Ranks beyond MHBasics in a Shellnut

Jul 18th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Ranks beyond MHBasics in a Shellnut
  3. Refer to this guide if you're lost and not sure what to do at your rank. If you spot anything missing from earlier ranks, clear those first if appropriate. For earlier ranks, please refer to MHBasics - If you need details or help with any specifics in any area, you can always refer to the Reddit guides or ask in the discord.
  5. Companion guide - Traps & Bases Analysis:
  7. V1.1 13/5/2021 - Valour Rift Guide added.
  8. V1.2 16/5/2021 - FI section added.
  9. V1.3 21/9/2021 - Recommended cheese to hunt with added
  12. Baron (now available at MHBasics)
  13. - Once Baron, head to Fort Rox (Frox). ACRONYM throughout, unless Clockapult at twilight only (Chrome or better charm) [Use only Crescent/Moon Cheese at night]
  14. - Do Frox until you have Droid Archmagus Trap
  15. - Go to Fiery Warpath, catch Warmonger. Build Sphynx Wrath
  16. - After FW, go to Muridae Market (MM), rebuild General Store -> Charm Shoppe -> Cartographer (alternatively buy Artisan with KC to rebuild Cartographer directly)
  17. - Go back to Frox, upgrade until you have Interdimensional Crossbow Trap
  18. - Go to Living Garden, farm Dewthief Cheese & A essence
  19. - Head to Sand Dunes, trigger a stampede with Bonzana Charm, buy Chow charms from shop, farm 15 C essence with IDCT
  20. - Buy a Rift Detector to compete the adventure.
  22. If you're still not Count yet at this point,
  23. - Do Frox until you get Meteor Prison Core Trap (optional)
  24. - Rebuild whatever's left at MM
  25. - Farm more Living Garden essence for Living Base later
  27. Collect these before moving on:
  28. Queso Dowsing Rod, DAT, IDCT, Rift Detector
  30. Items to prep for next rank: as much SB as you can
  33. Count
  34. - (optional) Snipe in Queso River to get some SB (use either MPCT or Judge Droid Trap)
  35. - Leech Queso Canyon Grand Tour maps
  36. - Catch lots of Nachous (preferably with Tonic) for Nachore
  37. - Buy Overgrown Ember Stone Base (optional if you have Birthday Banana Cake Base) & Blazing Ember Spear Trap
  38. - Upgrade Pump to level 6, clear Inferna adventure
  39. - Buy Queso Geyser map piece
  40. - Do small/medium/large erupts, get Queso Fount Trap
  41. - Trigger Epic eruption, do 1 hunt for Kalor adventure
  42. - Go to Gnawnia Rift, use QFT/OESB to get Riftiago potions -> Riftiago cheese (alternatively buy potions with KC)
  43. - Use Riftiago Cheese to farm Resonator cheese
  44. - Catch Goliath Field Mouse, buy Crystal Tower
  45. - Snipe & leech until rank up, or do Sunken City adventure.
  47. Collect these before moving on:
  48. OESB, BEST, QFT, CT, Fungal Cavern Map Piece
  50. Items to prep for next rank: Cherry/Gnarled/Stagnant Charms, Super Rift Vacuum Charms, Glowing Gruyere Cheese, Forgotten Charms, King's Credits, Essence of Destruction, Enigmatic Core
  53. Duke
  54. - (optional) Do Whisker Woods Rift, get Fracture Base [use at least Brie String Cheese for all Rift areas]
  55. - Do Burroughs Rift, get Null Gauntlet
  56. - Clear Fungal Cavern adventure and get Labyrinth map piece.
  57. - Enter Labyrinth, do a 49 clue or less (do not reach 50) Treasury run, buy Labyrinth Base. [Glowing Gruyere Cheese is basically mandatory for all hunts in Labyrinth/Zokor, use King's Credits to buy Shuffler's Cubes as needed for runs]
  58. - Do 3 Labyrinth/Zokor runs (1x Scholar, 1x Fealty, 1x Tech at 80 clues or more), build Endless Labyrinth Trap.
