/art/-/fic/ Skype chat logs

Jul 22nd, 2012
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  1. (Pacific time. Discussion of EqD involvement begins at the 7 PM mark.)
  3. [5:30:12 PM] Pav Feira: shiggity shiggity shwa
  4. [5:30:22 PM] Lightsideluc: Hello.
  5. [5:30:37 PM] Filler: Good evening
  6. [5:30:46 PM] Lightsideluc: What is on the table for today?
  7. [5:30:56 PM] Uma: Waiting, with a side of discussion.
  8. [5:31:03 PM | Removed 5:31:18 PM] Lightsideluc: This message has been removed.
  9. [5:31:16 PM | Edited 5:31:43 PM] Filler: I still have half of yesterday's chat logs to go through
  10. [5:31:22 PM] Filler: mm
  11. [5:31:29 PM] Uma: There are still a few hours remaining until it begins.
  12. [5:31:30 PM] Lightsideluc: Not anymore they won't.
  13. [5:31:44 PM] Uma: Right right, the good old gaslighting.
  14. [5:31:57 PM] Lightsideluc: That long?
  15. [5:32:04 PM] Kurbz MLP: This is happening again?
  16. [5:32:07 PM] Kurbz MLP: Oh joy.
  17. [5:32:12 PM] Filler: One and a half hours until it begins, right?
  18. [5:32:18 PM] Lightsideluc: Well, i suppose now is as good of a time as any to find something to eat.
  19. [5:32:20 PM] Uma: Approximatly.
  20. [5:32:38 PM] Uma: Bah, spelling.
  21. [5:32:59 PM] Nick Taylor: Oh hey, this is still here.
  22. [5:33:14 PM] Filler: This thing is indeed still here
  23. [5:33:15 PM] Uma: Skype chats are persistant. I will continue saying this.
  24. [5:33:31 PM] Kurbz MLP: Skype keeps everything.
  25. [5:33:36 PM] Pav Feira: Uma is persistantly discussing the chat's persistance
  26. [5:33:54 PM] Kurbz MLP: Thank you for the agenda idea Pag
  27. [5:33:57 PM] Kurbz MLP: *Pav
  28. [5:34:22 PM] *** Filler has changed the conversation topic to "Skype Chat Persistence Discussion--NOW" ***
  29. [5:34:26 PM] Pav Feira: certainly
  30. [5:34:34 PM] Pav Feira: i look forward to comparing notes with you
  31. [5:35:04 PM | Edited 5:35:16 PM] Lightsideluc: Well, with persistence, if a card leaves the battlefield due to combat damage and it doesn't have any -1/-1 counters on it, it is brought back from the graveyard with a -1/-1 counter.
  32. [5:35:34 PM] *** Filler has changed the conversation picture. ***
  33. [5:35:36 PM] Filler: Bullshit
  34. [5:35:49 PM] Filler: Persist triggers regardless of how it died if it didn't have any -1/-1 counters on it
  35. [5:36:03 PM] Uma: Each skype client actually keeps and re-distributes logs from all chats. Thanks to the decentralized mechanism - p2p - this means that several versions of the same chat can exist.
  36. [5:36:05 PM] Lightsideluc: I'm not a magic nerd. Apologies.
  37. [5:36:17 PM] Filler: I am. I apologize likewise.
  38. [5:36:27 PM] Lightsideluc: It's strange.
  39. [5:36:44 PM] Lightsideluc: I play in the draft tournaments my brother organizes, where at least six other people join in/.
  40. [5:36:52 PM] Lightsideluc: All of whom regularly buy and play Magic.
  41. [5:36:53 PM] MHTH: Hmmm
  42. [5:36:56 PM] Lightsideluc: I'm the only person who doesn't.
  43. [5:36:58 PM] MHTH: Magic the gathering?
  44. [5:37:01 PM] Lightsideluc: And I've won every tournament.
  45. [5:37:04 PM] Filler: Magic the Gathering, yeah
  46. [5:37:18 PM] Nick Taylor: I was a Pokemon card man.
  47. [5:37:22 PM] MHTH: Isn't the mechanic called Persist?
  48. [5:37:24 PM] Nick Taylor: Granted, I was 9z
  49. [5:37:25 PM] Filler: It is, yes
  50. [5:37:31 PM] MHTH: hmm
  51. [5:37:45 PM] MHTH: I am quite certain that having a -1/-1 counter inabilitates it
  52. [5:37:51 PM] Gordon: Shoo be doo~ (wave)
  53. [5:38:01 PM] Lightsideluc: As astute as always ^_^
  54. [5:38:19 PM] Gordon: On 7/22/12, at 8:37 PM, Nick Taylor wrote:
  55. > I was a Pokemon card man.
  57. [5:38:20 PM] Filler: But it'd still trigger if the creature was, say, sacrificed or -X/-X'd
  58. [5:38:25 PM] Gordon: D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel!
  59. [5:38:34 PM] Filler: Assuming the -X/-X wasn't a result of -1/-1 counters
  60. [5:38:46 PM] Pav Feira: GV, tsk tsk
  61. [5:38:48 PM] Uma: I prefer to play Bicycle, myself.
  62. [5:38:49 PM] Uma: Hehe.
  63. [5:38:52 PM] Lightsideluc: YGO's show ignored its own rules.
  64. [5:38:54 PM] Pav Feira: I am afraid that you have activated my trap card.
  65. [5:39:11 PM] Lightsideluc: That, by itself, was reason enough to play YGO.
  66. [5:39:17 PM] Lightsideluc: Always fun to do that.
  67. [5:42:36 PM] Uma: Do Skype chats dream of electric sheep when they aren't used?
  68. [5:42:45 PM] MHTH: No
  69. [5:42:46 PM] Lightsideluc: No.
  70. [5:42:50 PM] Lightsideluc: They prefer silicon rams.
  71. [5:43:00 PM] Pav Feira: lmao
  72. [5:43:13 PM] MHTH: the componets of dreams require introspection
  73. [5:43:20 PM] Lightsideluc: Or should I say RAM?
  74. [5:43:31 PM] MHTH: such ability is beyond the ability of softwre which lacks the ability to analyze the content of its enviroment
  75. [5:43:33 PM] Kurbz MLP: Technically, computers do not sleep seeing as they are not biological entities that require rest to operate.
  76. [5:43:53 PM] Lightsideluc: "Logic police! Everyone remain functional!"
  77. [5:44:00 PM] Uma: Literal as always.
  78. [5:44:21 PM] Uma: Nobody move, I've got side effects and I'm not afraid to use them.
  79. [5:44:33 PM] Lightsideluc: Ahh, but overanalyzing the joke can be just as funny too, at times.
  80. [5:44:44 PM] Pav Feira: but my start menu has a sleep option...
  81. [5:44:55 PM] Filler: But does it dream, Pav Feira?
  82. [5:45:22 PM] Pav Feira: i think technology only dreams if you text that one number before the start of the movie
  83. [5:46:01 PM] MHTH: Your state, sleep, is not a result of the state of the computer
  84. [5:46:24 PM] MHTH: very much how the state of in use does not make you be in used while being in a bathroom
  85. [5:46:37 PM] MHTH: Or perhaps there was a joke there?
  86. [5:46:37 PM] Kurbz MLP: Sleep is a lie. We are all living in a lie. We are all in a computer simulation.
  87. [5:46:51 PM] Kurbz MLP: I can show you a way out. Just follow me to the Matrix.
  88. [5:47:13 PM] Uma: Does anyone know any good riddles, logic puzzles?
  89. [5:47:23 PM] Lightsideluc: What fi I told you the first part of this sentence had a mistake?
  90. [5:47:32 PM] Gordon: :P
  91. [5:47:32 PM] Filler: It doesn't work in text, Luc
  92. [5:47:47 PM] Filler: The macro takes advantage of the fact that no one actually reads the top lines
  93. [5:47:55 PM] Lightsideluc: :(
  94. [5:47:58 PM] Filler: :3
  95. [5:48:06 PM] Lightsideluc: Okay, here's a classic.
  96. [5:48:20 PM] Lightsideluc: The following is true: the previous was a lie.
  97. [5:48:29 PM] Gordon: :O
  98. [5:49:06 PM] Kurbz MLP: There's a train barelling down a hill. It is headed towards a group of five people. They will die. However! You can divert the train on a side path, where it will kill your wife/mother/SO
  99. [5:49:11 PM] Kurbz MLP: Wat do?
  100. [5:49:15 PM] Gordon: Kill the SO
  101. [5:49:17 PM] Gordon: Utilitarianism ftw
  102. [5:49:42 PM | Edited 5:51:09 PM] Uma: I heard a good one the other day. Imagine an infinite matrix, zero indexed. Each cell of the matrix is one greater than the one below it/to the left, starting at zero. Find a constant time function to determine the value at any (x, y) point.
  103. [5:49:50 PM] Nick Taylor: Being a docuhe, I would probably let the five people die.
  104. [5:50:21 PM] Kurbz MLP: Uma, why the math?
  105. [5:50:26 PM] Gordon: BECAUSE SCIENCE
  106. [5:50:35 PM] Gordon: On 7/22/12, at 8:49 PM, Nick Taylor wrote:
  107. > Being a docuhe, I would probably let the five people die.
  108. TBH, if I were a docuhe, I probably would too
  109. [5:50:42 PM] Gordon: It's in the Docuhe Pledge.
  110. [5:50:46 PM] Uma: An example of the matrix would be 012/101/210.
  111. [5:50:58 PM] Lightsideluc: It's the Monkey Sphere acting is what it is.
  112. [5:51:12 PM] Kurbz MLP: Alright Uma, let's make this fun.
  113. [5:51:19 PM] Kurbz MLP: Make it a three dimensional matrix.
  114. [5:51:56 PM] Filler: abs(x-y)?
  115. [5:52:15 PM] Uma: Nope, Filler. Although that's the right track.
  116. [5:52:46 PM] Kurbz MLP: y=x
  117. [5:52:53 PM] Filler: Counting the top left as 0,0
  118. [5:53:49 PM] Uma: Hm, let me think. I suppose that would work.
  119. [5:54:46 PM] Kurbz MLP: :D I knew y=x could work!
  120. [5:55:12 PM] Uma: I was talking to Filler, hehe.
  121. [5:57:46 PM] Uma: The expected solution is x xor y, by the way.
  122. [5:58:05 PM] Lightsideluc: Here's an easy one.
  123. [5:58:07 PM] Filler: o_O
  124. [5:58:18 PM] Lightsideluc: You have some grain, a chicken, and a fox.
  125. [5:58:30 PM] Lightsideluc: (Chances are everyone has done this before)
  126. [5:58:49 PM] Kurbz MLP: You build a time machine. What do you do?
  127. [5:58:55 PM] Kurbz MLP: Oh, and one use only.
  128. [5:59:09 PM] *** Cameron T added renardleblanc ***
  129. [5:59:26 PM] Lightsideluc: Go back in time to kill wherever hypothetical questions originated from.
