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Dadonequus Discord Part 267

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  1. >"Anon, you never EVER mentioned a sleepover with your marefriend and the QUEEN OF THE CHANGELINGS! Does she even know?!" Starlight was now really worried about you. That sounded insane to her.
  2. "...She doesn't. Oh come on Starlight, I've got this. Trust me"
  3. >You were confident in your abilities to handle Chrysalis. DT? Not so much. But you couldn't show any worry now. Not to Starlight
  4. >"...Anon...she doesn't even know. How do you plan to keep everything together? If she's the one who's setting things up, then you're the one at a disadvantage. Anon, you said she wants to take over the world. She's going to use this sleepover to get closer to it!" Starlight surmised
  5. >But was she thinking straight? wut?
  6. "...Take over the world...through a sleepover? No, Starlight relax. This is purely relationship stuff. Which I have control of. Really? This is Chrysalis just messing with me in what she'd call a "friendly" manner. I just can't fall for any of her tricks and it'll go smooth as butter"
  7. >"...Relationship? She actually cares about your relationship? That doesn't sound like the Changeling Queen I read about. Are you sure about that?" Starlight couldn't see Chrysalis caring about something like that.
  8. "Yeah, trust me. when I said I was making progress. I meant it. She's gonna be sneaky about it sure. But she seems to want me to be in some sort of relationship. And so, really? I think she wants to help me make it work"
  9. >"..anon, did you ever, y'know. Sit down, and question WHY she wants to help? I bet it isn't for your benefit" Starlight didn't really seem to like the idea of Chrysalis being out and about at all.
  10. "A few times. Sure, she'll get some food out of it. That's obvious. But she hates lovey dovey stuff. The fact she's totally for this tells me she wants to help"
  12. >"Anon, just stop and think.You said this filly is totally into you. Why do you need her help exactly?" Starlight just wanted to get to the bottom of it and give you the advice that this was a bad idea.
  13. >You sigh, you knew exactly why. And at this moment, now that you were more into this life. And the fact Starlight was the nicest close friend you had who was actually in the know. You felt comfortable to tell her why.
  14. "Because I'm not very good with ladies. Heh, kinda like how I screwed up with you. Y'see, since I have to get used to my new life. It probably would be good to secure a marefriend. Somepony that, when we grow up, I can be comfortable with and be happy with for the rest of my life"
  15. >"So what you're saying is. Chrysalis is going to help you actually act like the coltfriend you feel you should be? That's why she's helping you?"
  16. >You shrug and look away
  17. "Yeah..and y'know..she gets fed in the process. It's win win"
  18. >Starlight put her hoof to her head "Anon, oh Anon.You really are the weirdest pony I ever met, even if you were once something else. That cutie mark? It definitely fits you. I mean, geez. It kind of makes me curious to see what would happen if I stripped it from you."
  19. >Wut? Woah, what?
  20. "Y-you're kidding about that, right?"
  21. >"No...but I'd never do that to you anyway. Well, unless you asked. It'd be interesting to see the kind of changes that would happen. But no. You're my best friend Anon, I'd never just do that to you out of the blue."
  22. >Oh..well..dammit. of course she wouldn't. You could see in her eyes the slight accusation had made her a little hurt.
  23. "Sorry..I know. Just, a lot of things on my mind. I didn't mean to make it sound like I was accusing you of anything. and...oh no"
  24. >"What?" Starlight asked "What's wrong...oh..what?!" Starlight looked to where you were looking at. Twilight and Fluttershy were already stepping out. NOW?! That wasn't much of a distraction at all!
  26. "Ok, Ok..Relax. We got this. Fluttershy is super nice. This won't be a problem at all"
  27. >You move next to Starlight and puff up your chest.
  28. "You can handle this, right? We got through Applejack just fine"
  29. >Starlight nodded "Yeah, I spied on Twilight, remember? I've seen her enough to know this is going to be easy. But just in case, you don't mind leading the way. Do you?"
  30. "Yeah, I got this. Trust me...ok..here we go.....HEY AUNT FLUTTERSHY!"
  31. >You rush up to Fluttershy to get snuggle hugs and say hello and show her that everything was ok. Hell, the closer you drew near. The more you just naturally wanted cuddle hugs.
