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Aug 22nd, 2011
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  1. [10:21:49 PM] Jed: Remy's fits the stage better
  2. [10:23:32 PM] Miles Morales: he just needs an alt costume with a gimp for the weird euro club
  3. [10:23:43 PM] Xanoz: haha
  4. [10:26:53 PM] Jed: i'm not going to even think of making that
  5. [10:27:08 PM] Miles Morales: chump
  6. [10:27:21 PM] Jed: there is already BDSM Cable
  7. [10:27:28 PM] Miles Morales: ?
  8. [10:27:39 PM] Jed: Mvc2 edit
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