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Nov 4th, 2019
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  3. Here is what you will need to get this to work, some of the stuff I am going to list below you may already have installed on your System, but it wouldn’t hurt to get updates for it and run it if necessary. If by chance anything listed below is currently up to date, then you can just skip that part, but make sure to follow all the steps I listed in order.
  5. 1) Download the dxcpl from MediaFire. It will be in an executable format. It is virus free, I ran a scan on it myself with 360 Total Security. You can get dxcpl here:
  8. 2) Download and run DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer. You can get it from here:
  10. 3) Get the latest supported Visual C++ downloads from Microsoft. Get both the x86 and the x64 vc redists under the category listed: Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019.
  11. You can get it from here:
  12. After you have both vc redists for x86 and x64, install them both. If you are already up to date with the latest versions, then you can move on to the next step.
  14. 4) Get the .NET Framework 4.7.2 Runtime, and install it. If you already have it on your system, you can ignore this step and move onto the next. You can get the .NET Framework 4.7.2 Runtime from here:
  16. 5) Now, locate the dxcpl.exe you downloaded earlier. It should be in your default Downloads folder. Run the utility (It does not need to be installed). In the utility window, click on the Edit List button. In the next window that comes up, there is a button with three dots next to the Add button. Click on the button with the three dots. This will open up a Windows Explorer window, where you can go to the drive where the game was installed to. Select the drive first, and then go to the following folders: CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Binaries\Win64
  17. Click on CodeVein-Win64-Shipping
  18. Click on the Open button.
  19. The drive letter and directory path of where the game was installed and it’s game executable will appear in the List of processes or folders window.
  20. Click on the OK button.
  21. At the DirectX Properties window, click on the drop down button next to Device Settings Feature level limit. From the drop down, select 10_0. Tick the Force WARP so that it is enabled.
  22. Click on the Apply button, and then click on the OK button to close the utility.
  24. 6) Run your game from Windows Desktop or the Start Menu.
  26. 7) If you still experience some issues after this, run dxcpl again, and Untick (Disable) the Force WARP option. Click on the Apply button, and then click on the OK button to close the utility.
  28. The option in the dxcpl for Force WARP allows a game to be forced to use Direct3D WARP. WARP itself stands for Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform, and it is what the Direct3D 11 Runtime uses.
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