  32. "How are you!?"
  33. >You move in for the cuddle hug. Something Fluttershy could already tell you wanted and opens her hooves to grasp you into it. She didn't seem timid, upset, or even worried you were with Starlight. An easy win? "Ohh, hello my little gentlecolt. How are you doing today? I hear you have a sleepover today. And that you're taking you're friend Starlight around Ponyville to help her feel better about what she's done"
  34. >....wut? So Twilight didn't distract her? She just outright told her? Then...why wasn't she worried?
  35. >"Wait. You know I was with Anon and you're not worried or scared even after what I did to you and your friends?" Starlight was asking Fluttershy, yet looking at Twilight. She felt like Twilight just outright said shit without the distraction part.
  37. >"Oh, I knew you were with Anon even before Twilight came to talk to me. Anon's father, Discord, told me all about it while we were out shopping for bread and cucumbers. Goodness...at first it was very worrying. But Discord, Oh..it was like his fatherly spirit was just so bright and comforting. He told me about how you needed help and that only Anon would be able to help you through this. And that my good little Anon." Fluttershy gives you a nuzzle right there, then continues "Would be able to not only handle the situation, but know exactly what to do. He also told me I didn't need to worry at all about anything about you. That you were just looking for forgiveness and friendship. So, of course. I put my trust in Discord, and I put my trust in Anon. And I'd like to say that I already forgive you Starlight. I never thought you were really that bad anyway...just sorta had the wrong idea about equality"
  38. >Starlight was so taken aback that her mouth hung open.
  39. >That was fucking...easy. Hell, Discord set this one up? That was surprising...
  40. "So, Dad already settled everything then? Um,..."
  41. >Actually, he did say he was at the market with her. You wonder if he said anything else.
  42. "Aunt Fluttershy, did Dad say anything else?"
  43. >"Well...he did say he also was going to get the arcade machine thing from Twilight's castle. And then, when that nice, sweet old pony bought all the cucumbers. He got all sad..it was both cute and worrying. I think I managed to cheer him up with the sandwiches I suggested. The only thing was when he left to go do "something"...he never came back. I'm guessing he just got busy with something"
  44. >....yeah..busy attacking that very same old pony...sheesh.
  45. >"Fluttershy...we can't just be friends just like that. I didn't even apologize properly yet..." Starlight felt like she had to at least say something before being accepted.
  47. >"Starlight, it's alright. Fluttershy already knows. And see? You already made a new friend before you even knew it! Doesn't that feel great?" Twilight was sure this is what Starlight needed to boost her confidence. An immediate Friendship with softhorse.
  48. >"Yeah..it...it actually does. Erm, Anon..would you scootch just a bit. I wouldn't mind getting in on one of those hugs..i-if you don't mind of course."
  49. "I don't mind! In fact..." You end your cuddle hug with Fluttershy and step to the side "I'll join in on it too, you don't mind. do you Aunt Fluttershy?"
  50. >Fluttershy shook her head "I don't mind at all. Twilight, would you like to join us on the group hug?"
  51. >"Gladly!" Twilight nodded with a smile.
  52. >And right then and there. was probably one of the greatest and warmest hugs you've had in awhile. Starlight, Twilight, Fluttershy, and you. All in one gigantic hugfest. After it was over, Fluttershy offered some tea. And with Twilight's help. Set up a table just outside. Starlight did explain it couldn't last long as she wanted to get through rest of her friends before the day was over. Which of course. Fluttershy didn't mind.
  53. >"Well, I guess since Anon has to pick something up at Rarity's. That she should be the next friend we see. And then Pinkie, and finally Rainbow Dash. Unless you want to see Pinkie first. She's pretty friendly Starlight, just to let you know. But I admit, if somepony had Rarity design something. It's usually worth seeing. I'm curious." Twilight says as she sips some tea. She didn't want to be pushy. She really was just curious.
  55. >"I admit, I'm curious too. I know her skills are pretty amazing. And something for Anon? I bet it's something adorable. And..uhh, I feel confident I can make friends with her. Sorry about earlier, I just...I don't know. Just really seemed weird you'd just accept my apology before I could even say anything. Applejack was the same way sorta. But you already considered it before even Twilight talked to you. It caught me offguard" Starlight admitted, she did want to see what was left off for you. It also could give her another chance to speak to you on the subject.
