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  1. Just so everyone knows I asked House to post her side of the story because that is why that rage guy got banned and not because he didn't want to knife.
  3. With that said I want everyone who can read this (Admins & Jr Owners) to stop and take a moment to start realizing some things.
  5. We are a dying community, not dead yet but dying slowly. Yes their are many factors that contribute to this like.....
  7. Things we can't control:
  8. 1. CSS is an old game.
  9. 2. Newer games taking up players time (COD4, Battlefield, etc.)
  10. 3. New Steam update killed the game.
  11. 4. People decide to move up, get married, get whipped.
  13. So how about focusing on some things we can control:
  14. 1. Make friends with new players to the game and help them with the game or help them complete the objective.
  15. 2. Make friends with new players to our servers, invite then to the website, get them to register, let them know about our other servers, get them in TS.
  16. 3. The community runs on donations so always be on the look out for potential admins, VIP players. Drop their names in the admin section in the forums, we will contact them if you don't want to.
  17. 4. Be aware of your actions and your decisions, meaning think about other players in the server before you decide to take action whether it's dealing with a problem player or just having a little fun. If you are doing something and people are leaving because of it then you are probably doing something wrong.
  18. 5. Have fun playing the game. If you are in a shitty mood, don't come in the server and take it out on anyone. If you have to play, play somewhere else.
  19. 6. Stop the negativity between other players and admins. If you see someone being picked on in the server do something about it.
  20. 7. If you see a problem or their is an issue and you don't have the power to fix it or don't know how, you need to post it and post it in the right place.
  21. 8. Please get your donations in on time. Don't make us chase you around or have us pull out our hair wondering if we are going to make it every month. If you have an issue donating, communicate with myself or Pasties please.
  23. Do you see where I am going with this?? I'm sorry this post is so long but here is the bottom line...
  25. We can and need to be the best community out there. We need fresh blood, new admin donations, and newer players to keep this community alive. This is our Home!!!
  27. ok enough said....
  29. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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