"The market" ~WIP

Jul 14th, 2018 (edited)
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  1. >You lock the door behind you and brush a stray hair away from your muzzle.
  2. >Blasted wind, you had your mane absolutely perfect!
  3. >No matter, you'll have time to freshen up at your destination.
  4. >The market.
  5. >The pony market to be precise.
  6. >With slavery abolished several years ago pony run establishments have been slowly popping up all over.
  7. >A market was the sensible thing to appear first.
  8. >Pony palates are quite different than human ones, and most human grocery stores were strangely reluctant to stock a proper selection of flowers and hay.
  9. >You suspect they'd rather conveniently forget they'd so recently enslaved an entire species, but it's not as though ponies are going anywhere.
  10. >No, you're all here to stay.
  11. >Thanks to affirmative action laws you all live and work right besides your former masters whether they like it or not.
  12. >Still, some degree of segregation remains and the market is a prime example of such.
  13. >The cute young mare behind the counter greets you as you enter.
  14. >A darling, that one.
  15. >You know her parents. They're good ponies.
  16. >Lucky ones too, their darling foal was born mere weeks after slavery was ended once and for all.
  17. >She got to grow up never having to know the kiss of the lash, the bite of a collar, or the terror of an angry master.
  18. >You envy her, she's unlike you in so many ways.
  19. >Still, you give her a polite smile and nod.
  20. >She does a wonderful job running the shop while her parents manage... other things.
  21. >You find her father in the back.
  22. >A large and stocky, though very laid-back stallion.
  23. >He's always been polite to you even when you were the new mare around here.
  24. >"Miss Rarity, back again already?"
  25. "Well, I do so love your shop Mr. Spade, but surely it hasn't been that recently?"
  26. >He continues whittling his little piece of wood.
  27. >"3rd time this month by my accounting. You must have quite the need for our... goods."
  28. >You blush slightly at that!
  29. "I... Well yes, perhaps that's true. I find myself short on daffodils again if I must confess."
  30. >"Daffodils you say? Mighty demand for those lately. If there's not any on the shelf you could check the back. You know where things are?"
  31. "You could say that, yes."
  32. >You step closer and allow him to open the door for you with a hoof.
  33. "Is Harvest back here?"
  34. >"Should be. I'm sure you'll bump into her."
  35. "Of course, thank you."
  36. >You step past the stallion in your search for daffodils.
  37. >Now most shops wouldn't let a customer into the back rooms to peruse the stock, but the market is different.
  38. >The truth is you aren't here for daffodils, you're here for something different entirely.
  39. >If a human stepped through this door they'd end up in a regular, though empty, stockroom.
  40. >If a pony, however, passes through this door they end up somewhere quite different indeed.
  41. >Immediately the music assails you.
  42. >You suspect the entire complex to be located either underground, or in the aether itself, as you've never heard a single noise from the outside.
  43. >Ponies throng to and fro in a myriad of outfits.
  44. >Some simple, some complex, and almost all shockingly scandalous to the outside world.
  45. >After abolishment the world had remained understandably segregated.
  46. >Many humans clung to old habits in regards to treatment of their former servants despite their new legal status.
  47. >The resulting laws over the years angered quite a few, but nevertheless had several effects.
  48. >Things like affirmative action and anti discrimination laws changed the lives of many, but the biggest change was a more visual one.
  49. >Any old tack or visual representation of slavery (collars, bridles, horn rings, even saddles) were severely cracked down upon.
  50. >Even the harness a laborer pony might need for his job had to be designed a certain way and required jumping through endless red tape to employ.
  51. >ID collars were replaced with badges that in no way resemble any old symbols of oppression.
  52. >Some of the new rules may have taken things a bit far, even applying them to things ponies want to voluntarily wear, but overall the change was for the best.
  53. >A change you wouldn't know even happened once you entered this marvelous club.
  54. >"Rarity!"
  55. >You turn to find a tacked-up mare approaching you from behind the bar.
  56. "Harvest, so good to see you!"
  57. >You exchange nuzzles with Earthen Spade's wife.
  58. >"I should say the same to you! I thought after last week you'd want a break! I could tell from the way you walked out you'd had a good time!"
  59. >Oh my, she just has to embarrass you doesn't she?!
