Bloodborne chalice multiplayer guide

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  1. Chalice Multiplayer Guide and Explanation
  4. This guide assumes you know how to make chalice dungeons, but nothing about them beyond that.
  7. - I want to summon! -
  9. Step 1: Make your dungeon. Each dungeon has a unique glyph that no other dungeon has, which is found in the lower right corner of the dungeon's altar menu. Write the dungeon glyph down. If you've already made your dungeon and have the glyph, move on to the next step. As of patch 1.08 the non-random dungeons can be made with the Shared Fixed Dungeon rite, so if you want help against Amygdala in the Defiled Chalice dungeon you no longer need to make note of the glyph. This ONLY applies to the story dungeons, so if you want help against a boss in a root dungeon you'll still need to know the glyph.
  11. Step 2: Before you can summon people into your dungeon, you have to share it on the server. Get the fuck out of your dungeon and return to Hunter's Dream, then press X by the dungeon's altar to open it's menu. Press Square to open the dungeon share menu.
  13. Step 3: Select either "Open" or "Closed". You can find out what these do by reading the description in the highly visible black box above them. "Open" means your dungeon will appear in searches and can be accessed by players using the SRRC. "Closed" means the dungeon will not appear in searches and cannot be accessed by players using SRRC, and can only be downloaded by players who enter the matching dungeon glyph. Obviously, you'll want to set it to Open unless you really, really don't want random extra cooperators showing up.
  15. Step 4: Post the dungeon glyph in the thread, say what your level is, and give a multiplayer password (it's in the options menu under network). This is the minimum amount of information needed to coordinate with you and get summoned. Your level isn't strictly necessary, but it does let people know if their character will be suffer from host scaling or not. Additional useful information includes whatever boss you want help fighting, what layer of the dungeon you're on, and specific chalice info such as region (Pthumeru/Ihyll, Loran, Isz), any additional rites (fetid, rotted, cursed), and dungeon depth. It is also helpful to unequip any Oath Runes you may have, since Hunter, Radiance, and Corruption may occasionally make your cooperators go hostile and turn a co-op attempt into pvp. Impurity, Milkweed, and Beast's Embrace do not have this problem, so you don't need to worry about those.
  17. Step 5: Get back in your dungeon and ring the Beckoning Bell. Try not to die, but don't be that guy who makes your summons do all the work.
  20. - I want to be summoned! -
  22. Step 1: First thing first, get the Short Root Ritual Chalice (SRRC). If you've cleared the Pthumeru Labyrinth chalice you found after killing Blood-Starved Beast, go to the Hunter's Dream and buy the SRRC from the messengers on that ledge. It costs 10 insight. If you already have the Short Root Ritual Chalice, skip this step.
  24. Step 2: If you're trying to be summoned by someone specific, get the password they're using and put it in under the network options menu. This will make it so that they're the only person who can summon you. If you aren't trying to be summoned by anyone specific, clear your password, remove the Hunter/Radiance/Corruption Oath Rune if you're wearing them, set up your SRRC and wait very, very patiently (in this case, the next few steps aren't going to apply to you). You may be waiting for a while, so pack a lunch or something.
  26. Step 3: In order to enter any dungeon, you need the chalice for that dungeon and need to have made a dungeon with any additional rites it may have. Best way to go about this is collect all the root chalices and make one Cursed+Fetid+Rotted depth 5 root dungeon, which will let you access 99% of all dungeons ever made by anyone. For the remaining 1%, pick up the Sinister Lower Pthumeru chalice found in layer 4 of the story Lower Pthumeru Labyrinth, and use it to make a single dungeon with the Sinister rite. You'll now be able to access any sinister dungeon that you have the normal, non-sinister root chalice of.
  28. Step 4: You now have two options. You can either use their dungeon glyph to make their dungeon and get to wherever they are so they can summon you, or you can sit around in Hunter's Dream waiting for the SRRC to locate them. It's up to you. SRRC can take upwards of 25 minutes to work, but has the benefit of skipping directly to the host. General rule of thumb, if they're on layer 3 or 4 (or you just can't be arsed), SRRC might be faster than fighting through the dungeon yourself.
  30. Step 5: If you've completed all the previous steps correctly (and the host followed all the steps under the "I want to summon!" guide), your character will eventually be pulled to their world for cooperation. Remember that if the host dies you also die, so try not to let that happen.
