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  1. [01:01:07] EVE System > Channel MOTD: <font size="12" color="#bfffffff"></font><font size="12" color="#ffffff00">Sleeper Dreams public chat.</font><font size="12" color="#ffffffff"> Anything non-recruitment goes here. Screeching autism = ban</font>
  2. [05:24:26] Autunite > :/<br><br>NREM if I start breaking the rules please warn me first.
  3. [05:25:20] Kyra Venalia > we warn with bans
  4. [05:26:26] Autunite > :/ sometimes from listening to these chats I don't know what is and isn't kosher.
  5. [05:26:36] Kyra Venalia > :/ :/ :/ :/ :/
  6. [05:28:08] Receg > Did you just call us jewish??
  7. [05:28:41] Trenzalore Fields > god dammit. i nearly spit out my drink when i read that. lol
  8. [05:29:10] Autunite > Niet, the word got mixed into my lingo early on.
  9. [05:31:14] Receg > What happened with the eviction against buccaneer?
  10. [05:31:23] Receg > you guys exfil?
  11. [05:32:22] Trenzalore Fields > a, we were told it wasn't an eviction. i'm guessing TNA was telling people otherwise. b. TNA basically suckered us in so we'd do all the work for them. for free. we said fuck that noise and left.
  12. [05:33:01] Receg > o
  13. [05:34:05] Trenzalore Fields > like, one of the pggb dudes was saying he watched them all warp off the holes to the POS when they were supposed to be running hole control
  14. [05:34:20] Trenzalore Fields > i'm no expert.. but pretty sure that's not how that works
  15. [05:36:04] Receg > ya
  16. [05:36:08] Receg > odd movements tbh
  17. [05:36:50] Trenzalore Fields > the whole thing was a mess. we probably oughtn't have gotten involved from the start, but they seemed to have their shit together
  18. [05:39:31] Trenzalore Fields > but ultimately, they were dishonest with us about their intentions and their expectations of us. i suppose we could have stuck it out, but not for someone who is actively working against us, ya know?
  19. [05:41:31] Receg > was it just a spur of the moment, "hey dudes come shoot this fort yea?"
  20. [05:41:57] Trenzalore Fields > pretty much. some kind of polish drama
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