  56. >But then Fluttershy started to look really nervous as she fiddled with her cup. "Rarity?..oh...oh my. Maybe you should see Pinkie first, then Rainbow Dash..then Rarity last."
  57. >...Wut?
  58. >Even Twilight and Starlight were confused. Rarity last? That makes NO sense.
  59. "Aunt Fluttershy"
  60. >You chuckle in dismission
  61. "Come on, Miss Rarity last? I know she's all proper and stuff. But she's also super nice. I think she'd accept my friend Starlight no problem."
  62. >"I'm with Anon on this one Fluttershy, I know Rarity can be a little dramatic at times. But she's always willing to give a pony another chance. And when she doesn't. It's usually because she's being..well..." Twilight shrugs with a smile "Dramatic"
  64. >"..oh but Twilight..umm.." Fluttershy took a sip of tea to relax her nerves "I may have told her my thoughts on what I knew so far a few days ago at the spa; on the whole "Anon and Starlight" thing. It wasn't anything bad, I just thought it was odd how it all came about..and...well...I think she took it the wrong way. Because she said that we were all tricked, and that Starlight could be tricking Anon because he has the horn, and that, and I'm quoting ..erm.."Anypony who would use a sweet and innocent foal to achieve their terrible dream is quite the monster indeed, Why, I don't think I could ever forgive Starlight if that was the case. In fact, how can she even be believed? Fluttershy, sweetie, you can't just trust in her after everything she did. this friendship she has with Anon could very well be a trap. You should at least talk to Twilight about it, she'd know what to do" "
  65. >"But...you never came to me about it. I didn't even know that happened" Twilight was confused.
  66. >Fluttershy looked down, she felt bad because she hadn't said anything about it. "I know, it's because I never went to see you...I felt that Anon had made the right decision. Discord seemed to think so too. Since Anon was his son, adopted or otherwise, I asked him about it instead. He said he could end it himself if it made me feel better, but he also said Anon had it under control. And I'd feel terrible if I just ended up taking a friend from Anon like that, even if said friend did hurt us. I felt, since I was able to reform Discord. Then Anon, being a relative. Could handle it just fine. Considering everything we know, he did do a good job. Right?"
  68. >Fluttershy....oh....damn. She believed in you that much that she didn't even go to talk to Twilight about it? but instead Discord...and then Discord...that fucking asshole. He left you alone to handle this. Sure, he had his whole thing to trumping Twilight. But even before that, he was helping Fluttershy through it. That cheeky,wonderful,cunt.
  69. >But then there was also Rarity. Could she really be that set in her decision to just deny Starlight like that? You knew she could be uptight. But she wasn't cruel. Dammit..you had no idea if this was going to be difficult or not.
  70. >"But, Anon isn't related to you by blood. I appreciate what he's done, I do. But isn't it a little weird to think that something like that is hereditary through adoption?" Starlight asked, it was the logic that bothered her.
  71. >"Are you saying you didn't want Anon's help at all?" Fluttershy was confused, she would have thought she'd be more thankful.
  72. >"Oh nonono!" Starlight did not mean that at all, she shook her hooves to visibly deny that opinion. "It's nothing like that. It's just, well....never mind...I guess it's a moot point anyway. I'm just amazed on how much faith you put onto Anon." She really was, considering she knew Fluttershy truly knew nothing about you.
  73. >"As I said, He's my nephew. " Fluttershy looks to you with a gentle smile "And like his father, he's capable of amazing things. You don't need to be related by blood for something like that, it's what's in here that counts." Fluttershy points to her chest "And even if his methods are well...Chaotic. Anon has shown, at least to me, that he means well and only wants to help other ponies."
  75. >oh, dammit Fluttershy.
  76. >But before, you would have trouble taking in those words. But this was indeed your life, that's how she saw you. And you did help ponies. You saved an entire fucking world...so...she wasn't wrong.
  77. >Didn't stop you from tearing up.
  78. "T-thank's Aunt Fluttershy...I just like to help others in need. It's what I do..."
