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Showmanship CH 2

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Jul 11th, 2013
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  1. The next morning was... Pretty great actually. Guess those binural beats really do work. I felt like a new man! I stepped into the shower, quickly thinking of what my next show will be like. I needed something spectacular. Something never seen before. Something with... Hypnosis involved, yes.
  3. I was never exactly the best at hypnosis. I was more of an illusionist than a mentalist. I went to the cubbord for some instant coffee. But I have done it before with some success. And if I take the time to practice... It will be a sight to behold!
  5. I just need a week or two to get ready. Then I can wow the guy at the casino, maybe even get Vinyl to back me up, and I will be back in the big time!
  7. I devise the plans: Getting a sketchbook out to prepare the devise I will be using for this act. Then I paused...
  9. This seemed a bit... Crazy. What I was doing might get someone hurt, VERY hurt. I should really think about this. Step back a bit. Calm down.
  11. I look back to the headphones. Perhaps some of those beats wll help inspire me. Yeah, if they had helped me one time, they can help again. I put them back on, this time really focusing on the music as I press play.
  13. "Tch..!" I click my tounge as I heard the blaring bass in my head. Ugh, this definatly was Vinyl's work alright. No wonder I was not a fan of it. It keeps pulsing, like it is invading my mind, or at least trying to.
  15. But within minutes, I was back to designing, the music fading into the back of my brain, lingering there, but never bringing attention to it. I was relaxing. I felt so inspired, so creative. Soon my initial sketches were complete, and already I was on to blueprints. I would commission a team to actually build the device, but so long as they go by my absolute calculations, it will be... Perfect!
  17. >You have another act to do.
  19. But I could not stop there. I needed a show stopper. Something to which everyone will not be able to help but marvel at the scene. I grin, the beats still pulsing in my head.
  21. >An 'illusion' of change~
  23. Of course, it was so obvious.
  25. What better way to control the audience when they perceive you as someone else~? The foals...
  27. ...
  29. The FOOLS won't know what hit them!
  31. ===
  33. It had been several days since the initial inspiration. Some changes had occured since then. Namely, my hair is now more of a shimmering white than my initial brown. I never dyed it, and I SHOULD be terrified that I am greying so fast, but for some reason... I find it endearing. Makes me feel sophisticated, of the upper class. It will certianly help with my image on stage. Yes. It will do just fine.
  35. Tonight was the night though. I had it all planned out: Two show stopping spectacles that will cause the entire world to believe in magic once more. I ajust my suit. Cyan and light blue in color. I 'suited' me, I thought. Ha, haha, ha.
  37. I managed to rent a car for this occasion. A Rolls-Royce to be exact. Sure I could walk as per normal, but this was my big comback. I wanted to at least LOOK like I had money to afford a good car. Just renting one was pretty difficult as is.
  39. The car was comfterble, hardly a sign of use in it. I could practically sink into the leather chairs and forget all of my troubles if I wanted to. But as I drove, I noticed the familiar flashing of red and blue lights.
  41. The police. Shit.
  43. >Calm down.
  45. I take a deep breath. I must have been speeding. But I had only ten minutes to reach my destination and I could not be late. I eye the officer as I pull over. He exits his car and approaches mine.
  47. "What seems to be the problem officer?"
  49. He stares me down through those shades. Who in their right mind wears shades at 9:21 PM? He thinks it makes him look intimidating no doubt. The moron thinks he's BETTER than me.
  51. "You were going ten miles above the speed limit son. Reguardless of your car or your getup, that's still a crime."
  53. >Make him angry.
  55. "Really? Well compared to you wasting my time and being a moron, I suppose that should be considered a crime just as well."
  57. He's narrowing his eyes, I can tell. I smirk.
  59. "Sir step out of the car."
  61. "Or you'll what?"
  63. He pauses, then grits his teeth. Good, this one has low patience. A weak mind. Probably new to the force. If I had to deal with a more experienced officer this would have been considerably difficult.
  65. He exhales. "Step out of the car, you are under arrest."
  67. "Excuse me?" I feign suprise.
  69. "I said get OUT." He finally yells. Good.
  71. >You know what to do.
  73. I step out of the car. He moves to put me on my back and the cuffs on my wrist.
  75. I twist my wrists, and flick them before the cuffs can clamp onto me. They slide of.. And clamp onto his own tightly.
  77. I thok his head with my fingers, pressing onto his guy and bringing him close. "When I snap my fingers, you will return to your car, and forget any of this ever happened. Due to your inexperience, you accidentally cuffed yourself and will pretend that embarrassing motion never occured." I whispered into his ear, letting his vunerable mind take in the information.
  79. I snap my fingers, he obeys and leaves. The practice payed off, it seems.
  81. I smirk as he walks back to his car in chains, and I go back to my own to get to my performance.
  83. It is amazing how easy it is to manipulate people. It feels like a drug. It feels so GOOD.
  85. I manage to reach my show on time, with quite a bit of fanfare. It appears Vinyl pulled through in getting the publicity, and I was awashed with hype and interest from the press. I ate it all up. It sustained me.
  87. But I realized it could wait until later.
  89. I had a show to perform~
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