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  1. 2) oki so this Anna whitney drama is super crazy
  2. . I joked about ERP like I NEVER DO OR DID ERP IN MY LIFE it was like banter,  Whitney gets super jelly or something.
  4. anna types the other day that she can't be seeing flirting with me (still as a joke) because she is married.
  6. the other day i said  "hi im logging out" she said "you can't, you must stay"
  7. i replied "Hehe you can't tie me down you are married" "ehm im actually not married, im single, it's complicated"
  8. then i was like "please explain"  she said  "i'm married to an offliner"
  9. so i was like "whelp break up with them. i'll marry you right now right here"
  11. then i get drama over discord. stuff like
  13. WhiteoutYesterday at 8:31 PM
  14. you are the one that needs to move on, leave Anna alone. I know you tried to erp with her and are constantly bothering her about being married despite her always pushing you away.
  15. Stop, or this turns into harassment. She's too nice to say this to you herself so i am.
  16. Leave. Her. Alone
  17. (edited)
  18. I was not even aware that she was the "offliner"
  19. ShizunaYesterday at 11:58 PM
  20. the second situation
  21. September 15, 2018
  22. ShizunaToday at 12:00 AM
  23. It seems like you two are playful
  24. so I dunno wtf is going on there
  25. Emma plsToday at 12:01 AM
  26. we are fine
  27. it's just whitney going bananas
  28. i mean anna said
  29. "I've feelings for whitney, but she keeps giving me hopes day 1, and rejects me day 2, it's and endless loop" so i was like "if she doesn't care for you perhaps its time to move on"
  30. me and Anna are fine, and... i really didnt wanna step over toes for anyone.
  31. it's Witney who can't decide if she wants to be with Anna or not. I guess and get envious that I speak with her in a playful/joy way.
  32. ShizunaToday at 12:05 AM
  33. So it seems
  34. Emma plsToday at 12:05 AM
  35. this was just a fyi for you
  36. incase further drama shows up with whitney's return (she should be back on 4.4 patch apparently)
  37. then you know my side of the story.
  38. ShizunaToday at 12:06 AM
  39. I was aware of most of the information already :p
  40. Emma plsToday at 12:07 AM
  41. ahh oki :stuck_out_tongue:  the funny fact was i didnt know it was whitney untill she blew on my face over discord
  42. Anna always called her "the offliner"
  43. ShizunaToday at 12:12 AM
  44. lol well
  45. I'm not anticipating too many issues
  46. Emma plsToday at 12:13 AM
  47. better safe than sorry
  48. i had hate to be the reason of some negativity
  49. anwyays time for me to catch some zzz's it's midnight here
  50. ShizunaToday at 12:14 AM
  51. Whitney is... a negative person
  52. There's no getting away from that
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