Wreck-it-Ralph Bizarro fic summary

Apr 28th, 2013
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  1. A Hero's Duty
  2. AU Fic/ Though it could in theory just be in another arcade somewhere else
  4. Open with Calhoun narrating
  5. Hero's Duty is a 87 Contra clone
  6. Calhoun does double duty as both a Player 2 and tutorial giver in 1 Player mode, Markowsky gives the tutorial via comlink in 2 Player mode
  8. Due to the games difficulty nobody has beaten the game on 2 player mode, and Calhoun's character dies at the end of the first level in 1 player, the game's true ending can only be seen by beating in two player mode
  9. Rookie is Player 1, smug and arrogant, but not heartless, mostly just oblivious to how he makes others feel, and actually rather craven (has not left his game once, if he is this vulnerable in game, and death is permanent outside of it, then stepping out would be a death sentence)
  11. Most games involve her either guiding a player who is unskilled or ungrateful in her tutorial and dying to the first boss (Cybug Omega a prototype commander, acts as an advancing boss of doom style enemy) or dying then anyway or soon after due to the game's notorious difficulty and the players never being able to work in synch, and until then it's grueling run through bugs and assimilated soldiers/tech (accompanied with a semi-comedic montage of her many deaths) all while being taunted with messages from the game's primary Antagonist and Final Boss, Queen Vespix (a finalized cybug commander)
  12. Calhoun is shown (sporting a younger look, 80s style armor, a cyborg eye and mechanical legs, what the backstory on them is is not explained or dwelled upon) telling all of this to the Side-Anon meeting, which hosts characters like Tails, Toad (leader of the meetings), Roll, Aikawa etc. with Honorary Members like Dan Hibiki, Luigi and now Calhoun herself.
  14. Toad asks why she hadn't taken her honorary invite sooner, calhoun is nothing if not honest, she didn't think it was her thing, just a circle of guys talking about their feelings as an excuse to just hang out with each other rather than actually do anything about the problem, she came today because she had nothing better to do, they offered snacks and she was in no mood to deal with Rookie's fake bravado at the anniversary party. (showing off the twenty-ish medals he got from the times the game has been beaten in all it's time played (all single player of course) she feels that she was right about side-anon and leaves in a huff with some snacks. Before she goes, Toad asks her to at least invite Gene from the new Fix-it-Felix jr. remake for them before the night is done, she agree somewhat half heartedly.
  16. On her way back to Hero's Duty she happens across the main Racers (no palette swaps) and a couple of audience members for sugar Rush (an old Hang On style game) orphaned and gameless after the infamous "Sugar Crash", Calhoun decides they could use something and hands them her snacks, (insert morbid joke about the snacks resembling the now deceased Donut cops and Sour Bill)
  18. Stepping into her game she sees the anniversary party has dragged on longer than expected, as she steps in glumly as Rookie spouts about his achievements (Technically the player's achievements) suddenly she sees a wall burst open, Vespix enters beginning a grandiose speech, Calhoun having never seen Vespix in person knee jerks and shoots the ceiling in such a way that a massive slab falls on Vespix, squishing her, sort of high on the moment she promptly feels she has at least earned a Medal, the medal presents no reward save for giving calhoun a sense of vindication for once, as they tell her that doesn't happen until she wins in the actual game play, she gets uppity in her desire for them to at least let her have this. Neither side budges and she decides to leave for Tappers, picking up her bag that one of the others snuck a Cy-Bug egg in during the party as a prank.
  20. At Tappers she meets Gene and is told that Felix wins a Medal after EVERY LEVEL, he has many and is apparently really nice, seems easy enough, she hands over his invite and leaves, the arcade is opening soon
  21. A she steps out of Tappers she sees Vespix in the station, figuring that the queen is out for her blood after that party incident she hides as she tries to sneak into Fix-it-Felix jr. (Cue stealth sequence with Vespix looking nice and menacing) Vespix evaded for the moment Calhoun has the Sugar Rush kids distract her & Surge Guard with some mischief, they do so immediately thanks to the earlier act of kindness.
