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Wheel o' Memes

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  1. 1. Touched each other?  Welp.  Now you're stuck together at first physical contact.  Deal with it.
  3. 3. You see each other as monsters. This is slightly problematic.
  4. 4. You're now stuck in a generic RPG. What sort is up to you.
  6. 6. Morning after; somehow they're in bed together.
  7. 7. It's an alternate universe!  What type?  Improvise!
  8. 8. Whuh oh, quicksand.  Where's a vine when you need one?
  9. 9. Zombies have taken over popular culture, and now they're here too.  Braaains.
  10. 10. Ship them?  Now they're together.  Don't ship them?  They're together anyway. Haw.
  11. 11. Robot unicorn attack!  ALWAYS, I WANNA BE WITH YOU
  12. 12. Congratulations, you are now a magical girl.  Your original sex, if applicable, is irrelevant.
  13. 13. Congratulations, you're a mail-order spouse!  The things you do to get that green card...
  14. 14. Karaoke! The booze, the songs, the joys of being shown up by someone who's good at this.  May or may not be "public execution" style.
  15. 15. Hostage Negotiations with the responding character.  Trouble is inevitable...
  16. 16. It's freaking cold. You need to spend the night in a cabin with exactly one bunk and one blanket.
  17. 17. Instead of Generic RPG, you're in the Generic FPS.  JOHN ROMERO MUST DIE.
  18. 18. Suddenly, flowers. EVERYWHERE!  We hope you're not allergic.
  19. 19. Internet memes gone horribly wrong (use your imagination).  This is, of course, assuming they ever go RIGHT.
  20. 20. Each character can only move the other character's limbs, not their own.
  21. 21. Each character is strongly compelled to obey the commands of the other.
  22. 22. Flanderization -- Take your personality and all its quirks and exaggerate them to ludicrous extremes.
  23. 23. It's just one unending stream of nineties action movie cliches.  Looks like we're gonna have to juuuuump...
  24. 24. One character must attempt to serenade the other. Song linking is mandatory.
  25. 25. A heartfelt confession.
  26. 26. Today is the first day of your married life!
  27. 27. Seven minutes in heaven. You can't get out of the closet until you've made out for seven comments.
  28. 28. Hug!
  29. 29. The character just asked you out on a date.  Your reactions, please.
  30. 30. You two are characters in a mecha anime.  Rock on.
  31. 31. You are both in a generic sitcom with a laugh track.
  33. 33. Your legs feel like they're made of Jello. Or maybe butter.
  34. 34. The lights are gone, everything is pitch black. Have fun.
  35. 35. Ever heard of Tomatina?  Read this:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomatina  Now DO IT DO IT DO IT.
  36. 36. You two are stuck in a dance competition!  Hope you don't have two left feet.
  37. 37. You are locked in a room for some reason.  What reason?  I 'unno, you figure it out.
  38. 38. You two are meeting each other as a blind date.  This can only end in tears.
  39. 39. Everything, even normally mundane things are suddenly SUPER embarassing.
  40. 40. Body switch! Tag speaking as the other person.
  41. 41. Playing versus videogames on the same couch.
  42. 42. You are now cheesy sentai rivals.  Matching lip synch is optional.
  43. 43. The world is going to end in 10 minutes. Any last words for each other?
  44. 44. Those drink were hella spiked. You are now drunk out of your mind.
  45. 45. You've been elected the ruler of a world. It was via raffle.
  46. 46. Moar vidya gaem shenanigans! This time, you're stuck in a dating sim.
  47. 47. You're always compelled to say the first thing that's on your mind.
  48. 48. You two are stranded on a desert island.  Dibs on the palm tree.
  49. 49. A river's running through your room now.  I'm not cleaning that up.
  50. 50. Phantom thief scenario! One character plays the thief and the other, the obsessed cop.
  51. 51. Boy, it's bad enough being locked in a ROOM, now you're locked together in a closet.  And none of that seven minutes of makeout escape methodology either.
  52. 52. Oh look, alternate universe again, but with a twist.  Roll 1d3: If 1, you are the normal one. If 2, your character is the AU. If 3, BOTH chars are AU!
  53. 53. Over the top action sequence with witty dialogue and/or shouting awesome attack names.
  54. 54. Stuck in the cockpit of a giant robot while under attack! You DO know how to pilot this thing, don't you?  No?  TOUGH.
  55. 55. You're both aged down!  How aged down is up to you.
  56. 56. Hey look, you're an idol singer!  A, uh, female idol singer.  In cutsey idol singer fashions, no less.  If you're a guy, we hope you shaved your legs.
  57. 57. You're now in an arcade!  Get some quarters.
  58. 58. High school AU.  You a jock, a cheerleader, or a nerd?  Neeeerd.
  59. 59. Historical AU.  Frankly, my dear, I don't give a dang.
  60. 60. You're now roommates.  Try not to drive each other nuts.
  61. 61. You're on the Oregon Trail! Don't die of dysentery, please.
  62. 62. It's a long road trip, you're bored, one of the muses is driving, try to entertain yourself SOMEHOW.
  63. 63. Cooking contest!  ALLEZ CUISINE.
  64. 64. Haunted House!  Spoooky.