  60. "H-harvest please! You'll make me blush!"
  61. >The older mare likes to pick on you from time to time, but you'd never hold it against her.
  62. >"Nonsense sweetheart, there's nothing wrong with enjoying yourself and we both know it!"
  63. >Not all would agree with that statement but here, in this place, it's true.
  64. "You're right of course, twice in fact. Last week was quite... bracing, yet as you said here I find myself again."
  65. >"Don't get me wrong, it's not as if I'm not glad to see you. You're good though right? I've told you to not get in too deep."
  66. "Of course. I'm fine, I promise."
  67. >She searches your eyes for any sign of deception.
  68. "Really. I won't forget your advice, I swear."
  69. >She small smile you put on convinces her.
  70. >"That's just what I want to hear. So, plans for the night?"
  71. >You put a hoof to your chin as you muse.
  72. "As odd as it may be, I'm not quite decided. Perhaps I'll peruse for a bit and explore my options. I brought the outfits for either occasion!"
  73. >You pat your saddlebags and chuckle.
  74. >"Not a bad plan, I've been there before myself. Mingle, dance, see who's here, and then decide. Nothing wrong with that."
  75. >You nod.
  76. >At first you'd felt silly coming here without knowing exactly what you wanted, but Harvest can always put you at ease.
  77. >"I'll even give you the rundown of what I've seen."
  78. >She throws a hoof over your shoulders and starts to point.
  79. >"Cobalt is back tonight for the first time since his little foray with you."
  80. >You probably scared him off.
  81. >These aren't feelings many ponies can easily handle.
  82. >"Sky Spur is here for the second time this week. I'm a little worried about him, but no one's complained yet..."
  83. >There's no use denying that everypony here has a taste for this, but there's a fine line between quenching the thirst and diving headfirst into something darker.
  84. >"That cute little filly from south side is back, Dew I think her name was? Ocean Dew? Don't quote me on that, but she's adorable if a bit shy."
  85. "I believe you're correct about the name. She's so young though, isn't she?"
  86. >Of age certainly, but too young to understand all this.
  87. >"No argument, but she's a nice filly. Try chatting her up, I'm sure she'd be starry eyed to meet a heroine of Equestria."
  88. >She gives you a wink and hip bump.
  89. >Trying to boost your ego hmm?
  90. >You're wise to Harvest's tricks, but it's no real harm.
  91. "Perhaps. It doesn't hurt to examine the possibilities I suppose."
  92. >"Good mare."
  93. >She lightly swats you with her tail as she turns back towards the bar.
  94. >"I'm sure you'll figure it out. Oh Strawberry is here of course, but you could have guessed that. Trinity is back on the block tonight if you want to watch. I've got her an outfit I'm sure you'll approve of!"
  95. >The block, the highlight of every weekend at the market.
  96. "I'll be sure to watch then. Ta-ta!"
  97. >Some nights you aren't sure you can watch the block, but it tends to draw you in anyway.
  98. >The memories call to you like a siren you know you should resist.
  99. >But no pony here can resist that particular call.
  100. >As planned you mingle for a bit.
  101. >Cobalt seems to actually avoid you, but you suppose that's understandable.
  102. >You've seen a side of him nopony else has.
  103. >Sky Spur on the other hoof is quick to approach you.
  104. >"There's my favorite mare!"
  105. >Ha, you'll not be so easily persuaded.
  106. >You rebuff his attempts at a nuzzle with a stiff hoof.
  107. "I'm sure you say that to all the mares Sky dear."
  108. >"Only the extra fun ones!"
  109. >He lets out a low growl and tries to slip past your hoof only to be denied a second time.
  110. >"Come on filly, you had fun."
  111. >Pft, stallions.
  112. "Perhaps, but as you can see I'm not quite dressed for either part yet. There are options to explore before I decide which saddlebag I need, and you're but one of them."
  113. >He raises an eyebrow and finally gives you some space.
  114. >"Oh, I didn't know you swung that way too."
  115. >He takes an aggressive step forward, but you don't take one back.
  116. >"That's hot. I like that, but you know you'd be happiest-"
  117. >You put a hoof to his mouth before he embarrasses himself.