  130. [5:59:27 PM] Filler: Go back in time and tell Hitler to avoid other time travelers because he's the go-to hitman for time travelers
  131. [5:59:34 PM] Filler: go-to target*
  132. [5:59:48 PM] Filler: Renard LeBlanc? An artist, I'm guessing?
  133. [5:59:54 PM] Lightsideluc: What sort of world would it be if there were no hypothetical questions?
  134. [6:00:21 PM] renardleblanc: Hey, guys. This would be WhiteFox. You may know me as sort of a crazy person who hangs out in /art/.
  135. [6:00:28 PM] Filler: Ah, WhiteFox
  136. [6:00:34 PM] Uma: Alternatively, steal time machines from the myriad of would-be do-gooders, Filler.
  137. [6:00:37 PM] Lightsideluc: Ahh, you. I remember your name from /meta/.
  138. [6:00:40 PM] Filler: I hear you're taking requests for fic cover art? :3c
  139. [6:00:56 PM] renardleblanc: Filler: Indeed.
  140. [6:01:08 PM] Kurbz MLP: WhiteFox, how would one go about posting in /art/ regarding coverart?
  141. [6:01:19 PM] renardleblanc: My current request queue has a bit of a back log, but I can take more on as long as you don't mind a bit of a wait.
  142. [6:01:31 PM] Filler: /fic/'s used to waiting
  143. [6:01:34 PM] Uma: Well aren't you a nice one, hehe.
  144. [6:01:54 PM] Uma: Thanks for helping the agenda, Roger.
  145. [6:02:00 PM] Lightsideluc: Oh, yes, very used to waiting.
  146. [6:03:32 PM] Gordon: GASP
  147. [6:03:37 PM] Gordon: WE HAVE /art/ PEOPLE?
  148. [6:03:39 PM] Gordon: Gordon hugs
  149. [6:03:48 PM] Kurbz MLP: Don't scare him away
  150. [6:03:52 PM] Golden Vision: D:
  151. [6:03:55 PM] Golden Vision: Aww ;_;
  152. [6:03:58 PM] Golden Vision: Golden Vision was just being friendly
  153. [6:04:04 PM] renardleblanc: Eyarrrgh! My only weakness: physical contact!
  154. [6:04:07 PM] Kurbz MLP: Kurbz MLP hugs GV
  155. [6:04:16 PM] Uma: We're very sorry, normally he keeps his hands to himself.
  156. [6:04:19 PM] Kurbz MLP: Kurbz MLP hugs GV who is hugging WhiteFox
  157. [6:04:37 PM] renardleblanc: It's cool. I don't scare that easily. :3
  158. [6:04:56 PM] Nick Taylor: Nick Taylor hugs everyone.
  159. [6:05:01 PM] renardleblanc: Besides.... you might not be so keen to hug me once you know where I've been. >:3
  160. [6:05:24 PM] Golden Vision: o_O
  161. [6:05:28 PM] Pav Feira: Pav Feira is listening.
  162. [6:06:26 PM] renardleblanc: A lady doesn't ask, and a gentleman doesn't tell.
  163. [6:06:30 PM] Cameron T: Here's WhiteFox's thoughts on the storybook idea:
  164. [6:07:35 PM] Golden Vision: Hm, that's some good input, Roger
  165. [6:07:43 PM] Golden Vision: He's definitely got the right idea, I think
  166. [6:07:55 PM] renardleblanc: It took me, like, two hours to write. At 3AM.
  167. [6:07:59 PM] Golden Vision: We don't want to make this grossly imbalanced toward the writers taking a smaller workload
  168. [6:08:17 PM] Cameron T: Words words words
  169. [6:08:25 PM] Raharu Haruha: hello every pony (discord voice)
  170. [6:08:31 PM] Lightsideluc: Discord is right.
  171. [6:08:46 PM] Uma: Well, that is the reason no definitive ratio was discussed.
  172. [6:08:59 PM] renardleblanc: Greetings and salutations, Raharu.
  173. [6:09:06 PM] Golden Vision: o/
  174. [6:09:15 PM] Raharu Haruha: ^.^
  175. [6:09:41 PM] Raharu Haruha: so like 2 hours ago I asked moony if he wanted to do this... and he said no o_o
  176. [6:09:50 PM] Golden Vision: 0_0
  177. [6:09:57 PM] renardleblanc: ...Seriously? Wasn't this Moony's idea?
  178. [6:09:58 PM] Cameron T: Because
  179. [6:10:00 PM] Raharu Haruha: i mean like... he didn't want to do this tonight.
  180. [6:10:01 PM] Kurbz MLP: WhiteFox, would you happen to have some more artists on tap to bring in?
  181. [6:10:01 PM] Cameron T: we need Moony for this
  182. [6:10:10 PM] MHTH: Actually
  183. [6:10:12 PM] MHTH: we don't
  184. [6:10:18 PM] MHTH: Moony's is a liason with EqD and a mod
  185. [6:10:29 PM] Cameron T: I forgot the /sarcasm ;3
  186. [6:10:30 PM] MHTH: his position is merely to assure the plan gets support
  187. [6:10:37 PM] MHTH: in other words
  188. [6:11:11 PM] Lightsideluc: Extra.
  189. [6:11:14 PM] Lightsideluc: Unneeded.
  190. [6:11:17 PM] Kurbz MLP: No.
  191. [6:11:17 PM] Cameron T: We're capable of organising stuff on our own.
  192. [6:11:22 PM] Lightsideluc: We've done it before.
  193. [6:11:30 PM] MHTH: Additionally
  194. [6:11:33 PM] Kurbz MLP: We need Moony's support in order to get the level of intersupport we need.
  195. [6:11:33 PM] MHTH: the two heads are here
  196. [6:11:38 PM] MHTH: heh
  197. [6:11:40 PM] MHTH: actually
  198. [6:11:40 PM] Lightsideluc: No we don't.
  199. [6:11:44 PM] MHTH: you have your leaders heere
  200. [6:11:49 PM] Golden Vision: Who?
  201. [6:11:50 PM] Golden Vision: :^)
  202. [6:11:50 PM] Lightsideluc: And if you convince yourself of that, you're only devaluing your own talents.
  203. [6:11:55 PM] MHTH: this is mostly a Roger and White activity
  204. [6:12:00 PM] Golden Vision: Ah, roight
  205. [6:12:00 PM] MHTH: with Moony acting as the Liason
  206. [6:12:02 PM] Uma: Hehe...
  207. [6:12:14 PM] Golden Vision: Well, if we're only focusing on the Writeoff/Storybook, then yeah.
  208. [6:12:17 PM] Cameron T: Bear in mind I do have class in 15 minutes.
  209. [6:12:17 PM] Cameron T: Ehehe
  210. [6:12:20 PM] renardleblanc: I gotta admit, I'm not keen on EqD's involvement, and several other artists have voiced similar concerns.
  211. [6:12:28 PM] MHTH: heh
  212. [6:12:30 PM] MHTH: as I understand
  213. [6:12:34 PM] Kurbz MLP: Hm, what are the concerns?
  214. [6:12:35 PM] MHTH: they will provide publicity
  215. [6:12:38 PM] MHTH: nothing more
  216. [6:12:48 PM] Raharu Haruha: why's that ren?
  217. [6:12:51 PM] Golden Vision: What's wrong with EqD? 0_0
  218. [6:12:54 PM] renardleblanc: Not the kind of publicity I would like, and not the kind that would be good for /art/
  219. [6:13:00 PM] MHTH: I can
  220. [6:13:01 PM] MHTH: understand
  221. [6:13:21 PM] MHTH: but I presume you understand the benefits of this activity involving EqD?
  222. [6:13:23 PM] renardleblanc: One second, I've brought this up in Moony's thread in /art/, lemme dig it up...
  223. [6:13:28 PM] Moony: hello everypony! i am here for a bit
  224. [6:13:45 PM] renardleblanc: Hey, mooney.
  225. [6:13:45 PM] Moony: i can't stay terribly long, but does anypony have any questions or anything?
  226. [6:13:45 PM] Raharu Haruha: oh hi
  227. [6:14:02 PM] Moony: [9:11:41 PM] MHTH: this is mostly a Roger and White activity
  228. [9:11:47 PM] Golden Vision: Ah, roight
  229. [9:11:47 PM] MHTH: with Moony acting as the Liason
  231. Samurai, no. This is to be an endeavor for all of /fic/, not just roger and white and certainly not just me
  232. [6:14:03 PM] Cameron T: I'll probably go about making some webforms to make turnaround times on submissions quicker.
  233. [6:14:10 PM] Moony: i hope that might be clear as we proceed!
  234. [6:14:25 PM] Cameron T: But that's sort of tangential
  235. [6:14:36 PM] MHTH: Heh
  236. [6:14:40 PM] MHTH: Roger is an organizer
  237. [6:14:43 PM] Raharu Haruha: I think we still need leaders
  238. [6:14:46 PM] MHTH: he has taken that responsability multiple times
  239. [6:14:51 PM] renardleblanc: "This is mostly a Roger and White activity" Dang. How did that happen? :3
  240. [6:14:52 PM] MHTH: and he is the one I trust with such things
  241. [6:15:06 PM] MHTH: mostly because he has done it before
  242. [6:15:10 PM] MHTH: the rest of /fic/ will participate
  243. [6:15:16 PM] Kurbz MLP: We are all in on this samurai. We are all organizing and working on it. It is a community wide thing.
  244. [6:15:22 PM] MHTH: but thirty people calling the shots will be coutnerproductive
  245. [6:15:29 PM] Cameron T: Here's the mock gallery I plan to use, for those who haven't seen:
  246. [6:15:38 PM] renardleblanc: The aforementioned thread with concerns about EqD:
  247. [6:16:28 PM] Lightsideluc: EqD does not play host to the best and brightest minds.
  248. [6:16:35 PM] MHTH: I will counter Light that
  249. [6:16:36 PM] Pav Feira: agree, there's a difference between "Roger and White's activity" and "a /fic/-/art/ activity, organized by Roger and White"
  250. [6:16:49 PM] Pav Feira: call it semantics, but it's a core philosophical difference
  251. [6:16:56 PM] MHTH: Heh
  252. [6:16:59 PM] MHTH: for starters
  253. [6:17:06 PM] Cameron T: Just glad I didn't name myself Strunk
  254. [6:17:09 PM] Lightsideluc: It hosts their work, but it doesn't play host.
  255. [6:17:20 PM] MHTH: They are a varied group
  256. [6:17:27 PM] MHTH: their intelligence is not a matter for here
  257. [6:17:37 PM] MHTH: the point is organizing the endeavors
  258. [6:17:37 PM] Moony: Samurai, if you are going to start putting people in charge, I'm going to have to remove you from the organization and planning process of the contest.
  259. [6:17:41 PM] Moony: And that is just going to have to be that.
