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/r6g/ Paste for VGL16

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May 11th, 2021
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  1. Pre-match
  2. - Sub non-medals by best condition.
  3. - If this is the third match of groups, one of the silver medals is sitting on a yellow and /r6g/ is not out yet, sit that medal out and sub one of the non-medal CMFs instead. If more than 1 silver is sitting on a yellow, still only sub 1 silver and let the other 2 play.
  4. - If any of the medals has to sit out due to a suspension, sub him out for another player, no matter if said player is a Double A (Example: DMF to AMF, CMF to CF)
  5. - Check Set Pieces after subs are done. It should go by:
  6. Long FK: DMF
  7. Short FK: Speedy Jew
  8. Short FK 2: Drugs
  9. Corner Kicks: LB and RB respectively
  10. PKs: Speedy Jew
  11. Players set to attack: None
  13. Half time
  14. - From 45' and until the end of the match, if the team is losing, go +1 until /r6g/ ties up. Go back to Neutral if the match is tied up.
  15. - If the team is still losing by subs time (65'), add Gegenpress and run it. Keep Gegenpress until the end of the game, even if Mentality Level changes back up to Neutral.
  16. - From 45' and until the end of the match, if the team is winning by 2 (two) goals or more, go -1 and Deep Defensive Line. In case the opposing team gets back to a 1 goal deficit (2-1, 3-2, etc), go back to Neutral and remove Deep Defensive Line.
  18. Subs
  19. - Subs at 65'
  20. - Sub the 3 most tired non-medal players. If any of the silvers scored a yellow this match, then sub 2 non-medals and that Silver for whatever sub is available (CMF for CMF - AMF for DMF (double A AMF).
  21. - If any of the Medals is already sitting out due to a yellow on a previous match or a Red Card/Double Yellow Suspension, disregard the statement above completely and just sub the most tired non-medals instead.
  22. - If game goes to AET (Additional Extra Time), then sub the most tired player. If any of CMF silvers haven't been subbed out yet, sub the most tired one. If any of the silvers have been subbed out already (including the Silver AMF), then dismiss this and sub the most tired non-medal player instead.
  24. Penalty Kicks
  25. - Order the players by Medal Status then by Condition.
  26. - Let us pray.
  28. Miscellaneous
  29. - If any player gets a RED CARD then add Gegenpress, no matter the scoreline.
  30. - If the player who got a RED CARD is the GK (>imfuckingplying this will happen, but just in case), then replace him with any of the CBs and add both Deep Defensive Line and Swarm the Box if DDL hasn't been implemented already.
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