  79. >"Oh Anon, don't cry" Fluttershy began to tear up as she got up to get you into another hug. She felt bad for withholding this information for so long. And she felt that while you accepted the praise, it was still her screw up that made you cry. "I really am sorry...I should have said something. I didn't know Starlight was going to come here and now I feel just...just terrible." Fluttershy began to whimper.
  80. >Twilight frowned at the whole thing. But she was also pondering. There was no way Rarity could be that stubborn. "Fluttershy, don't worry alright? This is still Rarity we're talking about. If we just give her a little time to absorb the situation. She'll realize that she's acting silly and come around. It'll still be her decision to accept the apology or not. But if we give her some time to adjust, her decision won't be based on an uninformed notion like that. She'll come to make a more informed and rational decision once she actually meets Starlight." Twilight then began to smile has hope began to fill her "How hard can it be? All we have to do is just think a little "fabulously" about it. That's all"
  82. "Still, I don't think we should go see Miss Rarity just yet. If she's opposed to even being agreeable with Starlight. We could always go see Pinkie Pie. She'd pretty much just accept an apology just like that right?"
  83. >"I think so, I can't imagine Pinkie being anything less than forgiving." Twilight couldn't imagine Pinkie not only not being forgiving, but not missing an opportunity to make a new friend.
  84. >"...But" Starlight actually had an objection to this. "I don't just want to be forgiven just like that. I want everypony to mean it. Otherwise it isn't worth it.." Starlight looks to Fluttershy with a frown "And Fluttershy, you just forgave me. Despite EVERYTHING I did. We didn't even really talk at all about it. I feel like everything is moving too fast..."
  85. >"mmmm" Fluttershy looks down at her teacup and gives it a tap. She was feeling that maybe Starlight was right. If she wanted to feel forgiven, it may need more than just simply saying it. "Well..Starlight. What do you want to talk about?"
  86. >"I just want to know how you could just forgive me so easily. You didn't even ask a question of why I did what I did. Or even got worried that I was with your nephew alone. It feels so...off" Starlight felt uncomfortable. She couldn't take another drink of her tea and just stared at her reflection. She treated it as an outward version of herself, and found herself having difficulty forgiving herself. She was so worried about being forgiven that she didn't realize being forgiven so easily thus far just felt...wrong.
  88. >"Well, Starlight. Let me tell you this. Me,Twilight, and the rest of our friends have been on many adventures together. Some of them very very scary. And there was a lot of times where we met somepony who was being mean or nasty or they just did something wrong. And most of the time, through forgiveness,understanding, and caring about who they are. We manage to become fast friends. Now, it doesn't always happen. But it's always nice when it DOES happen because it means that particular pony or critter no longer has to be somepony they are not, and don't have to suffer all those mean and nasty feelings they keep inside." Fluttershy looks over to Starlight with a gentle smile , tilting her head as she closes her eyes with a cheerful expression "And considering everything I was told. I believe you are making a very good effort to just want to be friends. It's not the apology or the forgiveness that matters really. I think what really matters, is knowing that we can look past what happened knowing that kind of thing will never happen ever again. And that we will be able to do things together in the future. Infact, if it's one thing I really liked about you was the way you had everything so nice and orderly. If you'd like to be friends, I would love to get a few tips on that. Oh, and if there's a chance you'd like to come visit. I could introduce you to all my lovable critter friends"
  89. >Starlight just stayed silent for a moment, then slowly rests her head on the table and looks forward with dead eyes. "This is one of the most confusing moments of my life. Here I thought this would be difficult and you're asking me for advice...."
  91. >Fluttershy actually found this a little humorous. And giggled as she got up from her chair to point at the Discord statue. "Well, as I said. If I wasn't so forgiving. I wouldn't have been able to forgive Discord for everything he's done. And now look, he's become so much better and now I have an even bigger family than my mother,father and..." Fluttershy hesitated on the last one, she even had a hint of disdain in her voice "Brother"
  92. >Brother? BROTHER?! SHE HAS A BROTHER?!...and...she doesn't seem to like him too much. Or, that's what you gathered.Should you ask?..no....just keep it in for now. That could be for later. still...huh...still...brother.