  260. [6:17:44 PM] renardleblanc: Whoa. Hold on. At this point, I'm just a consultant, aright?
  261. [6:17:53 PM] Moony: Are we clear?
  262. [6:17:57 PM] MHTH: Heh
  263. [6:17:58 PM] MHTH: Moony
  264. [6:18:00 PM] Kurbz MLP: We're all consultants.
  265. [6:18:02 PM] MHTH: I take control of nothing
  266. [6:18:04 PM] Moony: Good
  267. [6:18:07 PM] MHTH: As you can ask the board
  268. [6:18:20 PM] MHTH: The facts are there is a single /art/ member here
  269. [6:18:24 PM] Kurbz MLP: Call it, at best, an "preliminary organizational council"
  270. [6:18:25 PM] MHTH: and Rodger has done this activity before
  271. [6:18:26 PM] Moony: Samurai, are we clear?
  272. [6:18:45 PM] Cameron T: Moony, you could post in the /art/ gala thread inviting more /art/ people.
  273. [6:18:54 PM] Cameron T: So they get more representativeness in here.
  274. [6:18:58 PM] Moony: I was hoping to approach them once /fic/ had a say in the structure
  275. [6:19:04 PM] Moony: I would then bring it to them, they would add their input
  276. [6:19:09 PM] Moony: and we will get together to discuss the final result
  277. [6:19:16 PM] MHTH: Their input is kind of important at this point
  278. [6:19:17 PM] Cameron T: I don't see why not now.
  279. [6:19:19 PM] MHTH: your activity is defined
  280. [6:19:29 PM] MHTH: Their word will affect how it develops
  281. [6:19:40 PM] MHTH: saying you will leave it for later is not productive
  282. [6:19:41 PM] Moony: That is fair, you are welcome to add your input
  283. [6:19:42 PM] Lightsideluc: Frankly, there are too many people from /fic/ in here.
  284. [6:19:47 PM] Moony: you are not welcome to commandeer the project.
  285. [6:19:52 PM] Golden Vision: I'll agree and say we do need more people from /art/
  286. [6:19:52 PM] MHTH: Hahahahaha
  287. [6:19:59 PM] Cameron T: He wasn't. Chill, Moony.
  288. [6:20:00 PM] MHTH: commandeer?
  289. [6:20:09 PM] MHTH: I believe you misunderstand me more than you think
  290. [6:20:13 PM] Moony: I hope I have
  291. [6:20:19 PM] MHTH: back to the point
  292. [6:20:31 PM] MHTH: Art will participate will it not?
  293. [6:20:45 PM] MHTH: I believe it would be a waste of time for them to come later and reject what is settled here
  294. [6:21:12 PM] Golden Vision: I think that we've got what we need for /fic/'s input, insofar as the Storybook Project is concerned
  295. [6:21:17 PM] Cameron T: Just to be clear to everyone present: This is separate from the write-off, which may be including /art/ in the next iteration also.
  296. [6:21:29 PM] MHTH: Of course
  297. [6:21:30 PM | Edited 6:21:41 PM] Golden Vision: So we shouldn't really try and plan out much more than this until we have more /art/ representatives
  298. [6:21:54 PM] renardleblanc: Rog, has Moony seen that pasetbin?
  299. [6:21:58 PM] Golden Vision: So; what are the chances that we can get more /art/ people online tonight?
  300. [6:22:21 PM] Moony: Not very likely- i was hoping to use tonight to formalize and finish the coordination on the /fic/ side with regards to our thoughts on the project
  301. [6:22:24 PM] Cameron T: If he hasn't, here it is again:
  302. [6:22:26 PM] Moony: it was meant to be a short "okay, so that's that"
  303. [6:22:34 PM] Golden Vision: Oh, okay then.
  304. [6:22:35 PM] Moony: i would then move on to /art/ and bring them in perhaps this week
  305. [6:22:43 PM] Raharu Haruha: Moony, does that mean you're saying for the discussion :P?
  306. [6:22:52 PM] MHTH: Then it is done
  307. [6:23:18 PM] Moony: The pastebin is excellent!
  308. [6:23:20 PM] Cameron T: Moony, I'd like to ask you stress the separation of this from the write-off when approaching /art/ people, just to avoid any possible confusion.
  309. [6:23:23 PM] Moony: i feel we should leave the choice of which up to the writer then
  310. [6:23:33 PM] Moony: Absolutely, Roger. I will inform the thread at once.
  311. [6:23:43 PM] Moony: Let me know when the write-off happens too; i don't mean to step on any hooves.
  312. [6:23:54 PM] Moony: I'd love to give your write-off some attention using the resources I have available.
  313. [6:23:57 PM] renardleblanc: I've got princebluelolz skype, but he's not on right now. SpiritShine is online, I can ask.
  314. [6:24:02 PM] Moony: If you want, of course
  315. [6:24:16 PM] MHTH: For starters
  316. [6:24:22 PM] MHTH: you could make it return to having its own posts
  317. [6:24:39 PM] Moony: I am not certain I follow, but when the time comes, we will discuss that
  318. [6:24:47 PM] Moony: Or, if you want, you can tell me in private what you mean
  319. [6:24:52 PM] Moony: For now, let us stay on topic
  320. [6:25:02 PM] MHTH: The write-off has been moved to a small section in the nightly recollections
  321. [6:25:08 PM] Lightsideluc: Isn't the topic settled for now?
  322. [6:25:09 PM] MHTH: while before it acquire its own post
  323. [6:25:13 PM] Moony: You mean for EQDaily?
  324. [6:25:14 PM] Raharu Haruha: Wow. /art/ seems really against this idea.
  325. [6:25:14 PM] Cameron T: Anyway, I oughtta be off. I might drop back in if possible.
  326. [6:25:35 PM] *** Filler has changed the conversation topic to "EqD /art/-/fic/ Collab Discussion" ***
  327. [6:25:37 PM] MHTH: That is mostly where EqD can come in for the Write-off
  328. [6:25:49 PM] Pav Feira: find me some person/group who doesn't want their own EQD post
  329. [6:25:54 PM] Cassius: I ensure the write-off gets its own post by going through midnightshadow.
  330. [6:25:54 PM] Moony: /art/ had one poster against it
  331. [6:26:07 PM] MHTH: Good thing to know Cassius
  332. [6:26:12 PM] MHTH: connections are always good
  333. [6:26:32 PM] MHTH: As for /art/
  334. [6:26:39 PM] Raharu Haruha: quote: "Please. please, please, please, can we not draw attention through EqD? I am so very honestly begging here.
  336. Community growth takes time. As new people come in, they have to be introduced to the existing etiquette and traditions, which they pick up from the regulars. Forming relationships with other locals, building bonds of friendship, takes time. "
  337. [6:26:46 PM] renardleblanc: Pav: I've had my work on EqD. It was a waste of time, and pretty well fruitless.
  338. [6:27:05 PM] Raharu Haruha: Why was it fruitless?
  339. [6:27:13 PM] Cassius: Drawfriend aren't exactly good artist promotion.
  340. [6:27:25 PM] Lightsideluc: peopl;e just browse the pics.
  341. [6:27:33 PM] Lightsideluc: I, myself, maybe click one or two, tops.
  342. [6:27:36 PM] Kurbz MLP: This is the difference between drawing-art and writing. For us, it is much better and more important.
  343. [6:27:37 PM] Golden Vision: Yeah; I've never gone through a pic to the dA page or anything
  344. [6:27:41 PM] Golden Vision: I just look at 'em
  345. [6:27:41 PM] Lightsideluc: I try to use the sources, at least/.
  346. [6:27:46 PM] MHTH: In fact
  347. [6:28:09 PM] Raharu Haruha: Hmp. Interesting.
  348. [6:28:09 PM] MHTH: this activity is meant to encourage people to join into both boards, correct moony?
  349. [6:28:39 PM] Pav Feira: yeah that's the thing, i was putting together an agenda (before the improptu early start)
  350. [6:28:58 PM] Pav Feira: we basically had two projects on the table: storybooks and write-offs
  351. [6:29:16 PM] MHTH: Actually, Pav, they are different
  352. [6:29:17 PM] Moony: That is correct, Samurai. It is to help build both communities in a positive way.
  353. [6:29:21 PM] MHTH: the frist one is a collaboration
  354. [6:29:21 PM] Pav Feira: Moony's thread had originally been made in the idea of increasing EQD-/fic/ relations
  355. [6:29:22 PM] Moony:
  356. [6:29:26 PM] Moony: I might put up a poll on each board for a while
  357. [6:29:37 PM] Pav Feira: but it's not clear to me if that's actually desired
  358. [6:29:38 PM] MHTH: it is meant to make people interact across places
  359. [6:29:39 PM] renardleblanc: The problem is, EqD has possibly tens of thousands of viewers. If we got the attention of that kind of group, /art/ would be flooded with newbies and morons. That is not the kind of /art/ community I would want to be in.
  360. [6:29:43 PM] Pav Feira: seems not to be, by some
  361. [6:29:51 PM] MHTH: I said as much White
  362. [6:29:54 PM] MHTH: but
  363. [6:29:55 PM] MHTH: but
  364. [6:29:57 PM] Lightsideluc: same with /fic/.
  365. [6:29:58 PM] MHTH: it can be controlled
  366. [6:30:04 PM] Moony: That is an assumption- we will bring in many talented artists as well
  367. [6:30:04 PM] MHTH: and can be used for the benefit of all involved
  368. [6:30:05 PM] MHTH: but
  369. [6:30:06 PM] MHTH: for that
  370. [6:30:09 PM] MHTH: we need everyone involved
  371. [6:30:12 PM] Moony: and they will have to post in accordance with our rules
  372. [6:30:14 PM] Filler: WhiteFox, I think your worries are mostly unfounded. EqD keeps telling writers to come to /fic/ to get their writing reviewed, and maybe 1/5 actually do it
  373. [6:30:15 PM] renardleblanc: Wow. I'd hate to be the mods when that crowd shows up.
  374. [6:30:22 PM] Lightsideluc: We've had good writers in /fic/, Moony.
  375. [6:30:29 PM] Lightsideluc: They didn't bother reading the sticky, either.
  376. [6:30:31 PM] Pav Feira: [6:30 PM] Filler:
  378. <<< WhiteFox, I think your worries are mostly unfounded. EqD keeps telling writers to come to /fic/ to get their writing reviewed, and maybe 1/5 actually do itthis
  379. [6:30:31 PM] MHTH: Actually, filler
  380. [6:30:32 PM] MHTH: it is less
  381. [6:30:43 PM] MHTH: as for the bringing of new artist
  382. [6:30:49 PM] MHTH: it is a possibility that cannot be denie
  383. [6:30:59 PM] Pav Feira: and then of those that come to /fic/, how many stay?
