PR2 patch systems

Apr 18th, 2019
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  1. >Fleet tech
  2. Acquiring botes, max limit breaking and reaching lvl 120 each gives certain amount of fleet tech points.
  3. Reaching these milestones with botes also unlock small universal buffs.
  4. The fleet tech points are separated into national trees and after reaching certain FT points on that tree the next level can be researched.
  5. Each level on the separate national trees give different buffs to ALL ships in the game.
  7. >New research
  8. Research options increased from 3 to 5.
  9. Research priority for PR1 or PR2 BPs can set on the research menu.
  10. New research missions (i.e. spend BP of X to get Y) added.
  11. PR2 gears added to drop pools.
  13. >PR2 grind and XP
  14. Each PR2 ship requires certain amount of Fleet tech point on specific nation tree to unlock the XP grind.
  15. DR boats need 513 blueprints to reach dev level 30
  16. Azuma: 1.2m Sakura backline exp(first set), 2.4m frontline exp (second set)
  17. FdG: 3.6m Ironblood backline exp
  18. The rest are same as PR1, 343 blueprints and 3 million XP.
  19. Kitakaze: Sakura frontline
  20. Georgia: Union backline
  21. Seattle: Union frontline
  22. Gascogne: KMS/Vichy/Iris backline
  23. Tech points required
  24. 900 Sakura for Azuma
  25. 760 Union for Seattle
  26. 810 Union for Georgia
  27. 780 Sakura for KTKZ
  28. 630 Ironblood for Fred
  29. 760 Union and 420 Ironblood for Gascogne
  30. The class restrictions do not apply to PR2s, only nationality and backline/frontline.
  32. >PR1 skill upgrades (Destiny system)
  33. After reaching Dev 30 with PR1s the PR blueprints can be used to add luck (+15) and additional effects to existing skills. Requires 165 BPs each.
  34. Monarch's heal goes from 12-15%
  35. Ibkui's body and soul skill grants a 12% evasion boost that last 6 seconds on torpedo launch
  36. Roon's armor/shield is deployed at the start of battle
  37. Saint louis' engine boost lasts 50 seconds instead of 40
  38. Neptune's mkv class shell damage boost goes from 35-40%
  39. Izumo's barrage has an ammo type change, AP shells with better spread.
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