  23. Calhoun quickly realizes that she sticks out like a bent nail in a Marble statue and uses some construction gear, careful compression of bionic limbs, and goggles to conceal the eyes, equipping herself with a rivet gun to make a disguise, the game starts up and the level begins, Ralph (and a gaggle of vengeful displaced forest animals) begin wrecking the building, Platforming remains similar but wraps around the other sides of the building and even enters the smashed interior, enemies are mostly evaded or tricked out of the building, as Felix begins his initial romp Calhoun assumes he needs help when he hits his last life and begins plowing thru, not accustomed to avoiding collateral damage she wrecks the place even more and jump kicks Ralph off the building, in the chaos a boiler explodes making felix lose his last life in the game, the player leaves dejectedly, and moves onto Turbo Time only to see a line, game must be popular but the player doesn't have all day.
  25. said player moves on to Hero's Duty, the level starts off with a delay as Markowsky hastily fills in for the still absent Calhoun ("I thought she'd be back by now!") As Rookie struggles due to the lack of an extra gunner, he reaches the first boss, Omega's basic Single Player AI kicks in, first priority KILL SERGEANT CALHOUN, with Calhoun not there the thing bolts to Find her (everyone assumed they could handle a game without her, not knowing about this quirk in the programming) Resulting in Rookie Chasing after it, the game is marked out of order.
  27. Rookie Follows Omega to the opening, but stops, his crippling fear of the outside getting the best of him, Vespix suddenly steps in behind him claiming she will search the ends of the earth to find her, or at least the arcade, only to see a train that everyone assumes is Calhoun, they see the sugar rush kids all spilling at once (They got caught by Surge Guard) Vespix manages to get a straight answer from them about where she went.
  29. Meanwhile calhoun ends up semi-accidentally taking out a couple decades of her life out of Ralph's face ("Get off! It's Game Over!") leaving him with a thoroughly bruised and beaten face
  30. Felix Respawns and immediately comes to Ralph's aid fixing his face with the hammer (To Ralph's surprise) she a tries to apologise for the trouble and ask for one of Felix's medals, Felix being the nice guy he is (amd more than just a bit smitten at the sight of her) quickly grabs one for her, placing it in her bag, Ralph however is understandably ticked and gets ready to reduce her to a fine paste, Felix stops him, pointing out that he'd be prema-killing a character, Ralph settles for tossing her out of the game, this sends her Ricocheting off some hapless but durable characters until she get's launched into Turbo Time (a 2000 era style kart racer with elements resembling both speed racer and twisted metal)
  32. Felix still chides Ralph and encourages him to follow and see if she's okay and find out what the heck is going on. They exit into the station and begin searching.
  34. Having landed in a junkyard Calhoun sees that her bag landed on a tall hill of scrap metal, she climbs it only to see it get snagged by a creepy looking Junkyard hermit, said Hermit is Turbo, he wears a tracksuit made from various leather, fabric, plastic etc. scraps with a tattered cape with flames on it, and a helmet that is clearly a piece of cookware.
  36. He opens the bag seeing the metallic egg which hatches into a mini cy-bug that he puts on his shoulder and the medal which he feels may be able to trick the "ballot machine" into admitting him into the "Roster Election Race", As he reaches Race starting area to sneak in, Turbo Corp's President Von Speed is giving a speech establishing the rules, all the race entrees slot into the machine a Turbo Corp brand voucher coin representing the money they earned in the previous races, pledging it to fund the election race (Politics aren't cheap, and Von Speed seems to not quite understand what kind of President she is, let alone what a president actually does)
  38. Calhoun manages to track Turbo to the starting line where he is looking for an opening to sneak his "coin" when the Cy-bug runs off to the karts, ("Get back here little guy") the Bug promptly Grows ("or not so little guy") and starts eating a Kart growing kart parts, in the chaos Turbo manages to sneak his entry into the race and is in, but the Kart-bug suddenly has eyes for him, when Calhoun takes the thing out in one blast (The bug slumping over dead instead of exploding), President von Speed assures her citizens that the crisis is over, the monster is slain and that everything will be fixed, with most of the racers fixating in awe over calhoun for saving them, Speed decides to take her to her office. Meanwhile Turbo makes his escape.
