Fire Speciality feats

Apr 7th, 2015
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  1. By Derp_Herp
  3. Each specialty has 2 or 3 aspects.
  4. An aspect is a broad umbrella of spell effects that share common intrinsic properties.
  6. When casting spells a player declares what aspect of their specialty their spells possess and rolls the dice.
  8. Fire Specialty
  9. Ignition: To ignite, set and cleanse things with fire.
  10. Dice Height: Duration and/or AoE of the fire
  11. Ignition spells involves creating fireballs, walls of fire or cauterizing wounds and cleansing status ailments.
  13. Combustion: To set things to explode
  14. Dice Height: Intensity and/or size of the explosion
  15. Combustion involves making pin point explosions or detonating objects to explode. Users can localize explosions like a rocket propellant, to bestow such properties to their melee or ranged weapons or make things go boom.
  17. Heat: To boil or melt things, increasing the temperature.
  18. Dice Height: Intensity and/or Aoe of the heat
  19. Increasing the temperature to melt or boil things, users can surround themselves with a constant heat or give them fire resistance.
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