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  1. I took some time off after SGDQ 2016 from speedrunning, and after I came back I took a lot of time assessing what I wanted to do. I looked at my prior runs and projects, what I wanted to do in speedrunning & what I could leave behind. For the last few months I've mostly been learning a game (below) in the downtime, but mostly not doing anything seriously for RTAs on stream. I'm not someone who streams learning. Also doing the RPG gauntlet race was a good time to bridge the gap- really I just had to learn SMRPG which was all around fun.
  3. When I looked at what I've played in the last 2 years, I feel pretty alright not revisiting most of it. DQIII dominated so much of my speedrun in late 2015 early 2016, that it took quite a while to recover & be motivated again. I entered into a competitive game, realized how incredibly strong the fastest times are, and generally I'm proud of my time too. I'm still playing it, because it's fun (?) and I can reciprocate good level play quality at any time given the training I did. (The game however does not necessarily reciprocate accordingly).
  5. I like speedrunning, and although I don't foresee it nearly being as much as a priority as it was in 2015/2016, it's a great stream element and something I definitely enjoy. Chasing PBs really appeals to me. I felt like my other games, especially classic Mega Man, did not leave much room for growth and exploration of strategies, and I needed to choose something else if I wanted to be satiated with speedrunning.
  7. When I was deciding what to pick up, I assessed what I wanted from a game given past experiences I've had. I wanted game was to be relatively diverse, allow me the ability to play individual levels in the sporadic downtime I have, and was reasonably competitive but certainly had room for improvement & discovery. There's only been a few games where I was able to research, develop and test viable strategies, and that's an element of speedrunning I very much enjoy.  Specifically I wanted finally venture into a 3D game, as someone who's done nothing but 2D action platformers & RPGs. I wanted more of a 1:1 element of practice & skill:results, which was definitely not the case for DQIII, and wanted something that felt like it had a high skill ceiling. Finally, I wanted GDQ submission or cycle to have absolutely no bearing on what I played. I spent a lot of time researching games with the criteria I wanted. It took a long time to decide honestly, and I felt like once I committed I wasn't going to budge, so I wanted to make sure it was right.
  9. So early September 2016, I chose to pursue Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  11. It'll be awhile before it's ready for me to stream & start RTAing, but I've spent a fair amount of time learning what I can, and it's quite challenging all around. It's definitely not in line with my stream content so far, but it's the right choice for my streaming & speedrun interests. Looking forward to what I can provide to the game. I don't feel the need to sell anyone on the game, but I'll just say that the very talented Vallu playing at AGDQ '17 is awesome, and I will definitely be watching.
  13. Finally I also have a RPG Limit Break submission in process but that's a different day, different pastebin.
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