  118. "As always, you're cute, and I can appreciate straightforwardness, but I've not decided. When you see me prepared perhaps try again."
  119. >He may be brash, but he understands that no means no.
  120. >The stallion back up and gives a small bow.
  121. >"As you wish madam. I'll keep an eye out for you."
  122. >You favor his change of tone with a smile.
  123. >If only stallions outside the market could take rejection so well.
  124. >You hardly make it five more steps before something strawberry red catches the corner of your eye.
  125. >"Mi - er Rarity! Hi!"
  126. >Enthusiastic, but if you had to be honest Strawberry depresses you a bit.
  127. >She's just... too into it.
  128. "Strawberry, how've you been?"
  129. >"Just wonderful! Are you reigning tonight!? If you are I'd love to-"
  130. >You don't need to cover Strawberry's mouth like Sky Spurs, you need only hold up a hoof.
  131. "That remains to be seen. I suppose I'm feeling... flexible."
  132. >Goodness how her eyes shine with... excitement? Admiration? Both?
  133. "I'll remember your kind offer if it comes to it alright?"
  134. >"Yes! Thank you! I'll just umm, I'll just be around! I'm sure you can find me if you want!"
  135. "Thank you darling, that sounds lovely."
  136. >It pays to be polite, but you can't see yourself with Strawberry tonight.
  137. >The one time it was her and you she'd reminded you of a certain pink pony just a bit too much.
  138. >A pink pony you'd never want to see in the positions Strawberry allowed herself to be put in.
  139. >You exchange pleasantries with a few others before arriving at Ocean Dew.
  140. >She still looks so young to you, but you told Harvest you'd at least try.
  141. >Besides she's sitting alone, how dreadful that can be.
  142. "Ocean Dew is it? Harvest Shine gave me your name. I'm Rarity, Rarity Belle."
  143. >The mare was clearly startled, but she recovers quickly.
  144. >"Oh! Yes, that's me. Rarity Belle like THE Rarity Belle?"
  145. >Even though you and your friends hadn't done anything noteworthy for almost a decade now, the tales of your past deeds remain.
  146. >Such stories were a shining light in the dark oppressed days.
  147. >In the end it was no stroke of magic or blast of elements that had saved ponykind, but fables of pony virtue winning the day continue to live on in their hearts.
  148. "That was quite a long time ago, but yes the very same."
  149. >"Oh wow! My parents told me all the stories about you six! It's an honor to meet you!"
  150. "The pleasure is mine, but really I'm nothing special here. Just another participant."
  151. >"Of course, this IS the market after all. So are you, umm...?"
  152. >Which side are you is what she wants to ask.
  153. "Well, I'm not quite decided yet."
  154. >"Oh, a switch? I'm just on the *ahem* side"
  155. >The lightly gestures towards the adornment on her neck.
  156. "I see, I see. Nothing wrong with that. 'Dan'? Is that what it says?"
  157. >The glorified filly blushes.
  158. >"Y-yes he's my m-master."
  159. >Ugh.
  160. "Your master? Your human master?"
  161. >She nods demurely.
  162. "Nothing wrong with a little make believe I suppose."
  163. >"Oh no, he's really my master! Whatever he says goes!"
  164. >And this is why you knew you shouldn't have talked to the poor little poser.
  165. "Perhaps but you could leave at any time, yes? He's not REALLY a master."
  166. >She shakes her head vigorously.
  167. >"No! I'd never! He's my master I can't just leave him!"
  168. "You don't WANT to leave him, but you always could if you NEED to. No offense darling, but it's a rather big difference."
  169. >She'll never understand.
  170. >She knows how to serve, but not how to fear.
  171. >How to fear a master who comes home drunk and beats you.
  172. >How to fear a master who doesn't take no for an answer.
  173. >A master you can't just leave whenever you want.
  174. >A master who owns you body, mind, and spirit.
  175. >"But I'd never! I-"
  176. >She disgusts you.
  177. >You want to slap her.
  178. >You want to push her to the floor and tell her how it feels to be raped, beaten, violated, truly oppressed.
  179. >What it's like to fear for your very life when master shows no sign of stopping no matter how you plead.
  180. "I should go."
  181. >"Wait! I'd love to-"
  182. "No! No darling I'm afraid-"
  183. >"Rarity!"
