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Naut's judgments

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Nov 8th, 2010
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  1. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  2. Naut's judgments
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  5. GenericTouhouFan: 6/10
  6. Interesting idea with the multiple rooms, but the danmaku was boring as hell. Would've rather you used more original attacks too, as opposed to compying some danmaku from ZUN.
  8. Iryan: 6.5/10
  9. Simplistic graphics all the way! Enemy formations were cool, but I must say that I didn't enjoy the enemy danmaku at all. None of it stood out except for the sinusoidal bullets, and they stood out in a bad way. The converting of enemies to eye balls when entering that gapverse was pretty cool though, and I liked how it changed their danmaku as well. Some neat gimmicks, but I think you could've done better with danmaku on pretty much all fronts...
  11. Kylesky: 7/10
  12. Nice 3d background! I loved how you went through the floor. The stage lasers were kinda awkward though, and over all the stage design was fairly lacking. There were some fun moment though, which bumped up your score :V
  14. Suikama: 3/10
  15. Points for a really neat idea, but please finish next time. And include a damn enemy to make getting to the boss less boring >:I
  17. Chau: 7.5/10
  18. Nicely synced with the music! Some interesting danmaku here and there, though I wish the script was a little less "danmaku in your face, hope you knew it was coming". Very eerie. Nice work.
  20. Schezo: 5.5/10
  21. Some decent attacks for the boss, but your stage was really lacking. Interesting use of Kirby sprites, heh. Boss fight was much better than the stage, but they were both kinda "meh".
  23. Grumskiz: 4/10
  24. Neat boss fight I guess, even though it lasts way too long and is too repetitive, particularly on the survival, but the stage is zzzz. Put more effort into the stage next time :)
  26. Foremoster: 4.5/10
  27. Your stage is long, repetitive and boring. You may want to work on creating more than one or two types of danmaku, and then mixing them in better ways. Right now, the stage is way too repetitive.
  29. Zerro: 3/10
  30. Did those enemies just shoot baguettes at me? Points for keeping everything original, but I really can't give this a higher mark.
  32. Onthenet: 7/10
  33. Some neat stage ideas that are cool but not awesome. Boss fights again are cool, but not awesome. You've made a decent script that has nothing particularly special about it, but it fine to play. Should've spent less time on the bullet collision gimmick that is barely noticable ;)
  35. Sasupoika: 8/10
  36. Lots of fun with your entry. Difficulty was pretty unbalanced, in the sense that you probably should've included a lower (and higher) one. You enemy formations were pretty cool, and the script was fairly "scary". I think you could've gotten more creative with your danmaku, particularly on your stage, though. Good work, in any case.
  38. Thaws: 7/10
  39. Ah, the trademark Thaws sound effects. Unfortunately very out of place, but it was to be expected from you. Some pretty good danmaku and stage design, though music probably would've helped with atmosphere. This entry was more funny than scary, but good danmaku got you some points so you still score high. :V
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