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  1. A decent-sized collection of  half-hour1950s US propaganda films about the ongoing Korean war. Despite the majority of films being part of  the "Big Picture" series, big-picture is precisely what these are lacking, as there is no backstory nor any real explanation of why this war was being fought in the first place. Saw some bad reviews on amazon based on these very facts, but that is typical of amazon reviews because people often expect things to be what they're obviously not going to be. A collection of 50s propaganda films is not gonna be a half-century-later birds-eye view with 20/20 hindsight and expert analysis. The student of media or propaganda will of course find these quite useful, and they also provide a basic chronology of troop movements. I'd give em about a seven out of ten I guess, but given the scarcity of stuff about the korean war, they're still gotta-have.
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