  184. >An interruption, thank the sisters.
  185. >Harvest canters over to you with a worried look.
  186. >"Rarity I'm so sorry but can I borrow you for a moment? Apologies to you as well Dew."
  187. >"O-oh, no trouble..."
  188. "What's going on Harvest? You look stressed."
  189. >"It's... come with me. Please."
  190. >She drags you to a quiet corner and begins.
  191. >"It's Trinity. I don't know what's happened, but she's got cold hooves all of a sudden! I tried talking to her but I think pushing her too hard would be-"
  192. "No, you're right if she isn't comfortable then that's that."
  193. >The older mare nods.
  194. >"Exactly. It's's the block. You know how important it is to keeping this place running. We've barely been scraping by lately. If we miss this whole auction I'm not sure what we'll do."
  195. "I understand. You're doing a wonderful thing here Harvest. How can I help? Do you have any other mares? I could try talking to Trinity myself, but we shouldn't pressure her into doing something she doesn't want to."
  196. >"Velvet is out of town and the other girls are worn out."
  197. >Worn out.
  198. >"This is Trinity's second week in a row so I'm sure that's what's getting to her too."
  199. >The prospect of two weeks in a row is daunting for any mare.
  200. >"I hate to ask this but..."
  201. "But what? What can I do? You know I'm here for you Harvest."
  202. >"We... we need somepony to take over for Trinity. Somepony tough who I KNOW can do this!"
  203. >The way she's looking at you...
  204. >You take a fearful step back.
  205. "D-do you mean...?"
  206. >"It's a lot to ask. If you aren't comfortable I totally understand. I feel awful even asking you this. I've only let volunteers up there it in the past, but I really don't have another choice. If you feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable..."
  207. "I..."
  208. >Your heart is beating a mile a minute just at the idea of going up on the block.
  209. >It's not something you've never thought about, but the prospect isn't to be taken lightly.
  210. >You figured you'd be up there one day... You just didn't think it'd be thrust upon you like this!
  211. >"You don't want to. That's fine! I'll just-"
  212. "No, I'm not saying no I just..."
  213. >She takes your hoof and looks you hard in the eyes.
  214. >There's no way she can miss the apprehension coursing through your veins.
  215. >"It's ok to be scared. I'd be worried if you weren't scared, but you're a tough mare Rarity. I wouldn't have asked you to do this if I didn't think you could. Will you get on the block?"
  216. >Your mouth is so dry you can only nod your consent.
  217. >Luna above just what are you getting yourself into?
  218. >Harvest pulls you into a sudden and powerful hug!
  219. >"You're just as brave a mare as they say."
  220. >Her hoof petting your mane reminds you of gentle days long past.
  221. >"I'll help you all along the way, but I know you can do it."
  222. "T-thank you. Do we need to...?"
  223. >"Yes, yes let's go. You'll probably fit into Trinity's outfit, but let's go see if it needs any adjustments."
  225. >You've been in the changing rooms plenty of times before, but the block's room is a league apart!
  226. >While every other mare shared the common changing rooms with their long sprawling counters and mirrors, the block's room has private everything.
  227. >Private mirrors, wardrobes, bathrooms, and it's all simply to die for.
  228. >"Welcome welcome welcome! Grand isn't it? Everything a mare needs for her special night!"
  229. >She pushes you towards the chair and floats something out of the wardrobe.
  230. >You swallow hard when you first see it.
  231. >Your saddle.
  232. >The red leather is complete with rhinestones, [spoiler]Gems are much more expensive on earth[/spoiler] lovely lace, and of course a solid looking bridle.
  233. >Your eye catches the shining bit causing the butterflies in your stomach go wild!
  234. >So many memories!
  235. >First capture, training, sale, master after master-
  236. >"Hey hey hey, it's ok! Look at me! Rarity look at me!"
  237. >Only when she moves the outfit out of your line of sight does the spell break.
  238. >"Shhh you're good, you're safe. It's just an outfit. The outfit can't do anything to you and neither can the pony you wear it for, ok?"
  239. >Well, he can, but within limits.
  240. >Limits you'll soon explore yourself.
  241. "I'm sorry... It just... the memories. You understand I'm sure."
