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  1. [jfilipe@localhost ~]$ /usr/bin/cairo-dock | grep "+-+jfilipe+-+"
  2. sh: line 1: 32477 Killed                  ./"WindowsKiller" 1 "/org/cairodock/CairoDock/WindowsKiller" "/home/jfilipe/.config/cairo-dock/current_theme/plug-ins/WindowsKiller/WindowsKiller.conf" "/home/jfilipe/.config/cairo-dock" cairo-dock 32455
  3. +-+jfilipe+-+: Bookmarks: (null)
  4. +-+jfilipe+-+: Bookmarks: (null)
  5. +-+jfilipe+-+: Bookmarks: (null)
  6. +-+jfilipe+-+: Bookmarks: (null)
  7. +-+jfilipe+-+: Bookmarks: (null)
  8. +-+jfilipe+-+: Bookmarks: (null)
  9. +-+jfilipe+-+: Bookmarks: (null)
  10. +-+jfilipe+-+: Bookmarks: (null)
  11. +-+jfilipe+-+: Bookmarks: (null)
  12. +-+jfilipe+-+: Bookmarks: (null)
  13. +-+jfilipe+-+: Drives: (null)
  14. +-+jfilipe+-+: Drives: (null)
  15. +-+jfilipe+-+: Drives: (null)
  16. +-+jfilipe+-+: Drives: (null)
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