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  1. The war:
  2. The war which raged in Neopolis was all about the Leadership of Neopolis City.
  3. All Clans (Air, Nature, Fire, Earth, Water) took part in it. The winner would receive full control of the city afterall so that they could attach Neopolis to their homecountry.
  4. In the end the outcome of the war was that all parties had many casualties and they reached a concensus. All of them would rule the City and one clan could offer a Mayor for 5 years.
  5. Eventually the killers of Sensei's parents, Victoria's father would become Mayor.
  7. Victoria:
  8. * Was found by Sensei while still being a kid. She never remembered what happened by she found, nor how she was found. Victoria was holding onto a book with the Sentouryuu style explained in it.
  9. * Victoria was raised by Sensei whom she thought was the head of the Sentouryuu clan because she had mastered the style. Victoria was taught to never give up in order to achieve her goals, no matter how much opposition she'd get against her.
  10. * Sensei told Victoria that her parents and Victoria's father were killed and that Sensei is getting stronger to avange them. Victoria feels the same way and sees Sensei as her example in life.
  11. * Sensei gets killed at Aurus Munda by a wildman (who'll later be revealed to be Tigran)
  12. On the day that Sensei was killed, Victoria's world crumbled. She started developing a hatred for the Outlanders and fled to Neopolis City never realizing it was set up.
  13. * Victoria grew up through many hardships in the city. She was dispized by many, but never gave up and crawled her way back up the ladder.
  14. * Victoria will learn about the man who killed her Sensei (a rumor about a wildman having the same traits as the killer of Sensei). She will seek him out and battle him.
  15. * Victoria defeats the guy, thinking that she finally avanged her Sensei. But then Tigran reveals he was ordered to kill sensei, a thing he never wanted to do. The killing was merely to make Victoria reach the ultimate Sentouryuu style (Avenger). If Victoria really wants to avange her Sensei she needs to meet up with Sensei's brother who knew Sensei's true goals.
  16. * Victoria seek Sensei's brother from then onwards.
  17. * Victoria will meet Sensei's brother at Altairis. He will tell her that Sensei always wanted to avange the death of her parents and the Air Clan. But since Sensei was growing weaker due to sickness, she decided to make Victoria inherit her feelings of vengance. He tells Victoria about the Great War and the Mayor who caused Sensei's pain/curse. She will then seek to kill the Mayor to end the curse of her Sensei.
  18. * As Victoria realizes that the Mayor is the true cause of the horrors, she will leave the Neopolis good guys and join the evil side who is trying to destroy Neopolis.
  19. *Victoria will eventually meet up with the Mayor and battle him.
  20. Her Sentouryuu will have evolved into something very strong by then. She will fight the Mayor and win. The Mayor will reveal the whole story in the end. He was once the head of Sentouryuu, but the clan was weakening and for that purpose he needed the war to continue. So that he could become the leader and protect Sentouryuu. For that purpose he killed Sensei's parents. It was all for Victoria's sake, so that she would become stronger and achieve the full leadership of Sentouryuu and restore the Sentouryuu Clan's fame.  
  22. Sensei:
  23. * Sensei had always lived a happy life with her family, the Air Clan. But when the war broke out her parents were brutaly killed eventhough they wanted peace (in Sensei's version, see parents for real intentions).
  24. * Sensei would always seek vengance for their deaths, she fled away but before leaving the city she heard a crying child at the Sentouryuu mansion. She saved it and noticed she was holding on to a book.
  25. * At Altairis, Sensei mastered the Sentouryuu style (12 years to make Victoria grow up) from the book and pretended to act as Victoria's mother. Because of the Sentouryuu style Sensei grew weak and realised that she'd never accomplish vengance by herself. So she passed down her hatred to Victoria.
  26. * She learned about the ultimate Sentouryuu and decided that Victoria would need that to accomplish her goals. She contacted Tigran to fulfill the necessities of aquiring the style.
  27. * Sensei got killed at Aurus Munda by Tigran.
  29. Tigran:
  30. * He was a loyal servant of the Air Clan and Sensei's parents. He was very loyal to them and swore he'd give his life for them is necessary.
  31. * As Sensei's parents were killed, he fled and lived undercover for a long time.
  32. * One day he was contacted by Sensei who remembered him about his duty to serve. Tigran learned about Sensei's plan (her vengance) and was ordered to kill her in order to make Victoria reach the Ultimate Sentouryuu style.
  33. * Tigran would always be burdened with the death of Sensei, the child of the parents he served so long. But as a servant he could not turn down a request made by them.
  34. *Tigran's curse would be lifted by Victoria when she kills him. He will reveal that Sensei ordered to kill her and that it always had bothered him. Before he dies, he reveals the existance of Sensei's brother.
  36. Sensei's Brother:
  37. * He witnessed the murder on his parents (he knows it was the Mayor but never told Sensei) and fled together with Sensei.
  38. * He knows all of Sensei's hidden intentions and plans. He will tell Victoria that Sensei always sought vengance for the killing of her parents. And reveals that they were killed by the Mayor.
  40. Sensei's Parents:
  41. * They were pacifists and leaders of the Air Clan. They were opposed to fighting a war for Neopolis' leadership as they didn't want to get targetted. They know that the Sentouryuu (a smaller clan among the Air Clan) was already being targetted by enemies, but they figured that as long as those get targetted, we ourselves won't.
  42. * They were eventually killed by Victoria's father.
  44. Victoria's Father / Mayor:
  45. * He was the head of the Sentouryuu style, but the clan was slowly demolishing and decreasing in members. He wanted to secure the existence of Sentouryuu and therefore wanted to wage war, so that the clan would not get targetted by itself anymore.
  46. The Air Clan was opposed to this, they feared that their clan might become a target too (Only Sentouryuu was a target for enemies in the past). Due to this opposition the Mayor decided to kill the Air Clan's leaders, Sensei's parents and wage war.
  47. * The Air Clan would seek vengance and set fire in the Sentouryuu mansion. Victoria's mother who was there with Victoria had received the order to pass on the will of Sentouryuu (the book with the Sentouryuu style) to Victoria when they would get in danger. She secured Victoria's safety and handed her the book. Victoria's mother would eventually die in the fire.
  48. * The Mayor knew the Air Clan would seek vengence for the death of the Air Clan's leaders and had planned out that Victoria would eventually fall into their hands.
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