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  1. There is a to big gap between rotation maps and perm maps. There should be a 3rd perm category, but that's nothing to do with the mapcrew.
  2. Lets see, p2 maps were supposed to be Very good maps with great playability, currently is more vanilla like except the one pillar with the lava and cloud around it.
  3. And p1 is having really high standards as-well, making rotation maps relatively more.Thus decreasing the chance of good maps getting loaded.
  5. And other thing that I might think is better, is if there is a different way to perm maps, faster and more.1-2 people like it, it gets permed, and gets unpermed when other mapcrew members object.Like for example:
  6. You have 2 mapcrew member like a map. then it gets permed. but when a other mapcrew member dislikes that map he can start a topic about it.
  7. This will give more people a chance, and due to people having more motivation in dislike then liking something, there would be more action. and more direct results.
  9. Well favourable you should have 3-4 perm categories actually. give every category = right on load chance. So then you have 4 category so you have 1/4 chance your map in a certain category gets loaded, and you have then have 1/*total number of maps in that cat* chance of what map it is. This will mix up the rotation, and decrease the amount of shitty maps getting loaded, by making decent/good/very good maps load more often.
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