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  2. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: Hi?
  3. uP | Dam1!: hi
  4. uP | Dam1!: i did see your post
  5. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: mhm
  6. uP | Dam1!: i want the tossel and those strages
  7. uP | Dam1!: less the bat
  8. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: mhmm
  9. uP | Dam1!: how mucj r u selling your v tossel?
  10. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: if you actually saw what i wrote i said selling as a set, wich means you gotta have a damn good offer to seperate it from the set.
  11. uP | Dam1!: yeah
  12. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: and since your profile is private i cant see your BP so i dont know what you have that i want
  13. uP | Dam1!: ~im selling flip flops
  14. uP | Dam1!: with team spirit
  15. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: clean?
  16. uP | Dam1!: no dirty
  17. uP | Dam1!: that is 12 keys
  18. uP | Dam1!: with this pait
  19. uP | Dam1!: paint
  20. uP | Dam1!: *
  21. uP | Dam1!: so
  22. uP | Dam1!: my offer
  23. uP | Dam1!: i give my flip flops and you give me your tossel + scatter +  pistol and a key
  24. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: now, is that a damn good offer for me?
  25. uP | Dam1!: yes
  26. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: Nope, it is not.
  27. uP | Dam1!: the v tossel is like 8 keys?
  28. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: Yes, yes it is.
  29. uP | Dam1!: ok so tossel + scatter + pisto and a ref
  30. uP | Dam1!: you win like a key
  31. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: still not an awesome deal.
  32. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: i said if i would sell seperatly i would need an awesome deal.
  33. uP | Dam1!: you win a key lol its a good deal we arent talking about items that havent a great price
  34. uP | Dam1!: you cant win so much
  35. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: yes, and im not selling seperatly
  36. uP | Dam1!: -.-
  37. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: listen to me its not all about value, i need to WANT the item too. now i dont want the flip flops
  38. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: therefore it have no value to me
  39. uP | Dam1!: how much is the sun glasses?
  40. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: 5-6 keys
  41. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: i think
  42. uP | Dam1!: what?!
  43. uP | Dam1!: lol
  44. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: Hey, you were the one adding me -.-'' and i think i said not selling seperatly in the trade...
  45. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: and if i dont want an item why buy it with something i like?
  46. uP | Dam1!: ok w8
  47. uP | Dam1!: the summer shades is 3.5-4
  48. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: Lol, yea good luck getting em at that price.
  49. uP | Dam1!: lol
  50. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: mhmm.
  51. uP | Dam1!: ok i have a deal for you
  52. uP | Dam1!: my flip flops
  53. uP | Dam1!: plus 2 solly hats
  54. uP | Dam1!: for tossel shades and s scatter
  55. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: LOL thats even a worse deal than your last "awesome deal"
  56. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: im selling a SET
  57. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: wich means you gotta overpay like hell to get one piece individually
  58. uP | Dam1!: lol
  59. uP | Dam1!: im offering you things and you r being an ass
  60. uP | Dam1!: fuck off the set
  61. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: you are offering on a FEW things not the set
  62. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: GOD, is it that hard to read?
  63. uP | Dam1!: ok fine the flip for the tossel scatter and pistol
  64. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: hehehehe, No
  65. uP | Dam1!: AHAHAH
  66. uP | Dam1!: you suck at trading
  67. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: as i said i dont want the flip flops they have no value to me
  68. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: Well SORRY for getting items i want instead of stuff i dont want.
  69. uP | Dam1!: -.-
  70. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: dude i earn 2 keys every week by just idling
  71. uP | Dam1!: then you can sell the flip and get what you want
  72. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: im not desperate
  73. uP | Dam1!: and you win 2 keys with thius deqal
  74. uP | Dam1!: deal
  75. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: yea, but i dont want the flip flops. but i DO want to keep my tossle
  76. uP | Dam1!: ~dude really
  77. uP | Dam1!: im puting myself on a losing situation
  78. uP | Dam1!: of 2 keys
  79. uP | Dam1!: and you steal dont want to trade
  80. uP | Dam1!: then you can get more stuff
  81. uP | Dam1!: with this trade
  82. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: mhmmm, OR, listen OR! i could just keep my stuff not having to go through the hassle of retrading
  83. uP | Dam1!: ok your really dont wanna trade fine
  84. uP | Dam1!: you r the one that lose
  85. uP | Dam1!: bb
  86. ₤oGŞ Zeus/#6/2-D [SIC]: nope im the one that wins
  87. uP | Dam1! is now Offline.
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