  93. >"Yeah. I know about that but the way you just put it is...well.." Starlight couldn't think of anything else. If she forgave Discord. Then what else is there to do but accept it? "Never mind, I guess what I should be saying is. Thank you for forgiving me. And just leave it at that"
  94. >you get up and give Starlight a friendly nudge
  95. "Come on Starlight, don't be so down. You should be happy about this. It means, if you really need me, I can come down to the town without having to sneak around or anything. And check it out, you even have new friends! If I had to wager my horn, I'd say it means that if you're ever in trouble. You can come to us for help."
  96. >"He's right Starlight. I'd like to be friends with you. And as Fluttershy said, I'm willing to put this whole thing behind me. Y'know...as long as it doesn't happen again" Twilight adds. Trying to cement your argument.
  98. >Starlight could feel a warmth in her heart. And that warmth, really did make her feel stupid about something. "...You know. Thinking about it, I know everypony back in town looks up to me and rely on me despite everything I did to them. They forgave me too. But I was so scared that it wasn't real, that something was up, that I was really just..a bad pony. I never thought that maybe I could really be hurting them by hiding in my work shack all that time. even when I came to my earlier revelation, it didn't click because I was still angry about being stopped over that STUPID ideology. I didn't see what was right in front of me..." Starlight started to tear up as she looked upon you all "Thank you..everypony..for forgiving me. And wanting to be my friend...and Anon. Thank you for being a friend, thank you for risking your livelihood to help me"
  99. "Oh come on Starlight, don't cry. And yeah, course I'd risk it. We're friends, thats what friends do"
  100. >Starlight couldn't hold it anymore. and brought you close with her magic for another hug. As she hugged you, she looked up with tearful eyes to Fluttershy and Twilight. "I want to go to Rarity's. Like I said, it's not about being forgiven or even apologizing anymore. I just want to try, and make a new friend."
  101. >Twilight looked to her with concern as she put you down. "Starlight, are you sure about this?"
  102. >She nods "I am, and I feel confident about this too. Especially with my friends around me"
  103. >Fluttershy heard those words, and knew what she had to do. She couldn't just stay at the cottage after words like that. "I'll come too. I really don't have a reason not to anyway. I was supposed to be having a lunch with Discord but...well, if he doesn't want to show up. Then I might as well be useful somewhere"
  104. >Fuck yes! Go Fluttershy! Stepping up to help out the cause.
  105. "Hey yeah! I bet with all of us, this will be a cinch. And if it doesn't work out. We at least gave it a good try, right?"
  107. >Every one of them answer with a "Right!" And with that...after Fluttershy put everything away with everyone's help...You were all off!
  108. >It was actually a pleasant walk thus far. Twilight took the opportunity to ask where Starlight learned her magic. And with Starlight having renewed vigor and being in a more comfortable position. Explained it to her. Of course, Twilight in exchange explained how she learned her magic. etc. etc.
  109. >As for you. Since you were walking next to Fluttershy and Starlight and Twilight seemed preoccupied....
  110. "..So..Aunt Fluttershy, you mentioned I may have an uncle? Hmmm? What's that about?"
  111. >You give her a big grin. But perhaps that wasn't the smart move as she looks away in shame about it. It was true, she didn't seem to like this brother of hers.
  112. >"If you mean if I have a brother Anon...I do. But, I'd rather not talk about it. Let's just say that we can all hope that right now, he's making something of himself." But she looked oh so very doubtful. And then quickly changed the subject as she smiled at you. "Speaking of something. A little filly told me that your marefriend and sister made a very special order earlier today." Fluttershy smiled with hopeful eyes as she looked up in wonderment "Goodness Anon, your sister must really care about you to already be involving herself in your life like this. I wish you had told me you had a sleepover coming. I would have made you some healthy and delicious night snacks incase you get those midnight cravings."
  113. >awww, yeah. You should have probably told her about it. She was your aunt after all.
  114. "Sorry, I guess a lot of things have been slipping from my mind lately. I don't even know what this special order might be"
  116. >"Oh, that's very interesting actually. You're friend wouldn't tell me what it is either. But if it's coming from Rarity.ooohhh" Fluttershy started to step in place really quickly, letting her wings flap a few times in excitement. "I bet it's the most adorable outfit ever! You'll have to wear it for me so I can get a picture."
