Doumi - 56

Sep 19th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Doumi ~ Thanks to Markues

Characters in this chapter:

Name (Nickname) Situation / Job Relationship
Jae Wook (MC) Office Worker Single
Jeong Seol-Hee (FMC) Mascot & Doumi Single
Seo Joo-Heon (Seo) Chief of MC's section Single
Cho Kwang-ki (Joe) Team Leader Single
Yoo-Won Parlor Massage Single

Chapter - 56

Parlor Massage Yoo-Won x Joe

Joe tells how it's only with her that he has a problem of erection and apologizes because he keeps booking her while he can't satisfy her. He says how he really hates her but still miss her sometimes (Yoon-Ju).She tells him that he think about his first love because he's seeing her and maybe he will forget her if he stop to meet her. Joe hugs her.. She tells him she understands and will be his first love..

Joe is thinking while nesting in her embrace how he hopes he will find someone who will be able to satisfy her because he wants to make her happy..

MC narrates how Joe thought about Yoo-Won as if she was his first love even when he (MC) was the one who fucks her..


Flashback - 2 years ago

Joe's Car Joe x Nam

Nam (Team Leader) is a bit sleepy and asks Joe (Assistant Manager) where are they going, Joe tells him how they're going to a place where they can reward his recent good effort and says how it's an idea from the Director..

Joe parks his car near the parlor massage and Nam asks him if they really have to go in this building and wonders what will happen because the building looks pretty average. Joe tells him to not worry because they're heading towards the basement of this building and says how there is a resting place inside.

MC narrates how at this time (2 years ago) Nam was the team leader (Joe's actual job) and Joe was still an assistant manager.

Joe tells him how it's like an 'amusement park' and booked the ace of this store for his only pleasure, Nam is making a horny dog expression while thanking Joe for his good intention..

MC keeps narrating how Joe went here to have Nam fuck Yoo-Won because he can't satisfy her himself but at the end he gave up..

Joe gives up his former plan and starts the engine of the car surprising Nam. He asks him what he's doing, Joe looks at him silently thinking how he can't offer Yoo-Won to this guy because she's too important.
Nam asks him if they're not getting off here and why they're moving away, Joe tells him this place isn't that good and they'll go somewhere else.

Another Parlor Massage Joe x Nam x Masseuse A & B

Masseuse A is riding Nam's dick, he's enjoying his time and asks her how old she is. She answers him twenty years old.. Nam is laughing and tells to Joe how he understand now why he was so capricious and wanted to come to this place. He says how she's the best.. Meanwhile Joe is kissing Masseuse B while she's rubbing his cock.. She's surprised to see him already hard and asks him if it's his first time (What's the point?), she says how it's been less than 5 seconds since they started and he's already like this and they should start before he cums (Lol, he's pretty vigorous, don't be complacent!). Joe looks at his erected dick thinking how he was right and he can't get hard only in front of Yoo-Won..

Joe is banging hard Masseuse B, she's letting out loud moans.. She says how it's great and how he's so good at this.. (You're not that proud anymore?! I start to find Joe likable, he's a bit weird but he's an interesting protagonist, I hope author will not ruin him by transforming him in a cold rapist or other shit like this..)

Joe is thinking how he's glad to not have any problem with other women but wonders what to do about Yoo-Won..


Joe's Apartment Joe x MC

Joe and MC are too drunk to stay on the couch so they are on the floor.. MC calls Joe and asks him why he didn't allow Nam to fuck Yoo-Won. Joe brushes his hair with his hand thinking about the reason.. He tells to MC how Nam isn't good looking enough and have something cold in his eyes so he didn't wanted to offer Yoo-Won to such a man. MC is now a bit interested to know why he was chosen and asks him what he has more than Nam. Joe says how MC is good looking, has a tough and well build body, he seemed gentle and kind man at first sight so he allowed him to have sex with Yoo-Won (Did he knows she's riding dozens of dicks a day and he can't chose all her customers?). Joe says how he doesn't have to worry when he lends Yoo-Won to MC.. MC blushes because of the praise or the alcohol and says how it's nice to be praised like that and feels sorry for Nam while laughing.

Joe's Apartment - Next Morning Joe x MC

MC is waking up and he's very loud.. He looks at where he's (armchair) and where Joe is lying (couch) and doesn't know when they switched place because he drank over here and wonders what happened.. (Sometimes ignorance is a bliss..)

MC thinks how he listened to Joe's story all night long, he rubs his hurt neck saying how he's bastard because he moved him from the couch..

He narrates how the fetish of Joe was weird because Joe was more interested in who was fucking the girl he 'loves' than fuckinf her himself.. He keeps narrating saying how he was already aware about Joe preference because Seo told him before (There is quote saying how he had a hard time acting like he knew nothing).

