and learned to do something. Well, none of that has gone good so far. But, I think thats because I took the wrong approach. If it's one thing I noticed, it's the fact that you have this whole mane styling thing going on"
  507. >"Well, that is the one thing I really really want to do. I felt like I had the talent for it. But I guess even my Cutie Mark doesn't mean much and-" But you interrupt Zephyr from finishing that sentence
  508. "Stop! Stop right there, look. You're never going to get anywhere by giving up or moping around. You want to style a mane? Fine, I'm going to let you...ngh...style mine. BUT, you need to be careful. You need to do things by the book. And you need to let my friend Scootaloo help you. You say you have ideas. Well, use them. But use them in mane styles that already work, and then make it your own. Ok? I don't want to end up looking like some hobo rooster."
  509. >"Y-you're really willing to do that for me? W-what if I do mess up though...I dunno, maybe I should just-" But then Scootaloo interrupts him.
  510. >"Zephyr Breeze! You can't just give up that easily! We believe in you. And even if you do mess up, we'll just find a way to fix it or make that mistake into an accomplishment. I'm Rainbow Dash's biggest fan, and she always says to never give up! And right now? We're not giving up on you! So don't you give up on you...ok?" Scootaloo pumps her chest and gives him a confident stare "You can do it!"
  511. >"Rainbow Dash really said that ,huh?...heh, it's like she kept me in her heart when she came up with that. I..I think those were the words I needed to hear. Alright, it's time for this pegasus to Breeze on through....heh, that was good right?" He gave a strained confident smile
  512. >That...was good enough. You and Scootaloo helped him get his stuff back to the cottage. And then the real work began.
  514. >At first. It was a semi disaster. Zephyr was making small mistakes on your mane. And eventually tried opting out again. But Scootaloo kept him focused. Saying that he could make his mistakes asymmetrical to make it look like a new style. When Zephyr tried it, it made you look like you had zappy hair that flowed backwards. It was kind of neat.
  515. >But the styling and mane cutting still continued. He started to make less and less mistakes as time went on. To the point he was making adjustments without Scootaloo's advice. And as he began to build his confidence. He started doing things like giving a braid to your hair while making it cover a single eye. But also shortening your mane enough to make sure it didn't flow down your neck.
  516. >"....I..I think I did it..." Zephyr turned your chair around, and looked to Scootaloo. "He think he looks good?"
  517. >Scootaloo smirked "Zephyr, if I didn't know that was Anon. I think colts would think he was the cutest filly in school. It looks amazing!"
  519. >Zephyr gulps and holds up a mirror for you too look at yourself "U-um, well Anon. I could only find my book for mare manes. B-but your c-cool Uncle Zephyr added enough pizazz to at least make some ponies..think..you're a colt...It's really bad, ain't it?"
  520. >Actually. Despite him making you look like a girl. He made you look.....fuckable....to....yourself.
  521. >You were now totally, without any way to really tell, the little girl
  522. "Uncle Zeph, it's perfect. If I was a girl that is, but perfect nonetheless. You should try doing this for Aunt Fluttershy. I bet she'd look super cute with it"
  523. >You smiled at yourself as you slowly ran your hoof through your hair
  524. "I sure do..."
  525. >"Really? So..it's good?" He could feel it. A sense of self worth he never felt before.
  526. "Yeah...It's good"
  528. >"Super good, Anon looks a really good and....Anon?...are you ok?" Scootaloo was getting worried from the way you were looking at the mirror
  529. >But goddamn...if there was another you with a pussy that looked like that...
  530. "Yeah...just admiring how good I look..hehe....oh geez. I mean! Yeah, everything is ok! hahahahah!...hah!...heh"
  531. >Relax Anon...they don't suspect a thing.
  532. >In anycase. You and Scootaloo had successfully managed to fill your Uncle Breeze with the confidence that had long since eluded him. He had never successfully managed to do anything like this before. But with positive reinforcement. He managed it, and thats all it took.
  534. >After that. The three of you returned to Fluttershy's cottage and helped Zephyr unpack his stuff once again. He wanted to stay for at least a week now, wanting to use his newfound confidence to help him find a job. That was doable, and you were sure Fluttershy would agree. Hell, you actually wouldnt mind spending the rest of the day with him and just "shoot the Breeze".
  535. >Fluttershy had come back after some time out. She had went to Rarity's to get something set up for Zephyr. Of course, she couldn't have ever expected you to actually succeed in your goal. Hell, you wouldn't have without Scootaloo. She kept your head on straight.
  536. >And Zephyr himself was proud to announce that he himself would be looking for a job tomorrow. And even presented you to Fluttershy as his best accomplishment.
  537. >Fluttershy was stunned to say the least. At first she was going to question why you had such a girly mane. But the style itself looked so good that she felt she shouldn't. She just wanted to feel proud for her brother, as she hadn't been proud of him for a very long time.
  538. >And things were right as rain after that. While Zephyr could be a little overbearing at times. He was, while not the funnest pony to be around, he was nice to relax with s long as he didn't mention anything about RD.you felt had RD been the one to try to fix him, he may have mostly given up on her. You know you would.
  539. >And Scootaloo? She got so uncomfortable with how much you liked your mane that she purposely ruffled it up.
  540. >Hell, you didn't know what it was. For those moments. You felt there was yet another dimension where another, or several other yous had become fillies. and many sexual and cute adventures happened.
  541. >nah....
  542. >But, with your hero colt skills, and help from your friend. Things once again, we're set right.
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