  384. [6:31:05 PM] MHTH: heh
  385. [6:31:07 PM] Golden Vision: Very few
  386. [6:31:08 PM] MHTH: well
  387. [6:31:11 PM] MHTH: if I were to say
  388. [6:31:16 PM] Pav Feira: most either use the services and leave, or are like "y'all are jerks!"
  389. [6:31:19 PM] MHTH: I have done 120 reviews officially as the samurai
  390. [6:31:24 PM] Pav Feira: most that actually stay, IMHO, are good folk
  391. [6:31:26 PM] MHTH: much more as an anonymous person
  392. [6:31:35 PM] Golden Vision: I've done...140 total, I think.
  393. [6:31:37 PM] MHTH: of those
  394. [6:31:37 PM] Golden Vision: Give or take
  395. [6:31:48 PM] MHTH: only thirteen have stayed in any real way
  396. [6:31:56 PM] MHTH: the others?
  397. [6:31:56 PM] Golden Vision: Maybe 10-20 have bothered resubmitting
  398. [6:32:02 PM] MHTH: driven away by the culture
  399. [6:32:02 PM] Golden Vision: About 5-10 ended up on EqD
  400. [6:32:09 PM] Pav Feira: right
  401. [6:32:20 PM] Golden Vision: Most just take the first review and run with it, assuming that everything's fixed (AFAIK)
  402. [6:32:26 PM] MHTH: Indeed
  403. [6:32:30 PM] MHTH: that is a bad perception
  404. [6:32:32 PM] Kurbz MLP: I thought we were here to discuss the bloody collaboration, not our communities.
  405. [6:32:32 PM] Pav Feira: so i think the worry that "/art/ or /fic/ will get flooded with noobs and change the culture" is unlikely
  406. [6:32:34 PM] MHTH: but that is a /fic/ reviewer issue
  407. [6:32:38 PM] Golden Vision: I'm not sure what we're discussing, but that's my $0.02
  408. [6:32:42 PM] Golden Vision: On whatever
  409. [6:32:45 PM] Pav Feira: since so few stick around
  410. [6:32:52 PM] Golden Vision: Agreed
  411. [6:32:56 PM] MHTH: In general
  412. [6:33:01 PM] MHTH: the issue is the amount of users
  413. [6:33:05 PM] MHTH: and the intented purpose
  414. [6:33:08 PM] MHTH: as I said before
  415. [6:33:12 PM] MHTH: expectation plays a role
  416. [6:33:16 PM] Golden Vision: And am I the only one here who has not taken the (in my mind, elitist) view that "Ponychan must be kept safe from the marauding brony horde"?
  417. [6:33:18 PM] renardleblanc: As for EqD's involvement, I'm not sold on it. As for a /fic/-/art/ collab... I am loving that idea.
  418. [6:33:21 PM] MHTH: people expect something from /fic/ which isn't there
  419. [6:33:27 PM] Golden Vision: I honestly don't give two shits who comes to /fic/ or what they want
  420. [6:33:35 PM] Pav Feira: @Kurbz but every time we bring up the collabs, someone gripes that they'll cripple the community
  421. [6:33:36 PM] Raharu Haruha: I don't take that view GV
  422. [6:33:37 PM] Raharu Haruha: ^^
  423. [6:33:45 PM] Golden Vision: I putz around doing my own thing, and that's good enough for me
  424. [6:33:48 PM] Pav Feira: so i think that point needs to get resolved first
  425. [6:33:52 PM] Filler: I do hope we can all agree that regardless of planned EqD involvement or lack thereof, this /fic/-/art/ thing is going to happen
  426. [6:33:57 PM] Golden Vision: Definitely
  427. [6:34:00 PM] MHTH: I believe that to be a good point
  428. [6:34:01 PM] Golden Vision: But seriously
  429. [6:34:03 PM] Golden Vision: EqD is a showcase
  430. [6:34:08 PM] Kurbz MLP: How about this: we discuss the viability of bringing EqD in on this
  431. [6:34:11 PM] Golden Vision: If we don't use EqD, we get maybe 50 people to look at it, tops
  432. [6:34:16 PM] Golden Vision: If we use EqD, that might top 1k
  433. [6:34:18 PM] Kurbz MLP: Because you know, that actually matters.
  434. [6:34:22 PM] Golden Vision: Maybe I'm an attention whore, but...
  435. [6:34:26 PM] MHTH: Heh
  436. [6:34:28 PM] MHTH: nothing wrong with that
  437. [6:34:33 PM] MHTH: Everyone wants attention
  438. [6:34:35 PM] Moony: [6:33 PM] Golden Vision:
  440. <<< And am I the only one here who has not taken the (in my mind, elitist) view that "Ponychan must be kept safe from the marauding brony horde"?i am not either, but then again, i know /fic/ the least well of anypony here, i'd imagine
  441. [6:34:36 PM] MHTH: well
  442. [6:34:39 PM] MHTH: a good deal
  443. [6:34:50 PM] MHTH: perhaps not everyone
  444. [6:34:56 PM] MHTH: but that goes beyond the point here
  445. [6:35:11 PM] renardleblanc: Before we can get something published on EqD, it has to be produced. Can we talk about the actual collab?
  446. [6:35:17 PM] Filler: Agreed
  447. [6:35:25 PM] Lightsideluc: How will the wheedling of the entries take place?
  448. [6:35:41 PM] Filler: I think you're a bit too far ahead, Luc
  449. [6:35:46 PM] Raharu Haruha: Well... is anyone not here?
  450. [6:35:50 PM] Golden Vision: Golden Vision raises hand
  451. [6:35:50 PM] Lightsideluc: Sending them off to EqD with another hundred-thousand words will be sure to dissuade the more casual readers.
  452. [6:36:12 PM] Raharu Haruha: GV is not here.
  453. [6:36:13 PM] Golden Vision: :P
  454. [6:36:19 PM] Golden Vision: I love that question
  455. [6:36:30 PM] Moony: i cannot stay for much longer, sadly :c
  456. [6:36:32 PM] Golden Vision: Golden Vision is actually here :O
  457. [6:36:37 PM] Golden Vision: BET YOU WEREN'T EXPECTING THAT
  458. [6:36:41 PM] MHTH: If I may interrupt
  459. [6:36:44 PM] Filler: GV, keep the chat on rails
  460. [6:36:50 PM] Golden Vision: Sorry; my bad
  461. [6:36:53 PM] MHTH: The white has brought an interesting point about this project
  462. [6:36:57 PM] MHTH: /art/ seems unwilling
  463. [6:37:07 PM] MHTH: due to a possible influx of people
  464. [6:37:15 PM] MHTH: and their inability to use the place correctly
  465. [6:37:17 PM] MHTH: is that so?
  466. [6:37:37 PM] Golden Vision: I'm not sure we have enough of a sample size to label all of /art/ like that, though it is possible
  467. [6:37:40 PM] Filler: If necessary, we can just keep names out of it
  468. [6:37:51 PM | Edited 6:37:59 PM] Golden Vision: What, as in, not have PChan involved?
  469. [6:37:53 PM] Golden Vision: Possibly
  470. [6:37:57 PM] renardleblanc: As far as publishing it on EqD is concerned? A -few- people have voiced deep concerns. As far as the collab itself? I imagine a lot of people would be interested in participating.
  471. [6:38:00 PM] Kurbz MLP: /art/ only seems hesitant about the promotion on EqD
  472. [6:38:04 PM] MHTH: Indeed
  473. [6:38:14 PM] MHTH: but this whole procedure seems to be about EqD involvement
  474. [6:38:19 PM] Golden Vision: Well, as much as I hate saying this
  475. [6:38:38 PM] Golden Vision: White already brought up how useless EqD spotlighting is for artists
  476. [6:38:47 PM] Golden Vision: If anything, a storybook format, sans link, will draw in even less traffic
  477. [6:38:50 PM] MHTH: Why is that however?
  478. [6:39:03 PM] Golden Vision: Because everyone just skims through the Drawfriends
  479. [6:39:06 PM] Raharu Haruha: Wait... I'm so confused. /art/ wants people, but they don't want a lot of people all at once, right? It shouldn't matter if it's people from EQD or youtube or tumblr...
  480. [6:39:06 PM] Kurbz MLP: Hey, I have an idea.
  481. [6:39:07 PM] Golden Vision: I myself am guilty of this
  482. [6:39:14 PM] Kurbz MLP: And It's amazingly decent.
  483. [6:39:16 PM] Golden Vision: :O
  484. [6:39:19 PM] Golden Vision: Shoot, Kurbz
  485. [6:39:31 PM] *** Filler has changed the conversation topic to "/art/-/fic/ Collab Discussion" ***
  486. [6:40:16 PM] renardleblanc: I would be more concerned with keeping the people that do show up. /art/ leaks artists all the time, mostly because they don't seem to get much activity in their threads. This collab sounds like a great way for artists to get invovled with ponychan, and give them a reason to stick around.
  487. [6:41:11 PM] Pav Feira: also, weren't we all scared that having more events on /fic/ would ruin it's reviewer community? and we don't want it on EQD either, apparantly. so the only safe place left, is to host the event on /art/?
  488. [6:42:10 PM] Kurbz MLP: Why don't we publish them originally through FiMFiction, since they -are- stories, or we publish on EqD inside a Google Document, since both formats allow pictures in them. We do it as a contained thing. We have them posted as what they are. Like, the by-line would be Written by Derp Illustrated by Herp. And we publish those under a post on EqD post about them. It gets the collab done, and doesn't link anything directly back to /art/. It gets us what we want, and doesn't threaten the influx of dipshits. To the idiots, it'd look like some artists and writers teamed up.
  489. [6:42:13 PM] Golden Vision: Hosting it on /art/ would be basically a circlejerk
  490. [6:42:18 PM] renardleblanc: (Has anyone not read that pastebin that Rog posted? The ones with my thoughts on the subject?)
  491. [6:42:20 PM] Golden Vision: Er, whatever the correct term is
  492. [6:42:33 PM] MHTH: I was to ask the same question
  493. [6:42:35 PM] Kurbz MLP: I did White.
  494. [6:42:42 PM] Golden Vision: I read the pastebin
  495. [6:42:42 PM] MHTH: as for the activities within /fic/
  496. [6:42:53 PM] Kurbz MLP: Illustrated novels would be best for all involved
  497. [6:42:54 PM] Golden Vision: On 7/22/12, at 9:42 PM, Kurbz MLP wrote:
  498. > Why don't we publish them originally through FiMFiction, since they -are- stories, or we publish on EqD inside a Google Document, since both formats allow pictures in them. We do it as a contained thing. We have them posted as what they are. Like, the by-line would be Written by Derp Illustrated by Herp. And we publish those under a post on EqD post about them. It gets the collab done, and doesn't link anything directly back to /art/. It gets us what we want, and doesn't threaten the influx of dipshits. To the idiots, it'd look like some artists and writers teamed up.