  40. Speed's office is abnormally bright compared to the rest of the game with pastel colors and such, she congratulates Calhoun's heroism(subtly asking if she planted the bug herself) and begins trying to learn everything, Calhoun can see this for a poorly disguised interrogation and has none of it, wanting the Medal she lost back because darn it she has worked too hard for that thing already. Speed puts two and two together and explains that she'll just have to wait until the end of the race and hope the winner is feeling charitable, highlighting that with how little they get as is, it's unlikely they'll be in a giving mood, passive aggressively telling her to buzz off and not bother her or her game ever again. Calhoun is already walking out on her, ignoring her, triggering a "mild" loss of composure in Von Speed.
  42. Calhoun seeks out the Turbo Corp Break area/Garage in the hopes of getting a receptive racer, she spies Turbo trying to show his kart, a ramshackle thing made from wielded chunks of scrap metal and powered by a fan, Boost and Blitz (the twins) bring up the glitch thing and have Nitro take a FLAMETHROWER the the thing, quickly reducing it to a pile of worthless slag(this may come up as an insult) Calhoun not being bad person at heart she intimidates them off with some gunfire, still mad at Turbo for making her day only worse she doesn't exactly ask if he's okay and feels that he's the best chance she has at getting the Medal back, Turbo despairs that his kart was just destroyed, Calhoun briefly vents some frustration on some nearby rubble with her gun, Turbo see's this as a powerful enough weapon to break into the fabrication center (parts go in, Karts come out) when the question of descent parts comes up, they both remember the dead bug with all those futuristic metals and already built components.
  44. Cue a Turbo Time themed version of the minigames, the finished Kart is still clearly built from cy-bug parts, with visible head, exhausts made from hollowed out legs, etc. as a finishing touch Turbo paints it with hot rod flames and they sign it, but also have to evade Dodge and Ford, a pair of robotic Bike cops (as in they are the bikes) and duck into Turbos Hide out in a furnace area where caustic waste is disposed of via auto crane and tractor belt.
  46. While all that is happening, Ralph and Felix learn where Calhoun ended up, get directions to Turbo Time from surge guard, and enter seeking to work out what's going on, as they progress into the game they bicker and argue but also bond as the beginnings of a friendship form. At the same time Vespix finds she wouldn't have needed directions anyway, as Omega left a nice trail to Fix-it-Felix jr. inside the Beast is tearing the building calhoun was in apart as it follows her scent, Vespix and Omega briefly get into a fight, Vespix dominates the fight by outwitting the creature, the clash ends abruptly when Omega catches Calhoun's sent again and rushes out making a beeline for Turbo Time, Vespix pursues, figuring that she can just follow Omega to her. As you can imagine the Nicelanders are unhappy about any of these events.
  48. Back with Calhoun and Turbo the Training montage happens to the song "Jerry was a Racecar"
  49. Back in Von Speed's office she muses with her assistant (a rather glum Monkey Mechanic), she figures that she can appeal to a mix of her nature as a good guy and her cynicism, and if that doesn't work she can seal the deal with the Medal, we rehash the code diving sequence and move on.
  51. Mean while Ralph and Felix have reached the Junk yard and get ambushed by Omega, Ralph attempts to fend it off but to no avail, Fortunately Vespix was following and manages to make the thing burrow, ("uh-oh"), Ralph and Felix are obviously taken aback with her at first but she manages to get them to listen, after they explain their side of the story, Vespix is a bit surprised that a chunk of metal would be so important to Calhoun as to Risk another Sugar Crash, when asked about it she gives the exposition, " Back in the day there was a Game called Sugar Rush, the most popular racer on it's roster was the Princess, she was nice enough as far as I know, well liked by her subjects and fellow racers, and then a new game was installed, Virtua Racing. Now I don't know why she did it, nobody does, but she left her game in the middle of the day, and jumped into Virtua Racing, she didn't even give herself time to let her graphics adapt, most think she was trying to sabotage it, others that she was just trying to greet them enthusiastically, regardless both games were put out of order and immediately unplugged, she and almost two game's worth of people died that day, and the survivors are destitute, I don't want that happening again..."