  242. >She nods.
  243. >"Too well. Again if you want out-"
  244. "No."
  245. >You stand and face the mirror.
  246. "No I'll wear it. I love this place, you do such a good thing here, and I'd be up there before too long anyway. Perhaps it's best having it thrust upon me like this..."
  247. >"Rarity I'm really not sure-"
  248. "No, but I am. Give it here, let's see if it fits."
  249. >Put on a strong face Rarity.
  250. >Face your demons Rarity.
  252. >It's snug.
  253. >Trinity is a slightly smaller mare than yourself, but some of the more stretchy materials make up for it.
  254. >You spin in a circle in front of the mirrors.
  255. >It's cute.
  256. >The frills twirl in the wind when you spin and the color doesn't totally clash with your mane. The rhinestones even match your cutiemark!
  257. >Thankfully Harvest didn't put your tail in the tail loop yet, that naughty little feature is saved for later.
  258. >All in all it's extremely kinky, but you've worn more scandalous saddles in your time at the market before.
  259. >You're used to these parts of the outfit at least.
  260. >Harvest soon appears with the next step.
  261. >"Do you want me to pull Trinity's plate off the block collar and put yours on it? It'll take a minute, but it's no big deal."
  262. "No, my collar will do just fine. Thank you though."
  263. >You turn when she reaches your side and look at it.
  264. >It's not elaborate like the block collar but it's far more 'you'.
  265. >Matching colors and real diamonds.
  266. >You turn your body completely to face the older mare.
  267. >"You look beautiful."
  268. >Mmmm, you appreciate her nuzzles now more than ever.
  269. >"Ready? You can do this."
  270. >You nod before lifting your chin to expose your delicate neck to her.
  271. >It's been quite a long time since someone else put the collar on for you.
  272. >You should just do it yourself like always, but you're sure she's using it to help prepare you for the final step.
  273. >The symbol of bondage snaps in place.
  274. >Loose enough to not be a problem, but tight enough that you can't forget it's presence.
  275. >Better than some of the ones you'd had when a true slave.
  276. >"Good girl."
  277. >Nuzzles all around it seems.
  278. >"Feeling good? Maybe you should stretch out a bit."
  279. >Again you shake your head.
  280. "Thank you, but I feel fine. Let's just finish up, yes?"
  281. >She gives you a worried look.
  282. >"Are you absolutely sure? We have a few minutes if you need to adjust."
  283. >This time it's your turn to nuzzle her.
  284. "You're very good to me Harvest. I appreciate the concern I really do. I'm ready though, let's do this."
  285. >Oh!
  286. >A kiss on the cheek!
  287. >You smile at her and close your eyes.
  288. "Such a dear."
  289. >Your ears flick, but you manage to remain relatively calm as the bridle is pulled over your head!
  290. >It wraps around your muzzle and soon snakes its way around the back of your head!
  291. >No doubt Harvest wants this to be as quick and painless as possible for you!
  292. >You whinny as the built-in horn ring slides into place but she holds you steady!
  293. >For casual encounters tack is optional.
  294. >You've worn a saddle, collar, and bridle before but never a ring!
  295. >Not since those days!
  296. >Not since they'd taken you!
  297. >Without your magic for the first time in years you panic and struggle a little, but Harvest holds strong.
  298. >It's just Harvest!
  299. >It's just the market!
  300. >You fight the memories as best you can, but the further down the ring slides the harder it is!
  301. >Ugh, you need to stay calm but you just can't!
  302. >A firm pull at your reigns pulls your head back and prevents you from doing anything stupid!
  303. >"Easy! Easy girl!"
  304. >You snort and flick your ears, but there's nowhere to go with the reigns holding you back.
  305. >"Shhhh, easy! It's ok, everything's ok!"
  306. >Harvest's soothing voice eventually brings you back down to reality.
  307. >"Gooood, goooood."
  308. >Your hooves all return to the floor and after what seems like minutes you reopen your eyes.
  309. >Well, it's hard not to feel better looking at that beaming smile!
  310. >"You little bronco!"
  311. >Oh stop it, she'll make you blush!
  312. >"How they ever handled you I'll never know!"
  313. >She reaches up and undoes your bit with a hoof.
