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May 30th, 2013
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  1. <ctracey> hey folks - trying to debug a package issue. anyone else unable to 'yum install npm' cleanly?
  2. <sgallagh> Yeah, that package was built without properly exporting 'Provides: npm(ansi)'
  3. <sgallagh> So the dependencies are broken.
  4. <sgallagh> ctracey: include nodejs-ansi from epel-testing
  5. <ctracey> ok - great
  6. <ctracey> thought i was crazy
  7. <ctracey> sgallagh: thanks!
  8. <sgallagh> It's already been submitted for stable, but it's going to take up to 48 hours to get out to the mirrors
  9. <cr3> ctracey: welcome to the club, but I suspect sgallagh will also become crazy from everyone asking :)
  10. <ctracey> hah
  11. <ctracey> maybe put it in the banner? :)
  12. <cr3> sgallagh: do you think it might be worth asking someone to update the topic of the channel?
  13. * sgallagh doesn't have privilege
  14. <ctracey> my sincere thanks though - much appreciated
  15. <sgallagh> ctracey, cr3: Let me know if that's not sufficient to get up and running.
  16. <cr3> nirik: ^^^ sgallagh would very much appreciate updating the topic of the channel to say something about including nodejs-ansi from epel-testing
  17. <ctracey> sgallagh: will do
  18. <sgallagh> cr3: I could have done that :-P
  19. <cr3> sgallagh: heh, saved you some typing :)
  20. * rdieter (~rdieter@fedora/rdieter) has joined #epel
  21. <cr3> sgallagh: if I just enable epel-testing, for all packages, should that be expected to work when installing npm?
  22. <sgallagh> cr3: cautious yes. I think there's a slightly newer version of the main nodejs package in epel-testing right now, but it's just an upstream point release, so that's likely fine
  23. <sgallagh> I can find you a convoluted yum command if you want that will limit it to just that package
  24. <cr3> sgallagh: this is what I get when trying to install npm with the epel-testing repo enabled:
  25. <sgallagh> cr3: Hmm, the package may not have actually made it to your local mirror (we only updated it to -testing last night)
  26. <sgallagh> Ok, here's what you can do:
  27. * rdieter has quit ()
  28. <sgallagh> cr3, ctracey: Download to the local directory, then run "yum install npm ./nodejs-ansi-0.1.2-7.el6.1.noarch.rpm"
  29. <cr3> sgallagh: should I use baseurl=$basearch instead of mirrorlist in my epel-testing.repo file?
  30. <sgallagh> This approach will also allow you to run the install without the epel-testing repo enabled
  31. * rdieter (~rdieter@fedora/rdieter) has joined #epel
  32. <ctracey> sgallagh: yeah that works
  33. <ctracey> and epel-testing also failed for me
  34. <ctracey> i will drag that rpm to our local rpm repo
  35. <cr3> seems to be progressing for me too, but I'll test a bit later with a vanilla system to know for sure
  36. <ctracey> this is vanilla
  37. <sgallagh> ctracey: Like I said, this is headed to stable, so it will be in the main repo within 48 hours.
  38. <ctracey> sgallagh: yeah, its cool. I just have 250 machines to roll tonight :)
  39. <ctracey> we will revert on monday
  40. <sgallagh> Understood
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