  499. I had assumed that this is what we were doing.
  500. [6:42:57 PM] MHTH: there were specific lines about making /fic/ replace EqD for discussion of fiction
  501. [6:43:20 PM] MHTH: that doesn't work for reasons we should all be aware
  502. [6:43:30 PM] MHTH: and quite a lot else fo what was spoken in that line as well
  503. [6:43:32 PM] Golden Vision: Again, it depends on how you define "discussion."
  504. [6:43:35 PM] Golden Vision: But whatever
  505. [6:43:42 PM] MHTH: activities on the other hand are not an issue
  506. [6:43:52 PM] MHTH: I personally supported activities before
  507. [6:44:17 PM] Raharu Haruha: back
  508. [6:44:21 PM] MHTH: but a repeat of the Sins Months is hardly a good thing
  509. [6:44:21 PM] Kurbz MLP: Yes, that was a line of discussion at some point or another. But this is a discussion about the illustrated novel collaboration. That's why WhiteFox showed up.
  510. [6:44:34 PM] MHTH: as for the collaboration
  511. [6:44:55 PM] MHTH: What did you had in mind for the presentation of this, Moony?
  512. [6:45:05 PM] Filler: I think Moony left
  513. [6:45:09 PM] Raharu Haruha: hehe
  514. [6:45:13 PM] MHTH: Very well
  515. [6:45:24 PM] Raharu Haruha: Did you guys read my proposal?
  516. [6:45:25 PM] MHTH: A brief recap of the activity might be needed at this point
  517. [6:45:27 PM] Moony: sorry, i am still here
  518. [6:45:34 PM] MHTH: in that case
  519. [6:46:23 PM] Moony: i had imagined the collaboration woudl take place largely off site. Storyboard artists could share their artwork in /art/ and there could be threads in /fic/ for the building of stories. Artists and writers would pop in and out of each. Final products would be on google docs
  520. [6:46:40 PM] MHTH: And EqD?
  521. [6:47:05 PM] Kurbz MLP: Filler, would these go through prereaders given the format, or would be bypass y'all?
  522. [6:47:23 PM] MHTH: that, I presume, will have to be answered by sethisto
  523. [6:47:27 PM] Golden Vision: Why is EqD even a thing? Forgive me, but IMO, if you have something, and you want an audience, you put it on EqD. Period. Should you not want that audience to trace you, then you ask them not to post the source.
  524. [6:47:40 PM] MHTH: Because there is rejections to it by /art/
  525. [6:47:42 PM] renardleblanc: EqD is a publisher, not a community.
  526. [6:47:42 PM] Filler: If it's submitted as a fic, it's received as a fic
  527. [6:47:47 PM] MHTH: if you desire to discount their opinion
  528. [6:47:49 PM] MHTH: feel free
  529. [6:47:54 PM] Golden Vision: On 7/22/12, at 9:47 PM, MHTH wrote:
  530. > Because there is rejections to it by /art/
  531. This is basically a challenge to that opinion.
  532. [6:48:02 PM] Raharu Haruha: Where's Pav? Isn't he supposed to be organizing this meeting?
  533. [6:48:09 PM] Raharu Haruha: Wait, there he is.
  534. [6:48:13 PM] Golden Vision: I honestly don't understand how someone could NOT want publicity for something like this.
  535. [6:48:18 PM] Raharu Haruha: Pav, get your rules of order in order.
  536. [6:48:19 PM] Pav Feira: that was before it started 45 min early >(
  537. [6:48:22 PM] Golden Vision: If you don't get a good audience, then why bother?
  538. [6:48:29 PM] MHTH: Heh
  539. [6:48:36 PM] MHTH: A good audience under whose definition?
  540. [6:48:41 PM] MHTH: and the point is irrevelant
  541. [6:48:44 PM] Pav Feira: I thought the objections were due to investing the /art/ community, and in not being properly cited for their work
  542. [6:48:46 PM] Lightsideluc: Quantity does not equal quality.
  543. [6:48:49 PM] Golden Vision: I write because I like writing, but if I couldn't have people reading it, then I wouldn't bother.
  544. [6:49:00 PM] MHTH: If their rejection exists then it must be dealt wih
  545. [6:49:01 PM] Lightsideluc: Then you're not writing for yourself,.
  546. [6:49:07 PM] Pav Feira: the collab as currently defined, does not reference /art/ by name, and cites all artists
  547. [6:49:10 PM] Lightsideluc: Which is numero uno.
  548. [6:49:11 PM] Golden Vision: I would much rather have my 210 comments than the thoughts of five friends.
  549. [6:49:27 PM] renardleblanc: GV, popularity isn't everything. In fact, it can be bloody annoying. Artists go through an entirely different experience than writers.
  550. [6:49:28 PM] Pav Feira: their objections might (emphasis on might) no longer apply
  551. [6:49:29 PM] MHTH: I appreciate your views Golden
  552. [6:49:34 PM] Lightsideluc: Then you're in the wrong community. FimFiction is thataway.
  553. [6:49:37 PM] MHTH: But you are missing the point
  554. [6:49:44 PM] Golden Vision: Erm. Where did I say I didn't want quality?
  555. [6:49:48 PM] MHTH: this depends on /art/ participating
  556. [6:49:58 PM] renardleblanc: EqD has very poor quality readers.
  557. [6:50:02 PM] Filler: Luc, protip: Choosing one over the other is not a good position to be in regardless
  558. [6:50:03 PM] Lightsideluc: You were implying that quantity was the equivalent of quality.
  559. [6:50:05 PM] Golden Vision: Your point being?
  560. [6:50:06 PM] Golden Vision: No
  561. [6:50:16 PM] Golden Vision: If I did not have quality, then I would not attempt to gain quality
  562. [6:50:25 PM] Kurbz MLP: I love how we discuss so many things at once we can't keep them straight.
  563. [6:50:30 PM] Golden Vision: But if you have quality, but no quantity, then IMO, it is worthless, because only one human will experience it.
  564. [6:50:30 PM] Uma: Ahem.
  565. [6:50:31 PM] Pav Feira: i guess that's another option: not host the event on EQD, individual groups could publish on EQD after the event if they so choose
  566. [6:50:43 PM | Edited 6:50:55 PM] Lightsideluc: Pav makes the case right there, folks.
  567. [6:50:52 PM] Uma: Could we have a nice listing of the questions at hand?
  568. [6:50:53 PM] Kurbz MLP: GV, you are completely ignoring the fact that being an artist is a completely different thing than being a writer.
  569. [6:51:13 PM] renardleblanc: i guess that's another option: not host the event on EQD, individual groups could publish on EQD after the event if they so choose
  570. [6:51:14 PM] Uma: Because I have this suspicion that they aren't being answered, whatever they are.
  571. [6:51:17 PM] renardleblanc: This. Yes
  572. [6:51:21 PM] MHTH: And ignoring the feelings of a board you need this for this to work.
  573. [6:51:30 PM] MHTH: And Uma is correct
  574. [6:51:39 PM] MHTH: I
  575. [6:51:48 PM] MHTH: may request everyone stops for a moment?
  576. [6:51:54 PM] MHTH: I have no authority to do so
  577. [6:52:05 PM] Golden Vision: Golden Vision stops (No, that's a good idea. Rerailing is good)
  578. [6:52:05 PM] MHTH: but I believe Pav had a list of the questions
  579. [6:52:07 PM] renardleblanc: Look. Most of the artists who are on /art/ are looking for feedback. Critique. Advice. Very few of them are there for a mass audience.
  580. [6:52:09 PM] Raharu Haruha: Guys, I have a compromise. EQD is a place that we can use to both showcase talent, and a place that we can use to gain participants. Since the concern is that the communities will grow too quickly, we should only use EQD to showcase talent. We should not ask them to tell everyone that a contest is going on. That way only the truly interested will seek out the competitions, and we can assume they're the better talent.
  581. [6:53:28 PM] Pav Feira: partial list, but
  582. [6:53:40 PM] Pav Feira: 1) do we advertise for participants on EQD?
  583. [6:53:59 PM] Pav Feira: 2) do we promote the contest (voting, results) on EQD?
  584. [6:54:46 PM] Pav Feira: 3) is this even good in a contest format? are we worried about attracting undue focus on /art/ and /fic/ communities? should this just be a small collab project that a few people do off on the side?
  585. [6:54:56 PM] *** Kurbz MLP added Jmozziel LunarShadow ***
  586. [6:55:00 PM | Edited 6:55:16 PM] Uma: Lovely. Oh, still more?
  587. [6:55:07 PM] Golden Vision: Golden Vision waves to LS
  588. [6:55:17 PM] Pav Feira: i think there's other questions, but they're less on topic to this
  589. [6:55:22 PM] lunarshadow_pi: Hello
  590. [6:55:23 PM] Kurbz MLP: For Lunar: [8:53:27 PM] Pav Feira: partial list, but
  591. [8:53:40 PM] Pav Feira: 1) do we advertise for participants on EQD?
  592. [8:54:00 PM] Pav Feira: 2) do we promote the contest (voting, results) on EQD?
  593. [8:54:46 PM] Pav Feira: 3) is this even good in a contest format? are we worried about attracting undue focus on /art/ and /fic/ communities? should this just be a small collab project that a few people do off on the side?
  594. [6:55:35 PM] Lightsideluc: We can advertise on a FiM art group on DA.
  595. [6:55:40 PM] Lightsideluc: If we need more artists.
  596. [6:55:51 PM] *** Uma has changed the conversation topic to "Is this even good in a contest format? are we worried about attracting undue focus on /art/ and /fic/ communities? Should this just be a small collab project that a few people do off on the side?" ***
  597. [6:56:04 PM] Uma: This is the more fundamental question, don't you think?
  598. [6:56:05 PM] Bleeding Rain: we doing this yet?
  599. [6:56:29 PM] Golden Vision: I vote that it be done simply as a collab, not a competition, with only a content filter for quality.
  600. [6:56:37 PM] Kurbz MLP: At this point, the contest aspect has all but disappeared.
  601. [6:56:40 PM] Raharu Haruha: guys I think we need to let pav lead this, otherwise we wont get anything done.
  602. [6:56:50 PM] Pav Feira: arguably, the core question is "should we even associate with the ruffians at EQD?" but every time I move off the storybook, Kurbs yells at me ;(
  603. [6:57:12 PM] Pav Feira: well and that's the point I think
  604. [6:57:14 PM] Uma: Well, there are certain questions that we have a hard time answering.
  605. [6:57:34 PM] Pav Feira: not everyone is on board with all aspects (involving EQD, contest, random partner matching, etc)
  606. [6:57:35 PM] Kurbz MLP: I don't mind discussion, but don't go too far off track
  607. [6:57:48 PM] Pav Feira: the more we're compromising, the less of a "thing" there is left to discuss
  608. [6:57:49 PM] MHTH: As I see it, the issue is actually this: are we to use EqD as solely an advertisement base or are we trying bring them here to become part of the boards?
