Upcoming ~ 9th Balance Patch [Wizard Changes]

Jan 12th, 2018
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  1. [Notice !!] This paste only specifies outlines of changes to the Wizard Classes, for information regarding the Swordsman & Damage Value changes, please view Greyhiem's translated notes found here:
  3. Disclaimer: Things mentioned in the patch are still tentative, and subject to change.
  5. =====[Wizard]=====
  6. Earthquake:
  7. - Earthquake is a skill that has beeen known to be really slow to cast, it has since had its casting speed drastically increased as a result. Earthquake now also applies to flying-type enemies and deals double the damage to Ground-type enemies. Currently, a level 15 Earthquake currently only has a 428% damage factor to Ground-type enemies, and is unable to hit flying-types enemies. Earthquake will now have a 428% Attack Factor vs Flying-type mobs and 956% for Ground-type enemies.
  9. Lethargy:
  10. - Going back to our old battle formula, this skill reduced absolute values of the target's physical/magical attack as a form of a debuff, since we have now gone over to the new battle formula, the skill will now apply percentage(%) reductions in accordance with the caster's learned skill level, and also the evasion reduction effect of the skill has been amplified up a bit more. The skill will now also increase the amount of damage the target takes from 'Magic' attacks by 20% and the duration and cooldown of Lethargy have both been changed to 20 seconds.
  12. - The existing attribute [Lethargy: Enhance] has been removed, and a new attribute has been added in for Circle 2 Wizards called [Lethargy: Magic Specialty] , This attribute increases the amount of damage dealt with magic attacks based upon the attribute level. The existing [Lethargy: Additional Damage] has also been changed and re-named [Lethargy: Strike Specialty], The newly renamed attribute will also be moved from Circle 2, to Circle 3 Wizard as its requirement.
  15. Sleep: Dreaming
  16. * (NEW!)[Wizard, Circle 2]
  17. - A new attribute that has been added that will reduce the attack-threshold to wake a player up to 1/5th, but also make it so that the target receives doubled damage against Psychokinesis-property magic attacks.
  20. Magic Shield [Wizard, Circle 1]
  21. * (Renamed from [Reflect Shield])
  22. - The skill [Reflect Shield] has been renamed to [Magic Shield]
  23. - Magic Shield is now a defensive buff that reduces incoming damage by 20% per Skill Lv. , However, every single time you get hit your SP will decrease.
  24. - The [Reflect Shield: Damage Reflect] attribute has been renamed to [Magic Shield: SPR Efficiency], and this attribute will now reduce the amount of SP deducted by [Magic Shield] based upon the Caster's SPR stat.
  26. Surespell [Wizard, Circle 2]
  27. - Surespell, the ability allowing you to maintain casting even if hit will now expand its beneficial effects to party members, and the amount of targets you can apply this to will increase according to the level of Surespell learned. This skill will now have a fixed duration fo 300 Seconds, and the cooldown is now 60 seconds.
  29. Magic Missile [Wizard, Circle 2]
  30. * (Moved From Wizard, Circle 3)
  31. - Magic Missile was originally a Circle 3 spell, it has since been changed to a circle 2 spell so it maxes out at Lv 10 now, the damage for it has been increased and also the amount of magic bullets you can shoot has been increased to accomodate the new level cap for this ability. The firing rate of the bullets has also been accelerated.
  32. - To accomodate the circle migration of this skill, the Magic Missile: Enhance has also been brought to circle 2 of course.
  34. Quick Cast [Wizard, Circle 3]
  35. - Nothing too major here, Quick cast now has a fixed duration of 300 seconds, and a cooldown of 60 seconds.
  39. =====[Pyromancer]=====
  40. Staff Mastery: Fire
  41. [Circle 1 Attribute]
  42. - The existing effects of this attribute will be changed, the attribute will now increase fire-property magic attack damage by 5% per attribute level when equipped with a [Staff].
  45. Flame Ground
  46. [Circle 1]
  47. - Flame ground is no longer a targeted ability but now is a detonated zone that is centred on the caster's current location, the damage ticks apply much faster and the radius of the flame ground is much wider, comparable to the range of other abilities such as [Flare].
  48. - A new attribute [Flame Ground: Heat Spread] will also be added, where it becomes possible to spread a 'Burning' debuff to enemies within the radius of [Flame Ground]. Enemies afflicted with 'Burning' debuffs have reduced resistance to fire-property attacks and can also be attacked with [Flare].