  314. >So much better!
  315. "I gave them a fight I assure you!"
  316. >"I expected no less."
  317. >My my, if you get any more nuzzles she'll spoil you!
  318. >"Alright, so. You look fantastic, you're fully tacked up, we're totally ready to get out there when you are!"
  319. >You take a look in the mirror and blush.
  320. >If any pony outside the market saw you now you'd simply die of embarrassment.
  321. >Saddle, collar, reigns, and ring. All you lack is stockings, but the block doesn't provide those. Too many choices.
  322. >"We can take a few minutes if you want to trot around a bit."
  323. "No, we shouldn't keep our good ponies waiting any longer."
  324. >You turn back to her and open your mouth so she can replace the bit.
  325. >Oh dear.
  326. >Is she tearing up?
  327. "Darling what's-"
  328. >Oof!
  329. >Now that's a hug!
  330. >"Thank you so much!"
  331. >How funny, this time it's your turn to pet her mane.
  333. >You put on a strong face for Harvest as the two of you walk to the block, but your insides twist and turn no matter what.
  334. >Who's going to win you?
  335. >What will they do?
  336. >Will you be able to handle it?
  337. >The block mare gets a safeword, but if they use it the reign holder can demand their money back.
  338. >Harvest insists your safety and comfort comes first, but...
  339. >Too soon you arrive at the stage.
  340. >The block.
  341. >You get one last moment to swallow your nervousness before Harvest gently tugs your reins.
  342. >It's time.
  343. >Out from behind the curtain and into the light the two of you emerge.
  344. >Goddesses it's so bright!
  345. >You never thought you'd be grateful to be publicly reigned, but you'd have stumbled in the bright light without her guidance.
  346. >All too soon you arrive at the block proper.
  347. >A circular wooden pedestal on a raised stage in the at the far end of the building.
  348. >The central attraction!
  349. >The pièce de résistance!
  350. >The auction block!
  351. >Harvest ties you off to the post located slightly to your right.
  352. >Just a cursory glance tells you the knot is not easily undone.
  353. >If you wanted to run... well...
  354. >"Ladies and Gentlecolts! Welcome to the market's weekly attraction: Auction night!"
  355. >My just how many ponies are out there?
  356. >The clapping and cheering certainly seems louder from up here than it does from the audience!
  357. >"Some of you have been here plenty of times, and some of you have not! For everyone's sake let's have a brief rundown of exactly how this all works! Up on the block tonight we have: Miss Rarity Belle!"
  358. >So loud!
  359. >You'd be tempted to smile, but the bit in your mouth says otherwise.
  360. >You could wave you suppose, but what mare on an auction block would do that?
  361. >Instead you'll be true to your feelings and simply tremble.
  362. >"Rarity is a 21 year old unicorn weighing in at..."
  363. >Oh, right.
  364. >You forgot about your pedigree.
  365. >So much for a lady having her secrets...
  366. "... and 5 inches. Never foaled, but well trained in the arts of pleasure and obedience as her last few masters can attest to! In fact she was trained at Redhorse Academy so you KNOW she knows how her way around a bed, am I right?"
  367. >My, Harvest certainly did her homework...
  368. >You don't exactly advertise you went to Redhorse since it's a known horse whore manufacturer, but you suppose everyone knows now...
  369. >Be strong Rarity!
  370. >Chin up!
  371. >You've been reliving your past for months now.
  372. >Deep down you always knew you'd end up on the block eventually.
  373. >Up on this stage being sold like the property the humans made you...
  374. "Good health, good disposition, and so very pretty."
  375. >Hmm, that got a few cat calls.
  376. >Not too shabby.
  377. "Tonight we'll be bidding to see who gets to hold the reigns of this beautiful creature for the night!"
  378. >Your reigns.
  379. >Other ponies have held your reigns before.
  380. >To be guided and controlled is a deeply ingrained guilty pleasure a lot of ex-slaves have.
  381. >You tried to deny how it called to you at first, but you came back eventually.
  382. >You put yourself at the hooves of another time and time again.
  383. >Eventually you picked up the lash yourself just to see what it felt like.
  384. >How it felt to reign over another pony.
  385. >To be their mistress they only sought to please.