  65. 65. Working on a chain gaaaang.  One of you decides to make a break for it.  Good luck with that...
  66. 66. You guys are in Romeo and Juliet, as the title characters. What?
  67. 67. Pokemon AU.  Gotta catch 'em all.
  68. 68. Camping in the wilderness.  Don't get eaten by a bear now.
  69. 69. Crap, the other muse is pissed. What now?!
  70. 70. Up at stupid o'clock working on something.  Time for another cup of coffee.
  71. 71. MOVIE NIGHT! Pick the film.
  72. 72. You are in a fairy tale with the other muse. Pick the tale.
  73. 73. At a hipster rock concert... ON DRUGS. \m/
  74. 74. You suddenly develop an irresistible fetish for some aspect of the other muse, and vice versa! (Slightly NC-17; reroll if you have issues.)
  75. 75. Man, you woke up in Las Vegas in a cheap motel next to each other.  Better make sure you don't have wedding rings.
  76. 76. Star Wars Universe!  In a galaxy faaaar, faaaar away...
  77. 77. One of the characters is trapped, whether behind bars or an unbreakable glass. Drama  and/or epic breakouts ensue.
  78. 78. Two-person survival horror game in a creepy mansion and you are currently being pursued.  Don't become a muse sandwich.
  79. 79. Chillin' in a place of your choice. But watch out, touch fuzzy?  Get dizzy.
  80. 80. Playing an MMO together! healing plz
  81. 81. NOW YOU ARE IN A SHOUNEN SERIES BATTLE WITH ULTRA SUPER TECHNIQUES AND ALL THAT JAZZ.  Try to take less than thirteen episodes ot power up, we BEG you.
  82. 82. Romantic Comedy time!  Awwww.
  83. 83. CLIFF HANGER. Literally.  Hope your character's got strong hands, because otherwise it's a lovely seven-story fall onto sharp, pointy rocks.
  84. 84. C-c-c-cellmates. Man, getting kidnapped stinks. Break out?
  85. 85. Lost in the desert.  That probably isn't a lake ahead of you, but how can you resist checking to make sure?
  86. 86. Stuck in an elevator.  You didn't even know they HAD an elevator music rendition of "My Humps."
  87. 87.  Some mysterious supernatural malady has taken some portion of your memory.  
  88. 88. Snowball fight!
  89. 89. One of you has walked in on the other in the bath.  Screaming and hilarity ensues.
  90. 90. It's stupid o'clock in the morning, and one or the other character can't sleep.  What kind of weird stuff do they show on TV at this time anyway?
  91. 91.  You're on a boat! Take a good look at the motherfuckin' boat!
  92. 92. You've stumbled across a notebook of horrible self-insert fanfiction.
  93. 93. Party!  *bwee*
  94. 94. Sitting together in a crowded cafeteria.  You didn't get the Tuna Surprise, did you?
  95. 95. You are the other muse's new driving instructor.
  96. 96.  Shopping! For... Something.
  97. 97.  You are now in a generic SRPG. Complete with grid lines.
  98. 98.  The other character just gained the ability to spam spells of massive destruction.  This could be bad.
  99. 99.  In a mech shop, working on a bot.  A big bot.
  100. 100.  Harry Potter AU.  Magic wands, man.
  101. 101.  Narcolepsy! (Choose which muse you want affected. Or both.)
  102. 102:  You guys are in detention.  How much can you get away with?
  103. 103:  Roller derby!  You guys on the same team, or opposite?
  104. 104:  You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.  There is a mailbox here.  Responding character, command?
  105. 105:  Oh great, you're wedged in some really tight spot and can't get out.
  106. 106:  IT'S A DRAMATIC SITUATION!  NO, REALLY!  But one of you can't.  Take.  It.  Seriously.
  107. 107:  You guys have shrunk to about one inch tall.  Deal with it.
  108. 108:  One character needs money bad brah. Can you spare a dime? Or five hundred?
  109. 109:  It's a movie on television. One person thinks it's the worst movie ever. The other person is really getting into it.
  110. 110:  You swear you've seen that tree before. And that one. Look, other character, can't we just pull over and ask directions?
  111. 111:  It's Bollywood, baby! Sing and dance your way through that drama!
  112. 112:  You and the other character must now deal with tiny, 3-inch tall versions of one or both of you.  Fire may or may not be the answer to this.
  113. 113:  You're actually actors playing your characters! Better check your script so you don't flub up your lines.
  114. 114:  You're infiltrating a location, and you need a disguise.  Don't get caught!  ...and if you're a guy crossdressing, for goodness sake make sure your boobies are on straight.
  115. 115:  House flipping.  ...Did you just break one of the pipes trying to tear out that support beam?
  116. 116:  You've found a treasure map!  ...you THINK it's a treasure map, anyway.
  117. 117:  In a desperate situation, you turn to the other character as your last resort.  Because somebody needs to believe in you, right?
  118. 118:  And then there was a mushroom growing on your head.  Confused yet?
  119. 119:  NAKED TIME!  PING!  (Might be NC-17, but not necessarily)
  120. 120:  Reverse gravity!  Hold onto something!
  121. 121:  BANKRUPT!  ...Wait, what?
  122. 122:  Trip to Tahiti!  ...Is the Wheel of Fortune leaking onto this thing or something?
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