  50. Enchant Fire
  51. [ Circle 1]
  52. - Enchant Fire will no longer apply to other party members or players, and now only applies exclusively to just you.
  54. Fire Wall:
  55. [ Circle 1]
  56. - Fire will will now summon in a horizontal line according to what direction the character is looking, the current 'select cell' technique used will no longer be used. Fire Wall will now have an Overheat of 3, and the amount of damage it deals per skill level has been increased, the cooldown of Firewall will now also be 20 seconds. At circle 3, a new attribute [Fire wall: Knockback] becomes available, this attribute will cause the fire wall to prevent enemies from moving forward through fire-wall tiles and also still deal damage to them.
  58. Flare :
  59. [ Circle 1]
  60. - Flare now has an interaction with [Fireball], you can now detonate any nearby Fireballs when activating [Flare].
  61. - Fireballs that are triggered in this manner will deal damage to nearby enemies, the damage it deals is based upon the [Flare] skill, and the fireballs will not disappear until the fireballs duration ends.
  63. Fireball:
  64. [Circle 1]
  65. - Fireballs can now be summoned in ground targeted locations instead of only being spawned infront of the caster. Deployed fireballs now have a duration of 10 seconds, and will linger around for a short period of time after hitting an enemy. (However, after the initial attack it will not hit enemies again, and the fireball will also no longer be pushed by Psychic Pressure)
  66. - A new attribute has been added to Circle 2 Pyromancer, [Fireball: Residual Heat], this attribute will increase the duration that fireballs are summoned for.
  68. Fire Pillar :
  69. [Circle 2]
  70. - Fire pillar will no longer be resisted by effect resistants (Dispellers etc?), The diameter of the spell has been made thicker and the cooldown time of the skill has been vastly reduced.
  72. Hell Breath :
  73. [Circle 3]
  74. - Hell Breath now consumes 1x Pyrite as a catalyst upon the cast of Hell Breath.
  75. (You can buy these from the Pyromancer Master for 80 Silver each.)
  76. - Hell Breath will no longer block close range attacks, however the attack interval of Hell Breath will be increased, The range of the skill has been increased by 3 times and the width of the spell has been increased by approximately 1.5 times larger than its current form.
  78. ===== [Cryomancer] =====
  80. Rod Mastery: Ice
  81. [Circle 1]
  82. - The effects of this attribute have been changed so that it is pretty much similar to the [Staff Mastery: Fire] changes that pryomancers received.
  85. Cryomancer: Freeze Specialty
  86. [Circle 1]
  87. - This attribute will now also increase the chance of afflicting enemies with [Frozen] states when using Cryomancer's abilities, and the rate of freeze will increase according to attribute level.
  89. Ice Bolt:
  90. [Circle 1]
  91. - Cast time has been removed from this skill.
  93. Ice Pike:
  94. - Ice Pike has been changed to a ground targeted spell, that will summon a fragmented spear of ice attacking the enemy once.
  95. - The base damage factor has been increased quite a bit, and the skill now has a 100% chance of freezing on hit. (This rate is different for PVP modes & against Boss-type monsters)
  97. Gust:
  98. - Gust and it's attribute Gust: Collision damage have gone with the wind and have been removed.
  100. Snow Rolling:
  101. [Circle 2]
  102. - Snow Rolling has moved from Circle 3 into Circle 2.
  103. - Snow Rolling now has a fixed casting time of 1 seconds, regardless of skill level.
  104. - The tooltip currently displays AOE Attack Ratio by mistake (It's supposed to mention the Maximum Targets it can hold instead.) The amount of targets that the Snow Boulder can collect is increased by about 5 times, and the skill is about 1.5 times larger than what it currently is.
  106. Frost Pillar:
  107. [Circle 3]
  108. - Frost Pillar has now lost its Vacuum effect that would suck in enemies.
  109. - The skill is now a 'Hold & Attack' skill that feezes enemies and deals continuous ice-property attack magic damage to enemies in range.
  110. - Frost Pillar will now consume 1x Cryorite upon cast.
  111. (You can purchase Cryorite from the Cryomancer Master, for 80 Silver each.)
  112. - An attribute [Frost Pillar: Enhance] has also been added to accustom the changes to Frost Pillar.