  386. >You aren't proud of any of this, but it's a part of you now.
  387. >It's useless to deny the humans branded this into your mind and soul, at least you found a place like the market to safely express it.
  388. >You just didn't think you'd be up on the block as the center of attention quite so soon!
  389. >With a kick Harvest slowly sets your pedestal spinning.
  390. >The buyer need to see every angle, afterall.
  391. >You stand still like a good mare even when you're turned completely around with your flanks towards the crowd.
  392. >More than a few buyers clap, call, and comment on the shape of your derriere.
  393. >Some even express what they'd like to do to it, or how fit for the lash it is.
  394. >You try not to shiver, but you can hear it in their voices.
  395. >The desire.
  396. >The desire not just to have you, but to be in power over you.
  397. >To dominate you.
  398. >To reign over you.
  399. >Finally you make the full 360.
  400. >At least nopony is looking at your plot anymore!
  401. >Still you know the embarrassing bits aren't over quite yet.
  402. >As soon as you stop Harvest slips behind you and begins to play with your tail tie.
  403. >You know what comes next.
  404. >"That's right ladies and gentlecolts this can be all yours for the whole night! The winner even gets to see her as she should be!"
  405. >You blush and close your eyes as she lifts your tail!
  406. >It only takes her a moment to fasten it to the saddle's loop but your humiliation will last a lifetime!
  407. >It's so high!
  408. >Anypony behind you would have a perfect view of EVERYTHING Rarity Belle has to offer!
  409. >"Beautiful!"
  410. >And right now that anypony is Harvest...
  411. >She gently slaps a cheek, causing you to squeak, before leaving your exposed bits behind her.
  412. >You told yourself you wouldn't give them the satisfaction of squeaking too!
  413. >"Gorgeous isn't she?"
  414. >She runs the side of a hoof up your cheek and slightly brushes your mane.
  415. >You can't help but shy away but she doesn't seem to mind.
  416. >"All ready for whoever wins tonight! Now let's start out at $500!"
  417. >And so it begins.
  418. >To little surprise quite a few ponies are willing to bid on the hero of Equestria.
  419. >A cage is rolled up behind you and two mares untie you and back you into it as the bidding continues.
  420. >$1000.
  421. >$2000.
  422. >$4000.
  423. >You'd be pleased at how fast the price is rising if you knew they weren't bidding to take you to the prize room and claim you as only a master can.
  424. >No not a master, a reigner, such a more palatable term no?
  425. >Still the price climbs.
  426. >What was the average? A couple thousand at best?
  427. >By the time bids climb to $10,000 Harvest is as blown away as you.
  428. >"$10,000! We're just shattering records here tonight ponies! Will you let this breathtaking heroine be taken away from you for only $10,000 though?! Just look at that mane! It alone is worth $10,000! No ponies, we can go much higher than that for this baby! I saw her get that tail up and let me tell you colts and fillies she is worth it!"
  429. >At least you're safe in the cage right?
  430. >The bidding naturally slows down to only the richest ponies, none of which you're too pleased with if you have to be honest.
  431. >Boulder has always seemed a bit rough to you, you really don't want to know what he'd do to your oh so soft coat.
  432. >Silent Breeze is a mare, but that look she's giving you... scary!
  433. >They say she carries her own whip...
  434. >Sky Spur was in the running but hasn't made in a bid in a while.
  435. >You give him a pleading look, but he just sighs and shrugs his shoulders.
  436. >At least he's reigned you before.
  437. >He was a firm one, but you'd know what to expect.
  438. >Clearly the current $15,000 is out of his range as it is for almost all ponies.
  439. >"$15,000! Remember colts and fillies all auction donations go to funding the market and market activities! Money spent here keeps cute mares like this on our stage and in your bedroom! Do I hear $16,000!?"
  440. >What? Who's that?
  441. >You've never seen that stallion before and that scares you more than anything!
  442. >"$16,000! Do I hear 17!?"
  443. >You'd really rather not go with an unknown element!
  444. >At least the other bidders have reigned ponies before, this stallion could be anypony!
  445. >No pony get into a secret illegal club without being vetted and vouched for, but still!
  446. >You give both Boulder and Breeze a desperate look!
  447. >You'll take their roughing up over an unknown!