  33. - I want to be invaded! -
  35. Step 1: Make a dungeon. It can be any dungeon at all, it doesn't matter. Sinister chalices were intended specifically for PvP, but since you can't add any other rites to them they're terrible for gem farming. This means most people don't bother to pick them up, meaning most people have never unlocked the sinister rite and won't be able to access a sinister dungeon. In other words, it might be better to stick to a non-sinister root chalice unless you know people who have sinister chalices. If you're trying to make a dungeon for a fight club, depth 1 pthumeru root chalices are popular due to sheer convenience. Once you've made the dungeon, share it as either Open or Closed. Open allows for random invaders via SRRC, whereas Closed blocks out SRRC and may be more suitable for fight clubs.
  37. Step 2: Now you need a sinister bell maiden to summon invading players. Any given dungeon, no matter what type it is, has a roughly 5% chance to come with a sinister bell maiden on at least one of its floors. This can happen from depth 1 all the way up to depth 5, FRC or normal. If you've made a sinister dungeon, it will have a guaranteed bell maiden on every floor and still has the 5% chance to spawn an additional bell maiden. If your dungeon does not have a sinister bell maiden, you can force one to spawn by ringing your Sinister Resonant Bell. The maiden will stay until killed or until you die, even if you use the Silencing Blank. If you are in a depth 5 dungeon, a sinister bell maiden will also appear if you summon another player.
  39. Step 3: Once you have a sinister bell maiden in your dungeon, you can either wait for randoms to invade you with their SRRC (requires your dungeon to be set as Open), or you can post the glyph in the thread so other players can enter your dungeon to try to invade you (and each other). Remember that you can only be invaded on floors where the boss is still alive, so obviously you should leave the boss alive. If waiting for SRRC invaders, keep in mind you're going to be waiting for a very, very long time, as the vast majority of the playerbase doesn't know SRRC invasion times were fixed with the last server maintenance. It helps to have a good book on hand, preferably something Lovecraftian. Don't worry, the game will tell you when a player has invaded.
  41. Step 4: Eventually, someone will show up and try to kill you. Kill them first. If you want to be nice about it, make blood bullets to set your own HP down to match the invader's health penalty and don't heal. If you're in a cursed dungeon, this won't be necessary since you'll both be at 50% HP.
  43. Step 5: If you're still alive, remember to use the Silencing Blank but exit its menu without choosing an option. This will reset your invasion cooldown timer and allow you to be invaded again immediately. If you died, congratulations! Your invasion cooldown timer was reset without you having to do anything. Continue on your merry way.
  46. - I want to invade! -
  48. Step 1: Acquire the SRRC. The fastest way to do this is by finishing the standard depth 1 Pthumeru chalice you get from Blood-Starved Beast, then purchasing the SRRC for 10 insight from the insight messenger bath in Hunter's Dream.
  50. Step 2: There are many, many ways to go about this part, so this step is going to take list form for a moment.
  52.         Step 2a: You can attempt to invade a random dungeon and player by using the SRRC. Keep in mind that you can only invade into dungeon types you've already made and have the chalice for, so remember to collect them all, then make one CFR dungeon and one Sinister dungeon. Yes, I said sinister dungeon. The more dungeon types you have access to, the better your odds of invading with the SRRC, and more often than not those will be the ones you invade into since they come with guaranteed sinister bell maidens.
  54.         Step 2b: Find a glyph someone else posted, enter the dungeon, and try to invade them. If they're trying to summon players and it's a depth 5 dungeon, they're going to end up generating a sinister bell maiden and they won't know where she's hiding. This is your chance to invade.
  56.         Step 2c: Make a dungeon and post the glyph in the thread. Wait for people to enter the dungeon, then attempt to invade them. This obviously works better if the dungeon has it's own sinister bell maiden, be it the natural random one or from the sinister rite, but if it's a depth 5 dungeon they'll end up producing one anyways if they try to summon at all.
  58.         Step 2d: Did someone post a glyph for a fight club? Get in there and ring your Sinister Resonant Bell. Yes, it's fine if you don't have perfect gems or even a fully upgraded weapon. It's not about winning, it's about fighting.
  60. Step 3: Once your SRRC is up or your Sinister Resonant Bell is ringing, it's time to wait. SRRC invasion times were fixed in the last server maintenance so the wait isn't as unbearable as it used to be, but you'll still be waiting somewhere around 5 minutes between invasions. Have something else to do in the meantime if you aren't superhumanly patient.
  62. Step 4: Did you invade someone? Good, now go kill them. Watch out for cooperators, Shaman Bone Blades, and Beast-Possessed Souls. If you want to be nice about it, wait for them to make blood bullets so their HP isn't +30% higher than yours and don't use blood vials. Don't worry too much about this step in a cursed dungoen, since you'll both be at 50% HP.
  64. Step 5: Repeat steps 2-5.
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