Riot terribly slow with Firefox in safe mode

grahamperrin Dec 27th, 2017 (edited) 76 Never
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  1. "Initialised rageshake: See to fix line numbers on Chrome."  bundle.js:35:21353
  2. set language to en  bundle.js:35:21353
  3. "Vector starting at"  bundle.js:35:21353
  4. Restoring session for  bundle.js:35:21353
  5. "setLoggedIn: mxid: deviceId: WJODTEAFBU guest: false hs:"  bundle.js:35:21353
  6. Session persisted for  bundle.js:35:21353
  7. Lifecycle: Starting MatrixClient  bundle.js:35:21353
  8. IndexedDBStore.startup: connecting to backend  bundle.js:35:21353
  9. MatrixClientPeg: waiting for MatrixClient store to initialise  bundle.js:35:21353
  10. Switching to room alias at event undefined  bundle.js:35:21353
  11. Presence: online  bundle.js:35:21353
  12. Initialised anonymous analytics  bundle.js:35:21353
  13. Switching to room alias at event undefined  bundle.js:35:21353
  14. IndexedDB worker is ready  bundle.js:35:21353
  15. LocalIndexedDBStoreBackend.connect: connecting  indexeddb-worker.js:4:25533
  16. LocalIndexedDBStoreBackend.connect: awaiting connection  indexeddb-worker.js:4:25901
  17. LocalIndexedDBStoreBackend.connect: connected  indexeddb-worker.js:4:26001
  18. LocalIndexedDBStoreBackend: loading account data  indexeddb-worker.js:4:28580
  19. LocalIndexedDBStoreBackend: loaded account data  indexeddb-worker.js:4:28669
  20. LocalIndexedDBStoreBackend: loaded sync data  indexeddb-worker.js:4:28907
  21. LocalIndexedDBStoreBackend: loaded sync data  indexeddb-worker.js:4:28992
  22. LocalIndexedDBStoreBackend: loaded initial data  indexeddb-worker.js:4:26295
  23. IndexedDBStore.startup: loading presence events  bundle.js:35:21353
  24. IndexedDBStore.startup: processing presence events  bundle.js:35:21353
  25. MatrixClientPeg: really starting MatrixClient  bundle.js:35:21353
  26. MatrixClientPeg: MatrixClient started  bundle.js:35:21353
  27. Got TURN URIs:,, refresh in 86400 secs  bundle.js:35:21353
  28. Got push rules  bundle.js:35:21353
  29. Looking for queued outgoing room key requests  bundle.js:35:21353
  30. connecting to indexeddb matrix-js-sdk:crypto  bundle.js:35:21353
  31. unable to connect to indexeddb matrix-js-sdk:crypto: falling back to in-memory store: [object DOMError]  bundle.js:35:21353
  32. No more outgoing room key requests  bundle.js:35:21353
  33. sync(): not doing HTTP hit, instead returning stored /sync data  bundle.js:35:21353
  34. EventTimelineSet.addLiveEvent: ignoring duplicate event $  bundle.js:46:14019
  35. EventTimelineSet.addLiveEvent: ignoring duplicate event $  bundle.js:46:14019
  36. EventTimelineSet.addLiveEvent: ignoring duplicate event $  bundle.js:46:14019
  37. EventTimelineSet.addLiveEvent: ignoring duplicate event $  bundle.js:46:14019
  38. EventTimelineSet.addLiveEvent: ignoring duplicate event $  bundle.js:46:14019
  39. EventTimelineSet.addLiveEvent: ignoring duplicate event $  bundle.js:46:14019
  40. MatrixClient sync state => PREPARED  bundle.js:35:21353
  41. newscreen room/  bundle.js:35:21353
  42. RVS update: ! loading? false joining? false initial? true shouldPeek? true  bundle.js:35:21353
  43. updateTint from RoomView._gatherTimelinePanelRef  bundle.js:35:21353
  44. Tinter.tint from updateTint  bundle.js:35:21353
  45. newscreen room/  bundle.js:35:21353
  46. RVS update: ! loading? false joining? false initial? true shouldPeek? true  bundle.js:35:21353
  47. updateTint from RoomView._gatherTimelinePanelRef  bundle.js:35:21353
  48. Tinter.tint from updateTint  bundle.js:35:21353
  49. Request to reset timeline in room  !  viewing: !  bundle.js:35:21353
  50. Request to reset timeline in room  !  viewing: !  bundle.js:35:21353
  51. Request to reset timeline in room  !  viewing: !  bundle.js:35:21353
  52. MatrixClient sync state => SYNCING  bundle.js:35:21353
  53. Persisting sync data up to  s381732461_356390712_1598705_78557434_29055927_210765_3152386_3534433_3228  indexeddb-worker.js:4:27523
  54. Request to reset timeline in room  !  viewing: !  bundle.js:35:21353
  55. Persisting sync data up to  s381745158_356398800_1602649_78560656_29057660_210776_3152691_3534584_3228  indexeddb-worker.js:4:27523
  56. sendEvent of type in ! with txnId m1514397357952.0  bundle.js:35:21353
  57. Event sent to ! with event id $  bundle.js:35:21353
  58. setting pendingEvent status to sent in !  bundle.js:35:21353
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