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Aug 30th, 2013
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  1. Hi everyone! This is a guide for some Awesome Android Hacking Tools! A lot of people may not be aware but there are some great tools for network hacking on your mobile device. Here is my list of favorite apps and how best to use them.
  5. First off I am going to cover the basics on covering your tracks and network discovery.
  7. Mac Address Spoofing:
  9. MacAddress - This app lets you change your wifi Mac Address. It is no longer availabe ANYWHERE! I uploaded the APP here for HF - http://www.4shared.com/android/ywLduiR4/...ss_10.html
  11. Network Mapping:
  13. Network Mapper - This tool lets you scan a network for live hosts and check for open ports.
  14. https://market.android.com/details?id=or...rch_result
  16. Packet Sniffing (Non-Intrusive) :
  18. Shark for Root & Shark Reader - Shark is a popular port (or simular) to WireShark (Based of TCPDUMP). It lets you log network traffic and analyze it on your device!
  20. This is the logger:https://market.android.com/details?id=lv.n3o.shark&feature=search_result
  22. This is to read the logs: https://market.android.com/details?id=lv..._developer
  24. Now time for the GOOD STUFF!!!
  26. Below are some of the best hacking apps for android. Real hacking apps! In my opinion these are a lot more effective than most Linux apps!
  28. Session Hijackers:
  30. Faceniff - Pwning Facebook was never so easy! This is by far one of my favorite apps! Faceniff is a Session Hijacker like Firesheep or hamster/ferret but BETTER. No more need to use cain and able and firesheep to hijack. Also who would suspect a cell phone as a hacking tool? Faceniff will sniff the network and display active sessions and Hijack them! It can hijack the following -
  31. FaceBook
  32. Twitter
  33. Youtube
  34. Amazon
  35. VKontakte
  36. Tumblr
  37. MySpace
  38. Tuenti
  39. MeinVZ/StudiVZ
  40. blogger
  41. Nasza-Klasa
  43. It is a paid app but here is a cracked versions. just install and enter any activation code and bam! http://search.4shared.com/q/1/faceniff
  45. My other favorite Hijacking app is:
  47. Droid Sheep - Droid sheep does the same as above and the author is working on SSL Stripping as well! I personally prefer this over Faceniff! Get it here: http://droidsheep.de/
  49. Finally the ULTIMATE android hacking tool and a special treat for you guys as it is still in beta I am going to leak my APK here!
  51. ANTI - AKA: Android Network Tool Kit. Anti can do a LOT! Here is the description from the website:
  53. [+] Scan - This will scan the selected target for open ports and vulnerabilities, also allowing the user to select a specific scanning script for a more advanced/targeted scan.
  55. [+] Spy - This will 'sniff' images transferred to/from the selected device and display them on your phone in a nice gallery layout. If you choose a network subnet/range as target, then all images transferred on that network - for all connected devices - will be shown. Another feature of the Spy plugin is to sniff URLs (web sites) and non-secured (ie, not HTTPS) username/passwords logins, shown on the bottom drawer.
  57. [+] D.O.S - This will cause a Denial Of Service (D.O.S) for the selected target, ie. it will deny them any further access to the internet until you exit the attack.
  59. [+] Replace images - This will replace all images transferred to/from the target with an Anti logo, thus preventing from attacked used seeing any images on their browsers while the browse the internet, except for a nice looking Anti logo...
  61. [+] M.I.T.M - The Man In The Middle attack (M.I.T.M) is an advanced attack used mainly in combination with other attack. It allows invoking specific filters to manipulate the network data. Users can also add their own mitm filters to create more mitm attacks.
  63. [+] Attack - This will initiate a vulnerability attack using our Cloud service against a specific target. Once executed successfully, it will allow the attack to control the device remotely from your phone.
  65. [+] Report - This will generate a vulnerability report with findings, recommendations and tips on how to fix found vulnerabilities or bad practices used.
  67. Anti supports & uses the followings OSS tools :
  68. nmap
  69. Ettercap
  70. driftnet
  71. THC-Hydra
  72. Metasploit
  73. We will be releasing patch sets for OSS shortly. This should assist developers to compile binaries used by Anti!
  75. MY REVIEW:
  77. Anti Can Steal SSL Encrypted logins (GMAIL ETC), Anti uses driftnet to spy on images a slave computer is viewing, Anti Can Brute Force passwords and even remote exploit a computer using metasploit! Anti also uses nmap to map targets and uses OS Detection! Not to mention anti has the ability to DOS a network. The only downside is that if you want to use a Metasploit hackable computer you need to buy credits however everything else works! I hosted so it stays live.
  79. Here is the leak of my beta apk http://www.4shared.com/android/qRlvnG_2/Anti10.html
  81. Finally I have one more cool apk!
  83. WifiKill: This is a simple Denial Of Service App. It will let you either completely freeze a users Internet access or DOS the whole network! Here is the app (Also Unreleased Beta) : http://www.4shared.com/android/gA7J6pdY/...ll-13.html
  85. Conclusion: I hope you guys enjoy this thread and find these tools useful. I am pretty sure this is why android is a growing hacking platform. Best of all no computers necessary. True mobile hacking.
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