  52. Felix:"Oh my land"
  53. Ralph:"I don't get that attitude, your game is your game, just like a good guy's a good guy and bad guy is a bad guy simple as that"
  54. Vespix:"Not really, you should come with me to some bad-anon meetings when this is over, what you do and who you are can be completely different."
  55. Ralph:(only half listening) Sure whatever.."
  56. As this encounter plays out Von Speed is watching via security camera and gets another idea
  58. Suddenly, Ralph, Felix, and Vespix are all cornered and captured by a massive battalion of Bike-bots, Felix is placed in a fairly normal holding cell, Vespix is put in a high end restraining harness, and Ralph is contained with repurposed safety foam. Ralph is brought up to Von Speed’s office, where she tells him that as the one running this dystopia, she is the Bad guy of these parts and that bad guys need to stick together, additionally offering a hefty reward (vacation home or something equally extravagant and appealing to a homeless guy) in exchange for ensuring that Turbo doesn’t race. Finding this easier to understand than what Vespix was saying, Ralph takes the offer.
  60. Back at the Hideout Turbo and Calhoun are getting ready to crash the race(figuratively of course), when Turbo Run’s back for something, Von Speed arrives and manages to get Calhoun to listen to what she has to say, (cue Vanellanon’s “every vote counts” Speech) and as a ”Show of good faith” presents her with the Medal and leaves.
  61. Turbo returns and produces a homemade Trophy/Medal for her, making the decision even harder, Calhoun explains, Turbo naturally won’t let his dreams be stopped now and doesn’t listen, desperately trying to wrench away her gun, forcing her to kick him aside and take aim (taking some camera angels from old yeller just to be safe), Turbo horrified, just says “and you call yourself a hero? You’re just like all the others….” He begins uselessly trying to piece the remains together, while Calhoun walks way in a bundle of self-loathing.
  63. Soon after Ralph comes to capture Turbo, being determined in the face of complete defeat (“I’ve bounced back from worse!”) he puts up a fight, but in the end is simply no match for Ralph, (possibly insert a twist on the hitting a guy with glasses gag) as He Brings him in Ralph feels much less comfortable with this than expected, not really able to pin down why.
  65. Calhoun returns to Hero’s Duty, feeling distinctly not victorious, Rookie is the only one still there, just waiting at the Train landing, he explains Omega’s escape and Vespix’s excursion to find her, missing it’s player2, first, and final bosses, Hero’s Duty was scheduled for unplugging the next day, as he leaves he asks if it was worth it.
  66. Calhoun reflects in the starting level and chucks the Medal directly into the air, firing on it before it hits the ground, the thing survives the shot, and symbolically as it hits the ground the internal coin drops in Calhoun’s head, with her new Realization she rushes back to Turbo Time.
  68. Back at the Hide out entrance Calhoun see’s the Monkey putting the remains of the Bug-Kart into a recycling canister labeled “to be melted down” the piercing question here is, “If Turbo’s a mistake, why is his name in the game’s title?” The interrogation involves duct tape on fur, the Monkey explains the tampering and that Turbo is imprisoned with the others.
