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Mar 10th, 2018
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  1. I agree with the statement about stormvermin. The game feels more like Stormvermintide rather than vermintide on legend. As a Kruber main with knight/halberd/single shot rifle Ive personally got little to no problems, dealing with large quantities of storms - especially the halberd variant. However, it limits the way you can play and makes half of your equipment utterly useless for legend runs. It also basically removed the shade completely from the picture. Since the only 2 things she was good at, namely redirecting hordes and killing specials/storms/chaos warriors, were made redundant since everyone will have to spec their characters in a way that allows them to do these things to begin with. Being able to 1 shot chaos warriors with ultimate+face stab is a pretty satisfying but ultimately useless skill to have when you come across 5 of them in the first 2mins of the round alone and your ultimate cooldown ticks down slower than a grandma can walk across a street.
  3. In terms of rerolling traits, youve gotta be careful there. I see where youre going with this and I agree its a messy thing to try n get the stuff you want and more than anything its boring and takes forever. However, if we were able to just simply select what we want to begin with, even at a slightly higher price, this might lead to a case of "i aint got shit to work towards anymore" for many players. Which, ideally, the devs will probably want to avoid to keep players hooked and playing.
  5. I know that, as much fun as V1 was and as much as I enjoyed playing it over and over, having all the items and traits that I wanted definitely took a huge chunk of my reason to play away from me and ultimately led to me leaving the game behind for other stuff after some time. Im sure that Im probably not the only one. Once youve done all the levels on legend a couple dozen times, especially if youve completed all runs with grims etc, theres really nothing left for you to do outside of trying to farm the perfect gear.
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