stabby stabby

Feb 25th, 2020
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  2. Short: a dark, curved silver athame
  3. Long: A dark, curved silver athame rests on the ground here, glinting
  4. ominously.
  5. Extended: This athame is wrought from dark silver, the blade curved,
  6. sharp, and deadly. Runes and symbols have been carved into the
  7. base of the blade, glowing faintly with power. The cross-guard
  8. is little more than stubs on either side of the blade, barely
  9. protecting the hand. The handle is smooth on one side, with
  10. grips on the other, wrapped in dark velvety leather. The pommel
  11. is the only outlier from the rest of the blade, a faceted prism
  12. with seven sides, capturing a swirling night sky, stars
  13. glittering faintly in the shadows.
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