  69. As Von Speed starts the racing ceremony, Calhoun sneaks into the Turbo Corp HQ detainment facility, and gets Felix out First, Felix is naturally happy to see her, Calhoun is curious as to if he’s mad but he says it was worth it for such a Dynamite gal, not having any PTS over the term she takes the compliment, Felix insists that they get Vespix out next before he fixes the Kart, (Felix: “What about your friend Vespix?” Calhoun: “Friend?”) Felix spells it out for her, that Vespix was searching for her because she was worried about her not mad (well maybe just a bit), they head over and release her from her harness, while Felix gets to fixing the Kart, Calhoun and Vespix finally have their overdue moment of conversation which starts with a tweaked version of the insult volleying Canon Ralph and Vanellope had, in this case using the taunts that Vespix give in the game, followed by this bit
  71. Calhoun: Also what was up, bursting through the wall with the whole "Behold my Glorious visage" Speech?
  72. Vespix: That's how I always enter a room...
  73. Calhoun: you could just use a door
  74. Vespix: Through a door? Like a Common Drone?
  76. with Felix finished, Vespix demonstrates her multitasking skill in having hatched small pack of Cybugs to help them raze the facility, they get ready to bust out Turbo only to see Ralph at the door, Felix (having witnessed Ralph take the deal) loses it on him, Ralph admits that he’s been having a sickening sensation ever since he caught Turbo, Vespix clarifies “It’s called Guilt, Ralph.”, after a bit of talk about how it didn’t give the same thrill he got from Wrecking the Building, Felix suggests Wrecking this one, and he smashes the door down. Calhoun gets ready for a second volley of insults (Suggestions for insults for both scenes would be nice).
  78. Turbo hits the Track while Calhoun and Vespix begin sweeping for Omega and any of his spawn, the Announcer alerts Speed to Turbo, Triggering a bit of a break down (“Get all the racers on the radio now!” “Which ones?” “EVERYONE!!”) With all of the racers alerted to Turbo’s Presence they all work together to try and take him out, Turbo manages to outwit and take out each one, tricking Gear (who’s using as Rail Gun) with Jump Jets, fooling the pyromaniac, Nitro with ignitable oil slicks, and tricking Boost and Blitz into crashing into each other, as Turbo covers ground Speed commands the Crusher (a giant automated semi-truck, bristling with weapons, programmed to take out the racer that’s dominating the track) to be activated, The thing seems to be poised to ruin Turbo’s chances when it gets anti-climatically sucked into the ground, this lull lasts all of five seconds when a now Turbo-ized Omega Bursts out of the ground in its place, the Crusher’s programming overriding its targeting parameters to focus on the Racers. They manage to elude it by reaching a tunnel Omega can’t fit through.
  80. Inside the tunnel are a bunch of Cybugs imprinted on Omega, Roused from hibernation this signals every single Bug to begin swarming the surface, they then engage Vespix’s Forces who receave back up from Ralph and Felix, Inside the tunnel Speed tries to Run Turbo off the road, but contact with Turbo’s glitch effect causes her disguise to break down, revealing her to be Vanellope Von Schweets (the greatest Racer ever!) with her form shifting back and forth between her President Speed form, a tattered version of her Princess look, and her casual outfit, Turbo manages to break away before he can get smashed on a pillar (“That was, TURBO TASTIC!”) Vanellope catches up quickly when Omega leaps down behind them, having climbed over the outcropping the tunnel went through, The two foes quickly agree to a truce, working together to try to lose the monster, Vespix and Calhoun fly over and strafe it, managing to shoot out the tires/treads now tipping its legs, causing the thing to fall off the edge of the overpass they are on, only for Omega to Burst out once more, barely missing Turbo and Eating Vanellope. As Turbo nears the finish line he gets spun out by Omega’s bugs, which are rapidly turning feral and beginning to overwhelm Vespix’s swarm and also destroying the finish line.
  82. Calhoun Despairs as the bugs are clearly going to overwhelm the game, and Turbo can’t get out, Turbo Tries to make it easier (“I had a good Run”) Vespix is getting ready to take out the entrance when Calhoun, while wishing for something resembling a beacon, has a moment of clarity and runs off to Turbo’s hide out without a word. At the furnace chamber she sets the controls of the belts and cranes to max and gets to disabling the safeties when Suddenly she’s ambushed by Cynellope (the face shifting now including brief flashes of Omega’s) the fight is pretty one sided so far, when the cavalry arrives, the others had followed, Vespix gets in to level the playing field first, Felix and Ralph run distraction at any time Vespix loses ground, Turbo helps Calhoun with the controls, with occasional bits from Felix to repair smashed controls in need of fixing, during the fight banter aplenty is given.