  115. =====[Psychokino]=====
  117. Psychic Pressure:
  118. [Circle 1]
  119. - Damage Factor has been increased by about 1.5 times.
  120. - Now deals 50% Additional Damage to Mutant-type enemies. (This is common change applied to Psychokino's Attack skills)
  122. Telekinesis:
  123. [Circle 1]
  124. - Now deals 50% Additional Damage to Mutant-type enemies. (This is common change applied to Psychokino's Attack skills)
  126. Magnetic Force:
  127. [Circle 2]
  128. - The maximum number of targets has been increased to up to 10 targets, and the hitbox range has been made larger.
  129. - Now deals 50% Additional Damage to Mutant-type enemies. (This is common change applied to Psychokino's Attack skills)
  131. Heavy Gravity:
  132. *(NEW!)[Circle 2]
  133. - Heavy Gravity is a new skill that uses the force of gravity to inflict Psychokinetic damage to enemies, this skill forces targets to become 'Ground-type' enemies for the duration of the skills effects. This skill also deals 50% additional damage to mutant enemies. When Heavy Gravity is cast, any nearby existing [Raise] magic circles will be flattened and removed.
  134. - In addition, some attributes have been added for this skill!
  135. [Heavy Gravity: Enhance] - Circle 2
  136. [Heavy Gravity: Movement Speed Reduction] - Circle 2
  137. [Heavy Gravity: Duration] - Circle 3
  139. Gravity Pole:
  140. [Circle 3]
  141. - The base number of targets that can be hit has been increased by 5.
  142. - Now deals 50% Additional Damage to Mutant-type enemies. (This is common change applied to Psychokino's Attack skills)
  144. Raise
  145. [Circle 3]
  146. - Upon Casting Raise, any active [Heavy Gravity] magic circles nearby will be nullified and removed.
  148. =====[Linker]=====
  149. Spiritual Chain: Magic Power
  150. *(NEW!)[Circle 2]
  151. - Once this attribute has been learned, magical attack damage of other players becomes increased according to the skill level of Spiritual Chain.
  153. Spirit Shock
  154. *(NEW!)[Circle 2]
  155. - Spirit Shock is a new offensive skill that deals Psychokinetic-property damage and SPR based damage on the enemy's soul.
  156. - Spirit Shock works as a 1 to 1 skill, so it can only ever be on one target at a time, using Spirit Shock on another target will link you to that target, but also unbind the link to your previous target, It's also possible to break the link via the Unbind skill too.
  157. - Spirit Shock deals magic based damge over time from 3~8 seconds, and can end prematurely if the link is broken by the caster and the target being too far apart from one another.
  158. - To accomodate this new skill, attributes have been added.
  159. [Spirit Shock: Enhance] - Circle 2
  160. [Spirit Shock: Confusion] - Circle 2
  161. [Spirit Shock: Mental Pressure] - Circle 3
  163. Lifeline
  164. [Circle 3]
  165. - The sustainable effects of Lifeline will increase according to skill level.
  168. =====[Thaumaturge]=====
  169. Swell Left Arm:
  170. [Circle 1]
  171. - Swell Left Arm will no longer increase the attack power of secondary weapons, and now consumes 1x Magic Powder upon casting.
  172. (Magic Powder can be purchased from the Thaumaturge master, it currently costs 700 Silver to buy, but will be adjusted to cost 100 Silver.)
  173. - A new attribute for Circle 1, [Swell Left Arm: Summons] has been added, when the attribute is active Swell Left Arm will increase the Physical/Magical Attack damage of your pet and will increase per attribute level
  175. Swell Right Arm:
  176. [Circle 2]
  177. - Swell Right Arm will no longer increase the attack power of the main-hand weapon, and now consumes 1x Magic Powder upon casting.
  178. - A new attribute has been added, [Swell Right Arm: Summons], when the attribute is active Swell Right Arm will increase the Physical/Magical Defense of your pet and will increase per attribute level
  180. Swell Brain:
  181. [Circle 3]
  182. - This skill now consumes 2x Magic Powder upon being cast.
  183. - A new attribute, [Swell Brain: Quick Thinker] has been added, When learned - Swell Brain will also apply Quick Cast at the same level of the attribute level learned, The Quick Cast effect only applies to the caster, and the caster does not actually have to have learned the skill to gain its effects. (Wizard Circle 3 Skill)
  186. =====[Elementalist]=====
  187. Electrocute:
  188. [Circle 1]
  189. - Electrocute's damage will no longer fall off when bouncing to nearby targets, the skill now has an Overheat of 4, and the attacking range for electrocute has been increased.
