Amarok Mount

Dec 4th, 2018
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  1. Defeat an Amarok with lust, add option [Get Mounted]. Requires vagina
  2. ----
  3. The quivering amarok, unable to contain its lust, presses its face into the snow while slowly humping the air in a display of need. You worked it up this far for a reason, of course, and so gladly [if (armored) {strip yourself down and }]beckon the wolf to you.
  5. The biting cold against your [skin] makes it all the more pleasant to grab hold of the amarok's head and feel its thick, dark fur against you. You sink down, turning to present your [butt] to the lusty animal. A jolt runs through you at the sudden moisture of the snout pressing into your crotch. Like a good submissive beast, the amarok is taking care to give you oral before the main event. Its long, flat tongue slips across your [vagina] in broad strokes. The contrast between the warmth of its tongue and the cold of the open air is actually rather pleasant.
  7. Before you can lose yourself in the moment, the amarok mounts you, quickly prodding at your loins for entry. You shift in place in an effort to help it find your well-lubricated entrance; the heat of its body and softness of its fur does much to improve your comfort in this position. The pointed tip pokes inside for only a moment, firing a chill up your spine. Having found its target, the wolf shifts its hind legs for a better stance and lunges forward.
  9. Your [vagina] fills with doggy-dick in an instant, the tip jabbing at your cervix with a sharp pang that draws an immediate involuntary gasp from you. It is a little painful, but all the more exciting as a result. The wolf jerks its hips back and then in again, eliciting a breathy groan out of you, and another, and another. The widening and narrowing girth along the shaft stretches and eases on your inner walls. You turn to press your face up against the fur of the amarok and rub vigorously against it both as a sign of affection and from a deep involuntary need to distract yourself with a different stimulus so the pounding in your nethers doesn't completely overwhelm you.
  11. The wolf grunts and forces its knot beyond your labia, stretching you yet again to the point of making you yelp. Its thrusts become short and rapid, practically vibrating your innards; the tapered end like a jackhammer on your cervix. You can't help but cry in pain, yet you love it. Swelling, the knot expands, spreading your walls apart to their limit.
  13. Now rendered immobile, the wolf-cock stays firmly embedded inside, with spurt after spurt of canine semen filling your womb. You struggle to keep yourself conscious while the animal is locked in place.
  15. Time passes in a blur before the knot of the amarok finally shrinks. The wolf's bestial seed spills out with an initial burst, but far more still lingers deep within you. You struggle to your feet and collect your things, stumbling back to camp in a pleasant mood.
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