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Feb 22nd, 2021
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  1. dBay only stores the data that is necessary to keep the bot running, while also keeping our users safety in mind. We collect User’s Names, User IDs, and Channel IDs. We collect this data for the following reasons. 1. Know who's ordering what, 2. Blacklist users who break dBay’s or Discord’s TOS’s, and 3. Ensure the orders get delivered to the correct channel, which is the channel, or DM Channel, that it was ordered in. Any data stored is only accessible by dBay's upper management and developer team - and we do not share any data collected with outside entities. If users have concerns about dBay, the Developer’s DMs are always open, and they can also just talk to us in our support server. The developer is available almost all the time through multiple platforms so the user’s concerns can be addressed very quickly. While the data we store is very simple, if they want it deleted they can simply ask the developer, or any staff member to delete their order, which clears all of their data from our storage. Users can not request their data to be deleted if they are blacklisted from the bot. A blacklist is to prevent them from abusing our ordering system and ordering NSFW items. If they appealed and their appeal was accepted, then their data would be deleted. The only data stored anyways is their User ID.
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