  84. Cynellope: I'm done being nice to you.
  85. Turbo: You were never nice to me!
  86. Cynellope: I never forced anyone to hate you! I even would have let you race if I could have, but I needed to remove someone from the roster to race myself!
  87. Turbo: What?!
  88. Cynellope: I Need to RACE! IT'S IN MY CODE!!
  89. Turbo: What makes you think you even deserve to race?
  92. Felix: *Stares her down, holding his hammer*
  93. Cynellope: What are YOU going to do? Fix me to death? Why don't you just run away and not get hurt?
  94. Felix: Because *Gulp* I know that out of all of us, you're still the most scared, AND, it's my job to fix things when they break, and there's a lot broken in you.
  95. Cynellope: I’m not hearing this!
  96. Ralph: This is for your own good kid!
  97. Cynellope: I SAID SHUT UP!! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! *Flails about, flinging Ralph aside*
  99. Vespix: Do you really think you can live this lie forever, even after all of this?!
  100. Cynellope: I can still make it all go back to normal; I can put it all back!!!!
  101. Vespix: You can’t fix this any more than you could fix Sugar Rush or Virtua Racing!
  102. Cynellope: *Screams incoherently, slamming Vespix into the ground* STOP TALKING!!!
  103. Calhoun: The only thing you’ll do if you keep going is ruin more lives! All you have to do is STOP!
  104. Cynellope: *on the verge of Tears*I-I n-never meant to hurt anyone!
  105. Calhoun: (in a somewhat self-reflective tone) No one ever does kid.....
  107. By this point Cynellope is less fighting and more, flailing angrily, gets herself tangled up in chains, the crane mechanisms that they’re attached to get ripped loose and into the furnace, the weight dragging her in, desperately clawing at the ground, Before she can even think, Calhoun shoots the chains, saving Vanellope, (“I’ve been a bad girl…”) the make shift beacon isn’t going to work because the primary safety switch is heavy and needs to be held in position, Calhoun demands that Vanellope take control of the feral bugs and order them to stop, but Vespix points out that when Omega’s brain was over ridden by vanellope the imprint was severed, Ralph and Vespix both offer to hold the switch, but Vanellope shoots it down saying that she’ll do it herself, as they would die, pointing out that since she hacked the game it will register as native and respawn her, Vespix is skeptical due to the fact that she is blended with Omega’s un-hacked code, but she holds firm, (“It’s okay, Just go on without me.”)
  108. Everyone else leaves the chamber, Vanellope holds the switch, as the explosions begin to chain react, with it set in motion the safety no longer matters, but the light of the makeshift beacon is mesmerizing Vanellope, her dazed Von Speed face flickers into a calm eyes closed classic Vanellope as the light envelops her. Meanwhile the others have to leave the building before the explosions can reach them. As the un-controlled bugs all crawl and fly to the beacon. As the last bug fizzles away, they wonder what they’ll do with Vanellope after the fact, but as they wait for her to respawn, Vespix concludes that she was too far gone.
  110. Guide
  111. Ending 1*
  112. Ending 2A#
  113. Ending 2B=
  115. *unfortunately for Vanellope, Vespix was right, Her code was too corrupted to respawn, the other characters share a moment of silence and mixed feelings on the matter
  117. #mercifully Vanellope was still encoded to respawn and meets them at the remains of the finish line
  118. =But respawning did not undo her transformation
  120. #=Vanellope: So, I helped save the day?
  121. Calhoun: yeah you did,
  122. Vanellope *Smiles*
  123. Calhoun: But you’re not off the hook, not by a long shot, it’ will be a long time before you ever race again
  124. Vanellope contritely agrees, understanding that not accepting responsibility will only make things worse again.
  126. *#=Felix fixes the finish line and Turbo finally crosses the finish line, the game resets, Turbo gets his track suit and it is revealed that he was meant to be the CEO of Turbo Corp, the now aware racers apologize from equal parts regret and fear.