  59. - Do 1 more Tech run, upgrade ELT to Infinite Labyrinth Trap.
  60. - Do 1x Scholar run, build Event Horizon Trap
  61. - (Optional) Do 1x Fealty run, build Temporal Turbine.
  62. - (Optional) Farm in Burroughs Rift, get 50 Rift Circuits to buy Multi-Crystal Laser
  64. Collect these before moving on:
  65. Fracture Base, Null Gauntlet, EHT, Moussu Picchu Climbing Route
  67. Items to prep for next rank: 3x Ful'Mina Tooth, Chrome Stormwrought Ballista Upgrade Kit, Quantum Quartz, Portal Scramblers, Portal Rekindling Keys, Enerchi Charms, Ancient String Cheese, Fire Bowl Fuel
  70. Grand Duke
  71. - (optional) Unlock Ancient String Cheese in King's Calibrator with extra KC
  72. - Go to Moussu Picchu, farm potions.
  73. - Raise Wind (arcane) intensity to max, farm Arcanevines (100/0)
  74. - Raise Rain (shadow) intensity to max, farm Shadowvines (0/100)
  75. - Raise Wind again until 50/50.
  76. - Dragonvine Cheese to max both together
  77. - Complete Ful'Mina adventure, buy Chrome Storm Wrought Ballista Trap
  78. - Complete earlier Epic eruption
  79. - Go to Bristle Woods Rift, get Riftstalker Codex
  80. - Go to Furoma Rift, repair Battery 4, get Attuned Enerchi Induction Base
  81. - Repair Batt 7/8, get MYNORCA (if no Laser)
  83. In any order:
  84. - Head back to Bristle Woods Rift, grind 50 Clockwork Cogs to get Timesplit Dissonance Trap (maximum should be 10 AAs)
  85. - Buy a Living Base from Gnawnia Rift
  86. - Complete Twisted Carmine Adventure in the Living Garden complex using Living Base
  87. - Farm/buy Gauntlet potions, complete King's Gauntlet adventure
  88. - Finishing repairing rest of batteries
  91. Collect these before moving on:
  92. CSWBT, Riftstalker Codex, AEIB, MYNORCA
  94. Items to prep for next rank: Champion's Fire, Gauntlet String Cheese
  97. Archduke
  98. - Finish farming for TDT if not complete
  99. - Do Valour Rift adventure and cry/grind/bulwark until you get at least TE10 Prestige Base and Chrome Celestial Dissonance Trap (Guide here:
  100. - Grab remaining Best in Slot Traps:
  101. - Temporal Turbine (Labyrinth/Zokor) | Ember Prison Core Trap (Queso River)
  102. - Smoldering Stone Sentinel Trap (Queso Geyser) | Gouging Geyserite Trap (Queso Geyser)
  103. - Sandstorm MonstroBot (Fiery Warpath) | School of Sharks (Sunken City)
  104. - Chrome: MonstroBot, Sphynx Wrath, Temporal Turbine, School of Sharks
  105. - Dragon Slayer Cannon (Queso Geyser)
  106. - Grab at least 1 BiS for each type before heading to Floating Islands
  107. - Get Oculus 2
  108. - Get Tier 1 Arcane and Tactical traps enroute to Oculus 8
  109. - LAI: Shrine in 1st or 2nd position, make sure at most 1 empty tile (cycle otherwise)
  110. - HAI: [Oculus 1-3] Stack any 3 non-cheese resources [Oculus 4] Cache + 2 of a kind, or 3 of a kind
  111. - Once Oculus 8, farm Corsair's Curd at High Altitude (x16 curds), seals at Low Altitude (2 pirate tiles) while getting Tier 1 Forgotten.
  112. - Use seals to do pirate maps while slowly grinding for the rest of FI traps. (Refer to companion Traps guide for order)
  114. For any feedback/clarifications, please ping/tag Zafiast#0327 on Discord or leave a message on my corkboard (8084385).
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