  609. [6:57:50 PM | Edited 6:58:06 PM] Uma: I think that if we have a strong foundation, we can assess how we feel about the other, more difficult questions.
  610. [6:58:14 PM] Golden Vision: I say that EqD should be used as an advertisement base, nothing more.
  611. [6:58:15 PM] MHTH: And to what extend does that go?
  612. [6:58:20 PM] Golden Vision: For now, at least.
  613. [6:58:23 PM] Moony: i hate to do this, but i really must be going. the work is piling up :c
  614. [6:58:31 PM] Golden Vision: Bye Moony! ^3^/)
  615. [6:58:31 PM] Moony: could somepony keep track of this for me and let me know what comes of it?
  616. [6:58:33 PM] Moony: c:
  617. [6:58:35 PM] Golden Vision: Sure :)
  618. [6:58:35 PM] Filler: Good day, Moony
  619. [6:58:36 PM] Pav Feira: later moony, will do
  620. [6:58:37 PM] Moony: bye golden vision!
  621. [6:58:39 PM] Raharu Haruha: bye moony
  622. [6:58:43 PM] MHTH: this conversation should save itself on your skype account
  623. [6:58:44 PM] Golden Vision: We HAVE been, Rain :P
  624. [6:58:45 PM] Moony: (\ ^^
  625. [6:58:53 PM] Moony: do take care, my dear ponies
  626. [6:58:56 PM] Raharu Haruha: Guys, let's just have a vote already.
  627. [6:59:16 PM] MHTH: We have nothing to vote on
  628. [6:59:17 PM] Uma: Hm, but a vote is different than a reasoned debate.
  629. [6:59:33 PM] MHTH: both options are currently not well defined in any case
  630. [6:59:33 PM] Lightsideluc: Vote accomplishes nothing.
  631. [6:59:38 PM] Raharu Haruha: I don't think we're going to get a reasoned debate.
  632. [6:59:39 PM] Pav Feira: raise topic > discuss > vote
  633. [6:59:51 PM] Lightsideluc: Done poorly, it could only make matter worse as we toss "well, this many people wanted X" at eash other.
  634. [6:59:52 PM] Filler: I think we're rushing here. How about instead of responding to one another like we are now, we voice our opinions in a moderated fashion?
  635. [6:59:57 PM] Raharu Haruha: Well then we need to raise one topic at a time =x
  636. [6:59:59 PM] Uma: One resolves issues in accordance to popular desires. The latter seeks to resolve issues by pooling resources.
  637. [7:00:04 PM] MHTH: Indeed
  638. [7:00:05 PM] Pav Feira: Filler I <3 u
  639. [7:00:06 PM] MHTH: so
  640. [7:00:18 PM] MHTH: what order is each to post it?
  641. [7:00:51 PM] Filler: Are we agreeing that the two topics to talk about are EqD involvement and the one Uma set as topic?
  642. [7:01:00 PM] Golden Vision: Uh, sure
  643. [7:01:04 PM] MHTH: EqD involve seems to be the issue at hand
  644. [7:01:15 PM] Uma: Persionally, I suggest the topic question should go first, if only because it is easier to resolve.
  645. [7:01:16 PM] Pav Feira: i suggest Uma's
  646. [7:01:34 PM] Pav Feira: because EQD is somewhat dependent on the result of Uma's
  647. [7:01:45 PM] Raharu Haruha: Yes. I think EQD involvement is the issue at hand.
  648. [7:01:49 PM] MHTH: in that case
  649. [7:01:51 PM] MHTH: begin
  650. [7:01:54 PM] MHTH: mind who is writing
  651. [7:02:03 PM] MHTH: and wait for him to finish, I say
  652. [7:02:09 PM] Raharu Haruha: Well hold on, let's organize this as a for and against debate.
  653. [7:02:29 PM] Raharu Haruha: So we should take turns, and those proposing the idea should go first.
  654. [7:02:33 PM] Raharu Haruha: Then those agaisnt should retort
  655. [7:03:06 PM] Filler: Too many people; I was thinking of having a speaking queue. On top of that, there's no real "for" and "against" in something like "to what extent should EqD involvement be" that's more spectrum than black and white
  656. [7:03:10 PM] Lightsideluc: That'd just foster an us vs. them mentality.
  657. [7:03:30 PM | Edited 7:03:51 PM] Uma: Hm, I object to that format of for and against, because it reduces creative thinking.
  658. [7:03:30 PM] Pav Feira: some balance is good
  659. [7:03:33 PM] Raharu Haruha: hm... true.
  660. [7:03:41 PM] Pav Feira: if 15 ppl in queue "For", there's no need to continue discussion
  661. [7:03:47 PM] Pav Feira: so
  662. [7:04:01 PM] Pav Feira: someone for EQD involvement want to start?
  663. [7:04:10 PM] Raharu Haruha: I think that's too general
  664. [7:04:11 PM] Filler: Anyone opposed to a queue?
  665. [7:04:24 PM] Raharu Haruha: I like this idea.
  666. [7:04:49 PM] Raharu Haruha: However, I think we should just do a queue, and anyone with an idea should be able to speak.
  667. [7:05:06 PM] Filler: That's kind of what this is
  668. [7:05:07 PM] Raharu Haruha: Then we can vote with who we agree with.
  669. [7:05:11 PM] Golden Vision: I'm cool with a queue
  670. [7:05:15 PM] Golden Vision: Put me whenever
  671. [7:05:18 PM] Raharu Haruha: Right, but it's not a clear cut question.
  672. [7:05:53 PM] Pav Feira: EQD can be involved in a few facets
  673. [7:06:05 PM] Pav Feira: recruitment, and promotion
  674. [7:06:14 PM] Kurbz MLP: Recruitment isn't an issue.
  675. [7:06:24 PM] Kurbz MLP: We have artists from /art/ and writers from /fic/
  676. [7:06:28 PM] MHTH: I saw wait between points good sirs
  677. [7:06:30 PM] Raharu Haruha: I think it is. let's leave that up to debate.
  678. [7:06:39 PM] MHTH: As in
  679. [7:06:45 PM] MHTH: Everyone express all their thoughts upon the subject
  680. [7:06:56 PM] MHTH: waiting for the next person to finish
  681. [7:06:58 PM] MHTH: for example
  682. [7:07:11 PM] MHTH: Filler, will you care to being and express your opinions over the matter
  683. [7:07:34 PM] Filler: I have no strong feelings one way or another
  684. [7:07:45 PM] MHTH: In that case, Golden
  685. [7:08:32 PM] Bleeding Rain: whoohoo! finally found a spot in this damn place that had decent connection, I shouldn't be in and out this time
  686. [7:08:40 PM] *** Filler has changed the conversation topic to "EqD Involvement? | Speakers List." ***
  687. [7:08:45 PM] Raharu Haruha: yay
  688. [7:09:03 PM] Filler: After GV talks, I hope we can agree to let Uma speak
  689. [7:09:10 PM] Pav Feira: (per queue)
  690. [7:11:23 PM] Golden Vision: For Lunar: [8:53:27 PM] Pav Feira: partial list, but
  691. [8:53:40 PM] Pav Feira: 1) do we advertise for participants on EQD?
  692. I say no. We have participants (/fic/ and /art/), and if we need more artists (We have no shortage of writers), then we can just have them talk to their friends on dA or whatever.
  694. [8:54:00 PM] Pav Feira: 2) do we promote the contest (voting, results) on EQD?
  695. Well, considering it likely won't be a contest, then absolutely. I'm not saying we need to advertise that /art/ was involved (if enough /art/ists are antsy about it, then we can just say that /fic/ had a hand in it, or not mention PChan at all), but I am of the opinion that we really should do our best to popularize this through the correct channels.
  697. [8:54:46 PM] Pav Feira: 3) is this even good in a contest format? are we worried about attracting undue focus on /art/ and /fic/ communities? should this just be a small collab project that a few people do off on the side?
  698. See above, I guess. It's a collab project that, IMO, should at most be screened for quality. Think of it as something like that thing EqD just had with drawing that S3 evil guy mugshot as a full pony, but with less shitty entries and more words.
  699. [7:11:35 PM] Golden Vision: Annnd I'm done.
  700. [7:11:57 PM] Filler: Uma?
  701. [7:12:01 PM] Uma: Thank you.
  702. [7:12:38 PM] Uma: Well, to start, I'd like to draw attention to the fact that the issue of EqD involvement is very much tempered by the mode of interaction.
  703. [7:12:41 PM | Edited 7:15:29 PM] Raharu Haruha: -.^ back
  704. [7:13:09 PM] Pav Feira: (for ease, please state when you yield the floor so we know when you're finished)
  705. [7:14:09 PM] Uma: For instance, finished products displayed on EqD, with little to no mention of /fic/ or /art/ would render most fears moot, although it would also mean that one of the intended purposes of the collab would also cease to be meaningful.
  706. [7:14:14 PM] Uma: Of course, Pav.
  707. [7:15:32 PM] Uma: With this in mind, I believe that we are looking at the wrong issue. EqD involvement can be rendered neutral depending on the mode, as mentioned above, so it is an issue that cannot be clearly resolved without a strong understanding of the type of interaction we would have.
  708. [7:16:13 PM] Uma: This leads in to the more viable issues, at least in my opinion. The format/nature of the collab.
  709. [7:17:35 PM] Uma: As a contest, there is incentive.
  710. [7:18:12 PM] Uma: That is, ranking and prizes. Even if the collab is not a contest, there is a high likelyhood it will improve board relations, be enjoyable, and foster friendships.
  711. [7:18:57 PM] Uma: Ergo, I think that such an issue as the nature of the collab - contest or not - should be determined as a ground, and that means with a fair portion of /art/ involved.
  712. [7:19:38 PM] Uma: After all, we are spinning our wheels here unless we stick to the /fic/ side of things, or at the very least, framework.
  713. [7:19:48 PM] Uma: I am done for now.
  714. [7:20:10 PM] Uma: Remember to obey the queue.
  715. [7:20:11 PM] Raharu Haruha: So my turn then?
  716. [7:20:18 PM] Filler: That it is, Raharu
  717. [7:20:37 PM] Raharu Haruha: Alright, my opinion is that we should use EQD for both recruiting and advertising.
  718. [7:20:58 PM] Raharu Haruha: I think this because I think we should grow and that growth is a natural thing for a community to want to do.
  719. [7:21:10 PM] Raharu Haruha: Also because it's a fun thing to do.
  720. [7:21:28 PM] Raharu Haruha: Now, the fears I hear are that we will be over run with newbies.
  721. [7:21:35 PM] Raharu Haruha: /art/ in particular has stated this fear.
  722. [7:21:49 PM] Raharu Haruha: They believe that EQD will bring in a lot of newbies that will be too hard to control.
  723. [7:22:14 PM] Raharu Haruha: However, they have a contradiction in their argument because they have also said that nobody looks at thier pictures on EQD.
