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Kanjitomo AHK Shortcut guide v4

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Jul 3rd, 2017
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  1. Kanjitomo AHK shortcut guide v4
  2. - Changelog: check bottom
  4. How to use:
  5. 1. Download and install Autohotkey (
  6. 2. Download and open the script (if you install it correctly, you should see red, anime character icon in taskbar)
  7. 3. Use the shortcut provided (or customize it yourself)
  8. Window key + q - Open Kanjitomo**
  9. Window key + x - Toggle Auto OCR On/Off
  10. Window key + a - Manual input to Kanjitomo and change input to Japanese/Hiragana
  11. Window key + s - Define English word in Google
  12. Window key + c - Copy, paste words in text file and save**
  13. F1 - Toggle Japanese/English input
  14. 4. For '**', you need to set the directory first before you can use the shortcut, or it won't work and error pops up: "The system can't find the file specified"
  15. 5. Open the script in Notepad
  16. 6. Change location of Kanjitomo and location of text file with extension.
  17. 7. Save and open the script again
  18. 8. Test the shortcut, if it works, you're done. If there's error, there's probably small fuckup, check the script again.
  20. Customizing shortcut:
  21. Open the script in notepad
  22. "#q::" is the shortcut key, change to however you want. #q is a combination of "#" and "q" (# is window key and q is q button.)
  23. More hotkey is in ahk wiki. (
  25. Extra:
  26. . If you're lazy to press button, you can set mouse shortcut if you have more than two button in your mouse for extra comfy. I use Logitech gaming mouse software.
  27. . Put the script in startup for easier copy and paste words you found on the internet to your Anki text file and easy open Kanjitomo.
  29. Changelog:
  30. 4.0
  31. - New features:
  32. - Add hotkey to toggle Japanese -> Hiragana and English (F1)
  33. - Add hotkey to toggle Kanjitomo Always on Top (F2) but disabled because I don't see the point of it.
  34. - Add hotkey to define English word in Google (Win + s) (useful for non-English learner)
  35. - Now there's easier way to set up location of Kanjitomo and text file
  36. - Completely reworked copy and paste to text file hotkey
  37. - Faster
  38. - Reliable (No more copy paste not registering, I hope)
  39. - Now return to last window after pasting instead of two last window (which was annoying)
  40. - Manual translation hotkey now automatically change input to Japanese/Hiragana and no longer clear out text
  41. - Added Tomo-chan icon
  42. - Reworked copy text and search definition J-J, now can be used with any default browser but disabled because it's only useful for searching J-J definition (which is only useful for advanced learner)
  43. - Optimization and better formatting
  44. - Automatically ON/OFF OCR and Manual Translation key can no longer be used if KanjiTomo isn't open
  45. - Tons of bug fixed.
  46. 3.0 - Unreleased for 5 months. Skipped because way to many bug. See 4.0
  47. 2.1
  48. - Really fix problem in copy paste script when it didn't copy anything for some reason
  49. - Fix alt+tab bug (after copy the words, the scripts return to previous window)
  50. 2.0
  51. - Added shortcut for easy open Kanjitomo
  52. - Disable name toggle because I personally rarely use it (it's in script if anyone want to enable it)
  53. - Remove open text file manually because I combine it with CopyPaste script
  54. - Better script formatting
  55. - Fix problem in copy paste when it sometimes didn't copy anything for some reason
  56. - Better stability I guess
  58. (Bug, error and feature recommendation:
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