  117. >ohh right..it WOULD be an outfit..wouldn't it? Dammit, if it made her happy...Sure. You just hope it wasn't dorky. Discord would rag on you forever if it was.
  118. "Sure, anything for you Aunt Fluttershy"
  119. >Is all you could say. As Fluttershy's grin grew ever wider.
  120. >Meanwhile, you could see Twilight going over with Starlight things to understand about Rarity. You still remembered what Discord told you. But at this moment...you didn't want to show up Twilight...eh...maybe later. There was always next time. This time was too important.
  121. "Aunt Fluttershy, I sort of have a goofy question."
  122. >"A goofy question? Well.." Fluttershy found the premise cute, and giggled just at the word "Well, then I might have a goofy answer. What is it?"
  123. "Do you think you could forgive Tirek for what he did and become friends? I dunno, just popped in my head"
  124. >That goofy question suddenly turned dark for Fluttershy as she became nervous, her ears perking down and back like a cat as she bit her lip "Oh.....erm...ummmm. Anon...ern.."
  125. >She didn't know how to explain this one. It was clear Tirek was pure evil. How would she even explain it to you?
  126. >"Erm...well. If Tirek really really REALLY made an effort to be good. And uhm, didn't start going on a rampage. then..yes?" She didn't want to spoil the lesson she had just taught you by saying no. But even she knew Tirek was an actual evil force.
  127. >You giggle, then laugh. That was too cute.
  128. "Ahh come on Aunt Fluttershy. I was just joking."
  129. >You nuzzle under her muzzle. So warm...
  131. >"oh.." Fluttershy didn't even come close to realizing that.
  132. >When it registered, she giggled. And nuzzled back. "You had me worried Anon"
  133. >but only worried, she still found it silly that she fell for it.
  134. >Though it was really only half a joke. you were genuinely interested. But you played it off as a joke due to how uncomfortable she got.
  135. >Starlight then eased back to speak to you and Fluttershy "Ok, I think I'm set for this."
  136. >"Are you sure? You won't get upset if Rarity refuses to accept your apology?" Fluttershy asks
  137. >"I'm sure...mostly. I still want to give it the best shot I can. So uhhh..Anon. You don't mind working in some of that cute factor...do you?" Starlight clearly wanted to at least have an edge on the situation.
  138. >"Cute factor? What do you mean by that?" Fluttershy was confused. She didn't quite know what she meant. But you did.
  139. "She means she wants me to try to get Miss Rarity to loosen up a little if things get a little tense."
  140. >"Right, Twilight said she'd help by talking to her. And..well. I know I said I didn't care about forgiveness or apologizing so much as making the friendship. Buuuut, there kinda needs to be the former for the latter to happen. So I...just need help...please" Starlight was clearly desperate for a one hundred percent completion rate.
  141. >"You don't need to worry Starlight. I'm here, and Anon is here, and Twilight is here. We'll definitely will be able to do something, don't you worry at all alright?"
  143. >You gave a small salute to Starlight
  144. "You got this Starlight, we're behind you all the way"
  145. >"I know. I'm glad you're all standing behind me. I know I can do this..I just have to believe." Starlight was doing her best.
  146. >In fact, as you all approached the boutique. Starlight's confidence never leaves her. So much that she even approaches the door to knock without faltering...until Twilight speaks. "Starlight, shouldn't we knock? If we speak to her first, it would make things easier on you."
  147. >"...oh...right.." Starlight titters sheepishly as she slowly steps back. She didn't lose her confidence...but she realized she was about to overdo it. "Riiight, right. Heh, she probably would have gotten scared if she saw me first. Huh?"
  148. >Twilight steps up to knock as she laughed at the prospect of Rarity only getting "scared". "Maybe, but Rarity could be unpredictable depending on the situation. Considering this is her home, I'd think she'd try to defend it, especially if her sister was here too..." Twilight cringed "Actually, I'm glad I stopped you. Heh, you may have become a living pin cushion. I know Rarity may seem fragile, but push come to shove, she can fight a bugbear like any powerful stallion could."
  149. >Oh, that's scary to know. You knew Rarity could fight if she needed to. But able to slap around monsters?....ohhhhh
  150. >And so...Twilight knocked.....here we go.
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