Down you go

Dec 4th, 2017
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  1. Bit of green that earned me some art from RavenRavenRaven, you should check him out
  4. >You actually manage to get a chuckle out of her
  5. >But seriously, your foot is stuck
  6. >And you soon realize is slowly sinking between her cheeks
  7. >"Hey Raven, a little help here...I'm serious!" you shout up to her as your efforts only get your other leg trapped
  8. >A slightly smug "I'll think about it" is the response you get leading you to wonder if this is intentional or not on her part
  9. >You're not sure how to feel about either prospect
  10. >But such thoughts are quickly put out of mind when you've sunk to your waist and she still hasn't done anything
  11. >You swear you can hear her giggling as you frantically claw at her smooth, pliant ass trying to gain purchase and pull yourself free
  12. >Like quicksand, your struggles only serve to speed up your decent into the grey abyss below
  13. >Her two buns have nearly completely eclipsed your vision when you finally see her hand reaching back for you
  14. >That single ray of hope is dashed when with a single finger, she presses down on your head, almost teasingly sliding you in the rest of the way before picking her leotard out from between her cheeks, undoing the wedgie your struggles has caused
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