S-Mate - 30

Jun 27th, 2019
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S-Mate - 30 --- Thanks to Yiyun

MC is asleep groping Red's breasts, she's feeling hot because of his touche.. She moans, her body begins to react to MC groping.. She's covering her mouth with her hand because her moans become too loud.. She feels something rubbing against her pussy, it's MC's dick.. Her pussy becomes wet and warm.. She can't take it anymore and decides to push MC away.

She looks at him realizing that MC is still sleeping.. She lays next to him on the bed, she feels really hot and decides to relieve herself by touching her cunt. She plays with her wet pussy and her breasts for a while.. She turns her head and looks at his sleeping face.. The flame of desire lit in her body becomes stronger..

She removes her pantie, her glasses.. and the rest of her clothes. She's on top of MC, between his legs, she can't stop looking at his hard on.. She removes his underpants and she's greeted by his erect penis, the size of MC surprises her.. She moves her mouth closer to his cock and touches the head of his dick with the tip of her tongue.. There is a little reaction from MC but she feels as if an electric current flows through her body. She grabs his dick and rubs it against her face thinking that it's really hot..

Her desire keeps growing stronger and stronger.. She gives head to MC while stimulating her clit with her fingers.. MC's body begins to shake, he moans a lot.. She looks carefully at him because she doesn't want to wake him up..

She wants to feel more warmth than just that.. She stands a bit and move her pussy closer to his dick.. She begins to ride him moving her hips back and forth then up & down.. She feels really good and moans a lot.. She moves her hips faster and with a stronger intensity.. MC's sleep talking, he says something about not wanting to take out the trash and keeps saying no, no..

Red pinches her nipples and keeps moving on top of him.. MC finally wakes up, he looks at red enjoying his dick, he says 'Sweetie.." (dunno if he feels sweet / warm or if it's her name / nickname).
She looks at him surprised because he's awake, he looks at her too.. Awkward moment..

- To Be Continued -

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