  190. - [Electrocute: Freezing Magic Damage] attribute has been removed.
  192. Stone Curse:
  193. [Circle 1]
  194. - Stone Cursed Targets will take an additional blow when struck by a Psychokinesis property attack.
  195. - cooldown has been changed to 50 seconds. (From 82)
  197. Hail:
  198. [Circle 1]
  199. - Hail now has a fixed duration of 10 seconds, regardless of skill level. (It's currently about 6~20seconds)
  200. - Damage Factor has been doubled.
  202. Prominence:
  203. [Circle 1]
  204. - Cooldown has been reduced to 25 seconds. (From 45 seconds)
  205. - A new circle 3 attribute has been added, [Prominence: Additional Generation] which increases the number of prominence that is summoned upon cast.
  206. Storm Dust
  207. [Circle 2]
  208. (Frost Cloud has been moved to Circle 2, and renamed to Storm Dust)
  209. - Frost Cloud has been changed into Storm Dust and is now a Circle 2 skill, This skill deals earth-property magic damage by creating a dust storm using elemental powers.
  210. - Storm dust can be used in a similar manner to Frost Cloud, it has a slightly larger radius and deals half its total damage to flying-type enemies.
  211. - Storm dust has had 3 attributes added, and the related Frost Cloud attributes have been removed.
  212. [Storm Dust: Enhance] - Circle 2
  213. [Storm Dust: Slow] - Circle 2
  214. [Storm Dust: Aftermath] - Circle 3
  217. Rain
  218. [Circle 3]
  219. - Skill & relevant attributes have been removed.
  221. Meteor
  222. [Circle 3]
  223. - Meteor has been changed to a circle 3 skill.
  224. - Since it has been moved to C3, the radius has been improved vastly, the damage factor has been increased and the casting time has been changed from increasing up to 5 seconds dependant on skill level to becoming fixed at 3 seconds, cooldown time has also been reduced to 40 seconds. (From 40)
  225. - Meteor: Evasion has been removed, and a new attribute [Meteor: Flame Ground] will be added, this attribute amplifies the amount of damage Meteor does when it is targeted to cast within a [Flame Ground] magic circle
  228. ===== [Sorcerer]=====
  229. Summon Servant:
  230. [Circle 1]
  231. - This skill now consumes 1 Empty Spellbook upon casting.
  234. ===== [Chronomancer]=====
  235. Stop:
  236. [Circle 1]
  237. - This skill now consumes 3 Fragments of Time upon casting.
  239. Reincarnate:
  240. [Circle 1]
  241. - This skill now consumes 5 Fragments of Time
  243. Quicken:
  244. [Circle 1]
  245. - The base attack speed increase is reduced to 50% of its current effect, the other 50% will now be determined on the caster's SPR and the target recipient's level. If the target receiving the buff is level 250, the calculation is 200/250 = 80% added
  247. As an example, At Lv 15 - the new Quicken has an base attack speed of 175(Originally 330), and the caster's SPR is 200, The+ 80%(+140) which is added to the base value, resulting in 315 attack speed being applied to the target. The additional portion of the attackspeed added will not be able to exceed 100% of the value of the base value of attack speed that can be increased. At Level 15, the skill duration is now 120 seconds(from 105 seconds) and the skill will now also consume 1 Fragment of Time when using this skill.
  249. Haste:
  250. [Circle 2]
  251. - Similarly to what's been done with quicken, the effects of Haste have been cut in half, additional speed is now added according to the caster's SPR stat, and the recipient's level.
  253. If you can attain a similar amount of SPR to the level of yourself and your party members (Including items giving stats) you can achieve the same effectiveness of haste as before, Chronomancers who have build full CON should factor in these differences when they apply their buffs.
  254. Now consumes 1 Fragment of Time, The duration has changed to 120 seconds at level 10
  256. Backmasking:
  257. [Circle 3]
  258. - Now consumes 2 Fragments of Time upon casting.
