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salmancreation Apr 19th, 2018 73 Never
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  1. Hello,
  2. I have Uploaded " SA - Personal Portfolio HTML " on ThemeForest (April 1,2018 ). Which is a one page portfolio template.The reviewer keep my item as a hidden item and tell me i should make some changes.
  3. My Item Link: https://themeforest.net/item/sa-personal-portfolio-html/21685982
  5. after changes all of issues.when i resubmit ,  i updated my demo link ,but which not save in resubmit. for this reason my item get hard rejected.
  6. My item hard rejected because of missing my demo link. The reviewer for the rejection is given by the link https://envato.d.pr/ADro86
  8. I understand my mistake of demo link update. I never do this mistake in future.Please give a chance me by enable  the item from Hard reject. Please kind me.please make my item soft reject and editable.
  9. my updated demo link of the item.
  10. http://www.spinetheme.com/demo/james/
  12.  i ' m looking forward to hearing good news from you.
  13. Thank you
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