  724. [7:22:31 PM] Raharu Haruha: So my thoughts are that it will be hard for people to join the collab if they are not even looking at it.
  725. [7:22:46 PM] Raharu Haruha: On top of that, newbies are generally scared of contests.
  726. [7:22:57 PM] Raharu Haruha: They know they suck, and they would hate to collaborate with someone.
  727. [7:23:10 PM] Raharu Haruha: I would personally be embarrassed if you ever saw one of my drawings.
  728. [7:23:29 PM] Raharu Haruha: With regard to /fic/ I believe that we have a VERY strong culture.
  729. [7:23:38 PM] Raharu Haruha: I do not believe that any wave of newbies could overcome it.
  730. [7:23:57 PM] Raharu Haruha: And for the same reason I do not think a lot of people will suddenly join a contest just because it's advertised on EQD.
  731. [7:24:12 PM] Raharu Haruha: That is to say that newbies will not because they know they suck.
  732. [7:24:19 PM] Raharu Haruha: Sorry if that's harsh lol
  733. [7:24:33 PM] Raharu Haruha: So again, I argue for both advertising and recruiting.
  734. [7:24:39 PM] Raharu Haruha: That's it for me.
  735. [7:24:46 PM] Kurbz MLP: Okay, my go.
  736. [7:25:48 PM] Kurbz MLP: Raharu seems to fundamentally misunderstand WhiteFox's concerns. He is concerned not that the newbies will be too difficult to control, but that they will not mesh with the current community.
  737. [7:26:30 PM] Kurbz MLP: /art/ is about learning, growing, critiqueing, and suggesting. It is not the place for fans, which is what will flow in from EqD.
  738. [7:26:52 PM] Kurbz MLP: However, I see no reason to go to EqD to recruit artists.
  739. [7:27:32 PM] Kurbz MLP: /art/ is home to the type of people that will be likely to do this, and any more that we could want can be brought in through deviantart or by writers bringing in their artist friends.
  740. [7:28:23 PM] Kurbz MLP: What we will recruit from EqD are people whose drawings will be pitiful and half-assed, just like the writers we will get. They won't help the collab.
  741. [7:30:12 PM] Kurbz MLP: This seems to stem from a majority of you not understanding that this is not a collab between /art/, /fic/, and EqD. Indeed, EqD is a promotional site. They have nothing to offer the collaboration except publicity. That said, we should engineer this to take advantage of a direct /art/ and /fic/ collaboration and then allow individual teams to decide if they want to publish it on something like EqD.
  742. [7:31:08 PM] Kurbz MLP: WhiteFox and Pav suggested that earlier, but it seemed no one bothered to think that we should let people decide.
  743. [7:31:32 PM] Kurbz MLP: So, discussing the idea of involving Equestria Daily has only one purpose.
  744. [7:32:01 PM] Kurbz MLP: How do we judge this "contest?"
  745. [7:32:22 PM] Kurbz MLP: That said, is it even that much of a contes?
  746. [7:32:55 PM] Kurbz MLP: The structure does not lend itself to easy judging, but it could be done by a coalition of artists and writers.
  747. [7:33:37 PM] Kurbz MLP: However, I will say that we shouldn't let EqD vote on this like Roger promotes for the write off, for the very reasons it hurts the write off.
  748. [7:34:08 PM] Kurbz MLP: As the number of voters go up (assuming they come from FIMFiction and/or EqD), the story selection tends more towards "feels".
  749. [7:34:45 PM] Kurbz MLP: An illustrated version of MLD would dominate this field.
  750. [7:36:15 PM] Kurbz MLP: Thus, with a contest involving prizes and actual things, there is no reason to let the public skew the selection towards something that even a paltry writer like me could engineer to hit on the feels and loves of the fandom. To eliminate this, we couldn't have a filter because that'd be the same as judging.
  751. [7:36:24 PM] Kurbz MLP: So what I propose is simple.
  752. [7:38:03 PM] Kurbz MLP: A collaboration directly between /art/ and /fic/ to create illustrated novels. At the end, the novels are judged on both writing, plot, and drawings by a panel of judges comprised of artists and writers. Then, the teams would be given the option of sending it to Equestria Daily if they chose.
  753. [7:39:22 PM] Kurbz MLP: I am done, but me and WhiteFox had a very good discussion about this and the nature of what the communities want. you can read it here:
  754. [7:39:41 PM] Filler: A couple notes:
  755. [7:40:18 PM] Filler: 1. Try make your points succinct and keep rhetoric to a minimum; this Skype, not /fic/ or /meta/
  756. [7:40:30 PM] Lightsideluc: Of course you say this before my turn.
  757. [7:40:58 PM] Kurbz MLP: I type how I talk.
  758. [7:41:29 PM] Filler: 2. The topic is about EqD involvement, so try not to make assumptions on how the second topic will turn out just yet
  759. [7:41:39 PM] Pav Feira: (yes, point of order: whether this should be a contest, or simply a collaboration project, is the next topic up for discussion, after current debate)
  760. [7:41:52 PM] Filler: Thank you, Pav. Now, Luc?
  761. [7:42:36 PM] Lightsideluc: I think Kurbz put it pretty succinctly.
  762. [7:42:44 PM] Lightsideluc: let me see if I have anything to add that he didn't already cover.
  763. [7:43:59 PM | Edited 7:44:08 PM] Lightsideluc: I don't bellieve I have anything to add. I pass the floor to MHTH.
  764. [7:44:27 PM] Filler: Alright; samurai?
  765. [7:45:02 PM] MHTH: The question for this is simply do we need EqD.
  766. [7:45:37 PM] MHTH: We can deal with the rest of the issues, speak about opinions and disliking what they will bring, but we need to first realized if we need EqD for anything in particular.
  767. [7:45:47 PM] MHTH: Moony has a very specific project in mind.
  768. [7:46:23 PM] MHTH: He wants to use the resources of both boards to encourage people to come into them and to mingle amongst the different groups which currently compose the fandom.
  769. [7:46:50 PM] MHTH: To this end, he offer a series of proposal and competitions to attract people from both sides to meet up and carry on the work.
  770. [7:47:34 PM] MHTH: I agree with such a sentiment and believe that the usage of this could benefit both boards and their respective people within, as long as the proper presentation is taken care of.
  771. [7:48:21 PM] MHTH: Both communities have been grown to be specific entities in regard to their function and they fear disruption because of previous history telling them that direct interaction doesn't yield many benefits in the long run.
  772. [7:50:12 PM] MHTH: So that makes these whole thing a concern over board stability, which of course only would be true if there is a move to change the current traditions of each specific place. Past sins is a good reminder of how such a situation can look and makes a compelling case as to how it can develop.
  773. [7:50:30 PM] Golden Vision: (I'm afraid I need to head out a bit early, but I wish you all best of luck in discussing this! ^3^)
  774. [7:51:17 PM] MHTH: Then again, the members of each place within Ponychan are interest in this actiity and thus feel the need to make it work, regardess of what it turns into, as a way to both practice and acquire contacts amongst themselves.
  775. [7:53:14 PM] MHTH: The activty on its own will become a sort of very close affair whose only real beneficiaries would be those within the boads, which is a perfectly valid situation, but defeats the purpose of the project to begin with. There is a need for newcomers to actually make the situation have a sense of relevance, or otherwise we might as well just let each single person carry it out on their own accord and forget the need to make a large deal of the matter.
  776. [7:54:56 PM] renardleblanc: (Laters, GV!)
  777. [7:58:17 PM] MHTH: As I see it, there are two stages to this situation: The first stage would try to bring new blood to the situation by means of asking newcomers to get acquiainted with the boards and to see if someone amongst the older members will decide to join them in competition (after all, we are attempting to bridge relationships here). This would bring about either a group remaining or the newcomers staying away from the whole thing anyway, which would deal with said concern. On the other side, once everything is done, EqD could be used to bring spectators rather participants to the situation, which is personally the best in regards to the situation. The units would control their respective activites and rules, while the newcomers would be encourage to observe and perhaps comment, but will not participate directly as part of the voting and the rest of the procedures (they will only get the finished products).
  778. [8:00:04 PM] MHTH: By encouraging a buddy system of sorts, and then bring spectators but not participants, we can ensure the activity brings the desire results and brings about what this collaboration is attempting to do
  779. [8:02:19 PM] MHTH: All of this of course assumes we keep with the original intent of the thing while still trying to ensure we fulfill the interest of the boards. Do we want to build bridges? Then we need EqD. If not, we can just leave it to the wayside and let each group decide on its own, but as I said the activity becomes moot and a simple crossboard thread should do the trick better in both short and long term.
  780. [8:03:12 PM] MHTH: as such, I yield my voice
  781. [8:03:22 PM] renardleblanc: Alright. On the subject of EqD's participation...
  782. [8:03:24 PM] Pav Feira: (point of order: if no one objects, i'm going to start calling out 5min mark, 10min mark, etc. Good points being raised, but I want to make sure the conversation is kept moving ^^)
  783. [8:03:46 PM] Raharu Haruha: I second that
  784. [8:04:00 PM] Filler: WhiteFox, will you be speaking now?
  785. [8:04:16 PM] Pav Feira: (i won't yank anyone offstage, it's just an FYI)
  786. [8:04:25 PM] renardleblanc: (That was my plan. I hope to keep it breif, tho.)
  787. [8:04:29 PM] Pav Feira: (cuz typing is slower than speaking, etc)
  788. [8:05:09 PM] Raharu Haruha: I'm good with letting him speak, but he should join the queue next time -.-
  789. [8:05:16 PM] renardleblanc: My major concern is, if /art/ was promoted on EqD, it would not bring the sort of visitors that would benefit /art/.
  790. [8:05:52 PM] renardleblanc: I imagine that people on /fic/ are practically begging for readers. Understandable, considering that it takes several hours to read a fic.
  791. [8:06:27 PM] renardleblanc: In /art/, it takes about 30 seconds to look at a pic, and leave a blurb along the lines of "omgwtfbbq awesome." Most of the people in /art/ are not looking for that kind of response.
  792. [8:07:29 PM] renardleblanc: Visitors to /art/ want critique, they want insightful and thought out commetns, they want advice. The people that would show up from EqD will not be making those kinds of comments.
  793. [8:08:38 PM] Pav Feira: (5min mark)
  794. [8:08:39 PM] renardleblanc: Second, /art/ doesn't really have a problem getting new artists. It has a problem keeping them. I don't see the need to advertise on EqD in the hopes of getting more artists, I would much rather encourage people to stay. That's why I support this collab.
  795. [8:08:46 PM] renardleblanc: I'm done, pretty much.
  796. [8:09:13 PM] Pav Feira: in that case i move to close
  797. [8:09:21 PM] Filler: Do we have any other speakers?
  798. [8:09:30 PM] Raharu Haruha: if not, I motion for a vote on item one: do we advertise for participants on EQD?