A bit later, MC is dressed and looks at Joe sleeping soundly, he narrates how Joe became / metamorphosed in this kind of man because of a sad event. He says how Seo wasn't aware of the reason behind his strange tendencies, how Joe wasn't born 'Pervert' but get mind fucked by catching his first love having an affair.. How he never overcame this trauma and became such a man.. MC's wondering while narrating if it's really like this or if this event awakened Joe's real nature..

Joe's Car Joe x MC

MC is driving Joe's car and he's surprised because they're safe and will soon arrive to their business destination. Joe asks him if he obtained his driving license while driving bumper car, MC's laughing, saying how he was in charge of the roller coaster when he worked in the amusement park and never used the bumper cars. Joe looks straight at MC telling him how he never lent his steering wheel to anyone and how he's the first. He tells him to not worry because he trusts him, MC thanks him for his faith / trust.

MC narrates how after the drinking party, Joe faith in him grew a lot and he even allowed him to drive his personal car to the meeting client..

Meeting Place Joe x MC x Client

MC keeps narrating how Joe even took a step back and allowed MC to conduct the meeting himself while he helped him as a tutor / educator from behind.

MC is explaining his sale plan to the client while Joe looks attentively at what MC's doing. The client id very pleased with MC and accept to sign / extend the contract (It's something about extending a deal for advertisement). MC is happy and thanks the client for trusting them.. The client makes some jokes with Joe saying how he can take his retirement right now because he already has a successor. Joe's laughing saying how he can really hand over his position to his best friend in the future.. MC is surprised to hear this..

MC narrates how he was taught by two elites member of the company, Seo taught him about what to do inside the company (PPT, etc..) while Joe is taking care of teaching him what to do outside of the company (Meeting, sales, etc..) and finally..

Meeting Room MC x Seo x Joe x Director x Asst Director

MC is ending his presentation, thanking them to have listened to him until the end.. Director is laughing saying how MC is hundred times better than that bastard of Nam (Joe's ex-superior). He tells to Joe how it's worth having a party and asks Joe to organize something for them.

MC's narrating how he finally got some recognition form the management staff in this frightening company / environment and felt happy at this time..

Joe agrees with the Director and says how he'll take care of it right away.. The assistant says how he should book the 'Peter Pan' room (lmao) and invite Seo to join them while staring at her..

MC narrates how Seo was greatly rewarded after the management saw MC's growth on only 1 month. (1 month ago he was called the fool of month by the entire company so they rewarded Seo because she was the one who lent him a hand at that time.. She was rewarded for having foresight MC's potential, well she mostly wanted to eat him at that time..)

MC narrates how finally he was promoted as a Foreman (He'll now supervises the other workers, like FMC's lookalike).

(TLN: I translated the whole document but the other names on this list are not related to MC's service and were never shown, so I'll save them and introduce them later if it's important, it's 3 men including MC and 1 woman)

He's fucking happy and shouts.. The other guy are complaining about the promotion of the woman because she's working here since 3 months and should have been fired 2 months ago for who knows what reason.. One of the girl is happy because MC'll the 'chief' of her team.

MC narrates how each company may have had a different organizational and promotion system, he worked 6 whole years before hoping to get a promotion in Toptoon Resort but it wasn't enough even though he won each year the prize of the best employee.. He says how all his efforts were destroyed just before having this promotion.. He was fired because someone jerked off in the roller coaster so MC trashed him because he spat his sperm on FMC..

MC, still in bliss shouts how he's now the Head of his team.. MC narrates how for some worker just being a froman isn't a good reason to be happy but for him it was a form of accomplishment and he finally could tell the truth to the two most important person to him.

MC's Apartment MC

MC explains to his mother how he lost his previous job and didn't wanted to make her worry so he hided the truth from her. He apologizes and tells her how he's doing great in his new job..

He narrates how it was great to feel he was useful and because of this promotion he was in high spirit.. He says how the second most important person to him was FMC and he could finally relieve her form her guilt..

Karaoke Room FMC x MC

FMC is really happy after hearing MC's news and says how he's the boss now. She continues saying how her Oppa is the best and she's really happy for him. MC puts gently his hand on her shoulder telling her how he finally got promoted so she doesn't have to feel guilty or to worry about him anymore. He tells her how she should relax now and take a rest. She gives him her best smile saying 'Yes!'

MC narrates how he always thought she felt guilty because he was basically fired after protecting her.. He says how it was the first time he saw her smiling like this and he was really happy at this time because he felt like he eased a bit FMC's life / worries.

To be continued..
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