  127. Turbo: *clears throat* My papers, Receives papers from assistant* thank you, let me see here, Unwittingly rebelling against the CEO, Aha! in Paragraph 9 of subsection Q of legal document XI, it is stated that all rebellious assets are to be, Liquidated.
  128. Racers: *Gasp*
  129. Turbo: With Fire.
  130. (Boost and blitz begin accusing each other.)
  131. Other Racers* Various reactions of terror, save for Nitro who has a “not sure if want” face*
  132. #=Vanellope: *cringes in empathy*
  133. Turbo: But I’d like to be a better boss than that! *Tears up document*
  134. Calhoun asks if this is the real Turbo
  135. Turbo: Hmmm…. Nah, *Remove track suit and reveals his make shift outfit* if I’m telling this rags to riches story, I’m wearing it for all to see!
  137. *Turbo builds a small memorial to Vanellope in front of his old hide out, the thing is made out of scrap metal and such, (“It suits her” *Receives glare from Felix*) they say some words and go,
  139. *#=after some goodbyes everyone besides Turbo returns to their respective homes, once again Calhoun narrates to Side-Anon.
  141. So, we’re going one game at a time, And I’m talking to my antagonist in the off hours, Turns out Vespix isn't so bad off the clock (show them laughing it up with some drinks on top of a tall spire)
  142. *# Vespix had to hatch a new bug to fill Omega’s shoes, fortunately we were able to tweak it’s code to be enough of a match in game, but the new Omega’s much less volatile (show after hours Omega MK2 acting like a big playful dog)
  144. =With Omega gone we also had the perfect place for Vanellope to be useful and serve her time, after a bit of code clean up. (Show her, now with a proper Hero’s Duty design, in the game screen at Omega’s old post) but I think she’s going easy on us, because I don’t remember players winning against the first boss so often,
  146. #Meanwhile Vanellope is doing NPC work at tappers, mostly cleaning up and organizing things, menial but nothing too harsh,
  147. #= she also finally reached out to the other Sugar Rush Survivors, she’s working with Turbo to find a way to add them to the Turbo Time roster without bumping other racers off this time, until then they're working in shifts, funny enough, despite everything, they're just happy to see her.
  148. *Turbo decided to reach out to the Sugar Rush survivors, He’s working find a way to add them to the Turbo Time roster without bumping other racers off this time, until then they're working in shifs.
  150. *#=Meanwhile Felix is Working with the other Nicelanders to Give Ralph some good after Hours living space
  151. Gene: He also built me a Pool to land in the opening
  152. Cahloun: Ahem.
  153. And yes the Rumors are true; Felix and I are dating.
  154. Toad: and?
  155. Calhoun: Oh yeah, and for the first time, we won in two player mode, game ends with Rookie Retiring while I go on the next mission, turns out in all the sequels and remakes I’m the main character, but after everything else that’s just gravy…
  156. #=to top it off, Vanellope’s getting some real counseling from the folks at Bad-Anon, and Vespix Tells me that She and Ralph are becoming good friends
  158. #=Shift to Vanellope doing her own narration at Bad-Anon, Ralph at her side, Vespix not far off
  159. Again thanks for even giving the time of day for a major stink brain like me.
  160. Clyde: You've been through a lot, not an excuse but, no reason not to help.
  161. Anyway, the new Job ain't exactly glamorous, #but at least I get to Talk to my old friends, =at least I'm still in a game, also don't tell Calhoun that I'm trying to lose, I just don't want to make things more difficult for her than she already has,
  162. The best part of the day is (insert angle and context) I get this great view of Turbo Time, sometimes I see one of my old friends on rotation, Thinking about how much Good I could have done, but it just reminds me that their's still a chance to do right, and if I can do that for them, maybe I'm not so bad afterall..
  163. END
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