  448. >"Going once!"
  449. >No no no!
  450. >"Going twice!"
  451. >You know they both have deep pockets!
  452. >You bend your head in a tiny bow in a last ditch effort to draw one of them in.
  453. >Reigners love subservience of course.
  454. >"And..."
  455. >"$20,000!"
  456. >Boulder!
  457. >You could jump for joy!
  458. >"$20,000! Talk about a new record! That's $20,000 from Mr. Boulder for the reigns to the lovely Miss Rarity! Going once! Going twice! Sold!"
  459. >You never thought you'd be happy to hear sold.
  461. >Just as soon as the curtain closes you're being wheeled towards 'the bedroom'.
  462. >The market has dozens of private rooms but 'the bedroom' is the one reserved for the block mare and her new reigner.
  463. >It's large, luxurious, and they say the bed is authentic pegasus down.
  464. >Other reigners can rent it for a premium fee when it's not auction night, but tonight it's your home.
  465. >Your home...
  466. >To your surprise the mare who pushed your cage to the room opens it.
  467. >"Out."
  468. >She's not exactly your reigner, but you suppose she is in charge.
  469. >Besides even if you resist she could grab your reigns as easily as any other pony.
  470. >As soon as you emerge she points towards the bed.
  471. >"Boulder likes his mares on the bed ready for him.
  472. >She helps you up and beings to arrange you.
  473. >Derriere towards the door, legs spread wide, tail lifted, head turned back towards the door to greet your new reigner.
  474. >You'd be lying if you said you weren't trembling.
  475. >Lastly she ties off your reigns to the solid wooden headboard of the bed.
  476. >If you wanted to run that opportunity is now passed.
  477. >"Boulder doesn't use lube so try and be prepared."
  478. >Your treatment so far has you part of the way there, but hearing that makes you want to tuck your tail!
  479. >"He likes full service."
  480. >Every hole.
  481. >"Really likes verbal resistance and even a little physical."
  482. >That's lovely.
  483. >"And finishes inside. You don't need a birth control spell do you?"
  484. >You shake your head.
  485. >It would be irresponsible to come here without one, but it's wise that they offer.
  486. >"Good, the market isn't responsible for any foals conceived."
  487. >Understandable, but a little rude to hear right now!
  488. >"Your safeword is walnut. Say it, or think it hard enough, and your horn ring will react."
  489. >The option is appreciated, but you know you couldn't do that to Harvest or yourself.
  490. >Boulder has demanded his money back before when a mare caved.
  491. >Harvest needs the money and you just went through that spectacle to get here.
  492. >As far as you're concerned, you're locked in.
  493. >"He's rough, I'm sorry. You can stay at the market for as long as you want after and we can even get you a masseuse."
  494. >You suspect you'll need that.
  495. >"I guess that's it. He has until 9am tomorrow to reign you then you're done. Understand?"
  496. >That's so far away.
  497. >Your heart feels like it's about to burst out of your chest, but you nod your understanding.
  498. >"Great."
  499. >She hops off the bed and starts to trot towards the door.
  500. >"H-hey..."
  501. >She stopped?
  502. >"I heard from Harvest about what a favor this is for the market. Thanks."
  503. >Aww.
  504. >"I... Look I'm not supposed to do this, but I could maybe help you out a little?"
  505. >Oh?
  506. >"He tends to just bust in here and mount straight away."
  507. >Ouch!
  508. >"But I could maybe... get you ready?"
  509. >Is she offering to *ahem*...?
  510. >"I'm not supposed to, but he'll just think you're eager. I'm really good, I can be quick about it. I promise I won't tell anyone and it'll make things a lot easier for you when he gets here."
  511. >It's a kind offer but it's also kind of cheating isn't it?
  512. >Sneaking around behind your master's, er, reigner's back sets off red flags in some deeply trained part of your mind.
  513. >A good pony is honest.
  514. >A good pony does what her master wants.
  515. >The only reason you're here is because society nowadays doesn't have a place for broken ponies like you anymore.
  516. >Ponies who need to be controlled.
  517. >Who need to be reigned in.
  518. >You shake your head to her generous offer.
  519. >You're sure you'll regret it, but that's part of being reigned.
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