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  1. OK SO. In really short, my roommate in the cabin is my friend Ricky and he was shaving in our bathroom while I was changing into this tiny sun dress I have. I heard him drop his razor 3 times, looked up to catch him being a perve and watching me slip in and out of my clothes as if he'd never seen it before. So I walked into the bathroom when I was done changing, propped myself up to sit on the bathroom counter right next to him, giving him a naughty smile while leaning back on my hands, swinging my legs up to cross over eachother with a "hi". He smirked and said something to the effect of "shouldnt you be outside ruining marriages?". I laughed into a quick "maybe", before straightening up my posture, looking up at him as my hands rustled under the hem of my little dress, finding the band of my soft panties and tugging them down over my ass as I wiggled around in my seat, forcing them out from against my pink pussy to shape around my thighs as my legs uncrossed for him to see the material, stained with drool from my now bare cunt.
  3. He did a double take mid shaving and shook his head playfully. Ricky had a hand against counter where he was resting all his weight during all this and I hooked my closest leg around it and scooted further over on the counter, manipulating my placement on the bench to force that very hand to rest between my thigh. I know he could feel how warm my little cunt was or that he liked the situation given the sudden very obvious bulge in his shorts, that I was entertaining with the tip of my shoe, grinding back and forth as my leg swung.
  5. "You're really not any fair" he groaned, grasping at the material of my panties around my thighs in his fist and tugging me forward to the edge of the counter forcefully. I wrap my hand around his neck and pull him in for a kiss in retaliation, his tongue was hungry and forced against mine, down my throat. He let go of his grip on my panties and pawed up my curves, palming one of my tits in his hands while he drops his razor and wraps his other arm around my waist. I tighten my firm on his neck feeling the rapid succession of his pants continue, the little groans and grunts vibrating against my hold. My free hand is at the front of his shorts, tugging the strings undone without even in a glance, and I feel my pussy drool just that little bit against counter feeling his cock slap against my fingers, that massage and tease his precum around the swollen head of his cock.
  7. There was some fingering/handjob action here that I won't go into because it'd be too long but fuck can the dude finger fuck.
  9. His hands teased up from its place mauling at my tits to my neck, wrapping around it firmly, matching my own around his and pinning me against the mirror behind us by it. As I arched my body forward against his, inch by inch I fed his cock slowly into my little fuckhole, grinding my hips, more prounced with every new length, slamming down to the base at the very last second, making his balls slap against my ass while my tiny pussy gripped around his dick. There was really not much of a pause, or a tease passed that. We fucked, bit, clawed, slapped away at eachother like animals. Hard, rough, dirty fucking, all across the counter.
  11. Long, long story shorter; First time he creamed me was 5 minutes into our fuck session. I'd wiggle off his cock, parting my pouty pussy lips open to show off my drooling little hole, and forcing his face into his fucking mess by the back of his neck, making sure his throat layed directly against the material of panties, that remained around my legs the entire time, so I could choke him. (He's big on choking, as you'll come to realise) Then he'd rush to my lips to give me a taste of our sex.
  13. The 5th/last time he came IN me, I leaned back into the corner of the counter, dress pulled down over my tits and hiked up around my stomach, hanging off me just like a rag at this point, legs up and pressed tight together with my creamy peach of a cunt poking out between my thighs. I'd stripped my panties down lower around my ankles, using the material to wrap around them with his face forced between them. It'd choke him anytime he'd thrust forward and stuff me full of his thick cock. My nails scratching and clawing every I could reach on him, especially his hips, coaxing deeper thrusts as I fucked back into him hard and needy. I told him to look up at himself in the mirror as that very last load spurted out of his cock to remind himself that he's my toy in any position. It was such a big fucking load it was squirting out of my cunt with every one of our thrusts all over the backs of my thighs/ass/counter top.
  15. Sucked his cock clean, pumping it down my throat without letting him finish, only to rip my panties off from around my ankles with my teeth and use them to clean up my creamed pie and the puddles of our cum on the surface we'd fucked, then jerking him off into them, leaving them a stick mess, dangling off his cock that was forced back into his shorts. He was a good boy and kept them there the rest of the night, grabbing at his cock and looking at me on occasion as if in constant torture of not getting another round of my teen holes. Found them laying out on my bed when I woke up from my nap earlier. They looked used, but cleaned. Perve probably jerked his cock off while cleaning them off with his mouth the rest of the night, trying to hide it from me so I wouldn't give him shit.
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