  259. (Fragments of Time are replacing the current, ' Dimensional Piece' that can be obtained from the Chronomancer Master, the price will be adjusted to 2,000 Silver)
  261. Pass:
  262. [Circle 3]
  263. - Once a Chronomancer has used the skill [Pass], the skills that hve been reset will no longer be affected by Pass until they are used again, 1 Fragment of Time is now consumed when casting this skill. To say it bluntly, It is no longer possible to 'rotate' Passes and make a 50 Second Cooldown skill into a 0 Cooldown, Skills that have had their cooldown reduced via Pass will now only be affected by pass again after they have been cast at least once afterwards.
  265. =====[Runecaster]=====
  267. Rune Caster: Skilled Casting
  268. [Circle 1]
  269. - The reduced duration penalty part of the 'Quickcast' (not having learned quickcast) effect of this attribute has been removed.
  270. - Regardless of whether or not the player has learned quickcast, the base duration of the quick cast is now 5 minutes. The effectiveness of cast-speed reduction per level still applies, however. (So, a level 1 cast speed effect will still apply if Quickcast has not been learned)
  272. Rune of Protection:
  273. [Circle 1]
  274. - The existing function of this skill has been removed, now an immunity to knockdown & knockback effects will be granted, these effects only apply to you -however, these buff effects can be shared via a linker. The cast time is now 2 seconds, duration is 150 seconds and the cooldown is 180 seconds.
  275. - (ALL runecaster spells will be changed from 4 seconds to 2 second cast times)
  276. -Rune of Protection: Maintain Cast, a new attribute will be replacing the [Rune of Protection: Critical Resistance], while this attribute is active though the duration of the Rune of Protection is reduced.
  278. Rune of Destruction:
  279. [Circle 1]
  280. - Damage Factor has been increased, and the range has also been increased.
  281. - Cast time is now 2 seconds, and has a 40 second cooldown. (From 60 seconds)
  282. - A new attribute, [Rune of Destruction: Destruct Magic Defense ] has been added, when learned, attacking enemies using Rune of Destruction reduces the enemies Magic Defense per attribute level.
  284. Rune of Ice
  285. [Circle 1]
  286. - Instead of only increasing the damage of some ice spells by 150%, the skill now increases ALL ice-type magic damage by 50%
  287. - Casting time has also been reduced to 2 seconds like the other Runecaster skills.
  289. Rune of Giants:
  290. [Circle 1]
  291. - When you become giant you're now able to use buff-type skills, Damage will now always apply when doing a jumping land attack, and the cast time has been reduced to 2 seconds.
  293. Rune of Justice:
  294. [Circle 1]
  295. - Like the other skills, the cast time has been reduced to 2 seconds. The Rune of Justice is now castable while moving, and the damage factor has been increased quite a bit, the skill now also deals double damage to Devil-type enemies. The cooldown has also been lowered to 30 seconds.
  297. =====[Warlock]=====
  298. Dark Theurge:
  299. [Circle 1]
  300. - Damage has been increased by about 4.5 times, The number of attacks has been reduced to about 5 times. (From 15 times)
  301. - The cooldown is now 30 seconds.
  303. Mastema:
  304. [Circle 1]
  305. - The hitbox radius is about 1.5 times larger than before.
  307. Ghastly Trail:
  308. [Circle 2]
  309. - The additional damage effect has been removed, and the damage of the evil spirits has been changed so that they now increase dependant on skill level.
  310. - Cooldown time has been reduced to 30 seconds (From 45), and the maximum duration has been changed to 10 seconds. (from 5)
  312. Drain:
  313. [Circle 2]
  314. - The existing ability has been removed and reworked, The Dark-property damage increase from absorbing spirits will now be increased based upon how many evil spirits have been absorbed. The duration of the skill is now 30 seconds, and the cooldown is 40 seconds.
  316. =====[Enchanter]=====
  317. Enchant Lightning:
  318. [Circle 1]
  319. - This skill now consumes 1 Enchanted Dust when used.
  320. - Enchanted Dust can be made via an attribute, 10x Magic Powder is required to make 1x Enchanted Dust.
  321. - A new attribute has been added, [Enchant Lightning: Psychic ], when learned, Psychic Pressure and Gravity Pole will become Electric-property attacks.
  323. =====[Sage]=====
  324. Dimension Compression
  325. [Circle 2]
  326. - Now has an overheat of 2
  329. =====[Shadowmancer]=====
  330. Shadow Pool:
  331. [Circle 1]
  332. - At the start of casting this skill, you become invincible
  335. Source Post:
  336. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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