  799. [8:10:05 PM | Edited 8:10:14 PM] Raharu Haruha: note that this is different from the 2nd item, which is to showcase the work on EQD
  800. [8:10:42 PM] Pav Feira: easiest i assume to just type "yea", "nay", "abstain"
  801. [8:10:54 PM] Pav Feira: unless someone wants secret ballots...
  802. [8:10:57 PM] renardleblanc: Neigh.
  803. [8:11:04 PM] Filler: There will be a difference between abstain and not saying anything
  804. [8:11:05 PM] Raharu Haruha: yea
  805. [8:11:39 PM] Pav Feira: nay
  806. [8:12:02 PM] Filler: Abstain
  807. [8:12:37 PM] Filler: Okay, in the interest of getting feedback, let's do it this way.
  808. [8:12:40 PM] Filler: All in favor, say yea
  809. [8:13:02 PM] Pav Feira: (question is: do we advertise for participants on EQD?)
  810. [8:13:13 PM] Filler: That includes you, Raharu
  811. [8:13:44 PM] Filler: ...Okay, then. All opposed?
  812. [8:13:48 PM] Pav Feira: nay
  813. [8:14:07 PM] renardleblanc: Neigh.
  814. [8:14:12 PM] Bleeding Rain: after reading who I asssume to be Whitefox's post, I vote neigh
  815. [8:14:38 PM] Filler: All abstaining?
  816. [8:14:47 PM] MHTH: I personally have no voice in the matter
  817. [8:14:55 PM] MHTH: I like to consider myself a very vocal adviser
  818. [8:15:05 PM] Filler: And I'm abstaining as well
  819. [8:15:07 PM] Filler: Anyone else?
  820. [8:15:16 PM] MHTH: Additionally
  821. [8:15:20 PM] MHTH: we need /art/ here
  822. [8:15:21 PM] Raharu Haruha: i say yeah...
  823. [8:15:24 PM] Raharu Haruha: i got DC'ed
  824. [8:15:29 PM] Filler: We do, yeah
  825. [8:15:49 PM] Lightsideluc: Uh, one sec.
  826. [8:16:09 PM] renardleblanc: As the only representative from /art/, I move that my say counts for 50% of the vote. :3
  827. [8:16:20 PM] Filler: WhiteFox, you have the majority anyways
  828. [8:16:30 PM] Lightsideluc: I do not support looking for additional participants on EqD.
  829. [8:16:31 PM] Pav Feira: this is just for our proposal to /art/ anyway
  830. [8:16:42 PM] Pav Feira: so "nay" for luc
  831. [8:16:53 PM] Pav Feira: safe to say, the "nay"s have it
  832. [8:17:11 PM] Cameron T: 'ello
  833. [8:17:22 PM] renardleblanc: WB. We're voting on stuff.
  834. [8:17:29 PM] Raharu Haruha: Alright, so I propose a vote on item 2) Do we showcase the contestants on EQD?
  835. [8:17:31 PM] Bleeding Rain: Hi, Rog. I saw you log in
  836. [8:17:41 PM] Cameron T: My battery's gonna die soon. I'll get through the logs and have something to say later.
  837. [8:17:44 PM] Cameron T: =3
  838. [8:17:46 PM] MHTH: Will you be requiring the logs or you have your own?
  839. [8:17:47 PM] Filler: Please note that the votes at the moment don't actually hold power until further discussion is held and participants who are invested have more say
  840. [8:17:55 PM] Cameron T: I've got them.
  841. [8:17:58 PM] MHTH: very well
  842. [8:18:14 PM] Filler: After all, we have more in this room than actual... voters.
  843. [8:18:16 PM] Raharu Haruha: Wait, then why are we doing this?
  844. [8:18:28 PM] Pav Feira: so we have a clear plan to present to /art/
  845. [8:18:37 PM] Raharu Haruha: I see.
  846. [8:18:38 PM] Pav Feira: which is amendable
  847. [8:18:48 PM] Filler: And open to further discussion. Anyways
  848. [8:19:02 PM] MHTH: heh
  849. [8:19:07 PM] MHTH: interesting choice of words
  850. [8:19:11 PM] Filler: At 1-4-2, we are currently against EqD involvement for advertising
  851. [8:19:17 PM] MHTH: I wonder
  852. [8:19:19 PM] MHTH: what is the plan?
  853. [8:19:36 PM] Pav Feira: point of order: there was a motion to vote
  854. [8:19:37 PM] Raharu Haruha: Like I said, I propose a vote on issue 2: Do we showcase the winner on EQD? Would anyone like to 2nd the motion?
  855. [8:19:50 PM] Pav Feira: 2nd
  856. [8:19:57 PM] renardleblanc: (We don't have a plan yet. We can't make a plan, until we know what we want to go into the plan.)
  857. [8:20:23 PM] Raharu Haruha: ren, we were making this plan for like 5 hours 2 days ago
  858. [8:20:23 PM] Lightsideluc: Well, the winner can get onto EqD anyways by just submitting the story themselves.
  859. [8:20:40 PM] Raharu Haruha: light -.-
  860. [8:20:42 PM] Raharu Haruha: That's debate.
  861. [8:21:06 PM] Filler: Individual actions aside, let's move onto the second issue
  862. [8:21:36 PM] Filler: ...which, apparently, was about promoting the voting and results on EqD
  863. [8:21:45 PM] Pav Feira: correct
  864. [8:21:52 PM] Filler: Alright. All for?
  865. [8:21:57 PM] Raharu Haruha: yeah
  866. [8:22:01 PM] Pav Feira: yea
  867. [8:22:22 PM] Filler: All against?
  868. [8:23:06 PM] Filler: None?
  869. [8:23:14 PM] Filler: All abstain?
  870. [8:23:28 PM] Raharu Haruha: We need abstain votes?
  871. [8:23:39 PM] Pav Feira: (democracy is dead)
  872. [8:23:46 PM] renardleblanc: Abstain (I'm personally against it, but I'm pretty sure there would be artists who want it, and I don't think it woud have as much of a negative impact on /art/)
  873. [8:23:58 PM] Bleeding Rain: Uh.. I'm for putting the results up on EQD, seeing as it's pretty much the fandom's go to site for all things poni. I vote Yay
  874. [8:24:04 PM] renardleblanc: (*As much of a negative impact.)
  875. [8:24:18 PM] Lightsideluc: Abstain. My gut feeling says maybe.
  876. [8:24:24 PM] Filler: And I abstain. Any other voters?
  877. [8:24:28 PM] Raharu Haruha: lol tell my wife i said hello
  878. [8:24:52 PM] Filler: With respect to the promotion of using EqD to promote voting and results, it's 3-0-3
  879. [8:25:09 PM] renardleblanc: My pet dog says Neigh! Shoot, too late.
  880. [8:25:23 PM] Raharu Haruha: don't shoot your dog D=
  881. [8:25:29 PM] Raharu Haruha: Alright... next topoic?
  882. [8:25:48 PM] Filler: Next topic: a bit heavier, since it's on what the hell we're doing her
  883. [8:25:51 PM] renardleblanc: You think I actually have a pet dog? Wow. Back to being serious now.
  884. [8:25:55 PM] Pav Feira: lulz
  885. [8:25:59 PM] Raharu Haruha: Also: I would like to say that we need to cut off people from joining the queue late. There is a very distinct advantage to going last.
  886. [8:26:16 PM] Filler: Raharu, you can re-enter the queue all you want
  887. [8:26:22 PM] Raharu Haruha: Oh god.
  888. [8:26:23 PM] Lightsideluc: Might be leaving here in a bit.
  889. [8:26:32 PM] Raharu Haruha: I propose we do the cut off thing because I want sleep tonight.
  890. [8:26:37 PM] Raharu Haruha: Anyone want to 2nd
  891. [8:26:48 PM] Filler: alternatively, we can move the discussion of the next topic to tomorrow
  892. [8:26:50 PM] Pav Feira: (ugh, it's technically possible to call the question... not sure we want to get super-anal on the rules here)
  893. [8:26:57 PM] renardleblanc: I say we close.
  894. [8:27:14 PM] Raharu Haruha: 2nded
  895. [8:27:20 PM] Filler: Anyone opposed to closing?
  896. [8:27:59 PM] Bleeding Rain: I've got stuff to do, and class in the morning, I'm up for picking this up tomorrow (not that I did much other than vote)
  897. [8:28:15 PM] Filler: Alright then
  898. [8:28:19 PM] Filler: When should we pick up again?
  899. [8:28:20 PM] Raharu Haruha: huzzah
  900. [8:28:27 PM] Raharu Haruha: tomorrow same time?
  901. [8:28:32 PM] Bleeding Rain: Works for me
  902. [8:28:41 PM] Raharu Haruha: so is that 9 o'clock...
  903. [8:28:46 PM] Raharu Haruha: like 1 hour earlier than we planned?
  904. [8:28:47 PM] Filler: 9 PM Central
  905. [8:28:54 PM] Filler: Or..
  906. [8:28:56 PM] Bleeding Rain: 10PM Eastern
  907. [8:29:02 PM] Raharu Haruha: i should say 2am UTC
  908. [8:29:05 PM] Raharu Haruha: or 1am UTC
  909. [8:29:13 PM] Filler: Well, we started nearly an hour early
  910. [8:29:23 PM] Filler: Roger, you have anything to say?
  911. [8:29:27 PM] Pav Feira: this meeting might have felt a bit slower-paced, but i would argue it was productive
  912. [8:29:29 PM] Raharu Haruha: He's at class
  913. [8:29:34 PM] Raharu Haruha: lol he left like an hour ago
  914. [8:29:43 PM] Raharu Haruha: I think he'd prefer earlier.
  915. [8:29:50 PM] Pav Feira: i think if we can get this thing cranking along, it should be productive
  916. [8:30:07 PM] Raharu Haruha: Yeah. Might I suggest we have people use the mic next time?
  917. [8:30:16 PM] Pav Feira: actually yeah
  918. [8:30:23 PM] Pav Feira: if we have one speaker at a time, that would be much faster
  919. [8:30:25 PM] Lightsideluc: Oh, no, simply cannot do.
  920. [8:30:28 PM] Pav Feira: (optional of course)
  921. [8:30:36 PM] Pav Feira: although it's not logged...
  922. [8:30:37 PM] Lightsideluc: My girlish and nasally voice would haunt me for ages.
  923. [8:30:48 PM] Pav Feira: so we'd need someone to take minutes
  924. [8:30:58 PM] renardleblanc: I may not be able to use voice. Dunno if my hardware is still working.
  925. [8:31:00 PM] Raharu Haruha: I have been workiing on my Thackarzod impression.
  926. [8:31:16 PM] Bleeding Rain: I'll bring headphones I guess. (10pm is quiet hour, and my roommate goes to bed then too)
  927. [8:31:26 PM] Pav Feira: eh, we can kick that around on the PC thread
  928. [8:31:38 PM] Raharu Haruha: kewl then
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