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Assignment 1

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  1. <h1>My First Web Page!</h1>
  2. <h2>What is it all about?</h2>
  3. <p>This is my <em>very first web page.</em> It isn't really about anything at all. It simply exists in order for me to gain
  4. experience with the basic tags associated with HTML. <strong>HOWEVER</strong>, this is only the first page of many; the future
  5. pages will have much more significance!</p>
  6. <h3>Possible content of future web pages:</h3>
  7. <ol>
  8.         <li>Pictures of cats</li>
  9.         <li>Pictures of not cats</li>
  10.         <li>Fascinating stories</li>
  11.         <li>Undoubtedly most useful information</li>
  12. </ol>
  13. <h4>Another paragraph, you say?</h4>
  14. <p>By this point in the first webpage, <q>I have all but run out of things to say.</q> I have no been reduced to rambling
  15. in an attempt to take up space. Hopefully, for the sake of my readers, my future web pages will be much more interesting.
  16. <button>We can only hope...</button>
  17. <h5>Table test</h5>
  18. <table>
  19.         <tr>
  20.                 <th>What is your name name?</th>
  21.                 <th>What is your quest?</th>
  22.                 <th>What is your favorite colour?</th>
  23.         </tr>
  24.         <tr>
  25.                 <td>Sir Lancelot of Camelot</td>
  26.                 <td>To seek the holy grail</td>
  27.                 <td>Blue</td>
  28.         </tr>
  29.         <tr>
  30.                 <td>Sir Galahad of Camelot</td>
  31.                 <td>I seek the grail</td>
  32.                 <td>Blue. No, yel.... Ah!!!</td>
  33.         </tr>
  34. </table>
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